It’s the first time in a while that an LOL team from our city qualified for the European Championships. That deserved a big round of applause!

There will be a NO Prime in 2023 with an adjusted line-up.
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Contract Spandau, the LOL team from the YouTuber Handofblood, started ambitiously in 2022.
The German league is wished to motivate and play for the European Cup in the long term.
But the first year was a frustration.
Now everything should get much better.
What sort of group is that?
Contract Spandau started in 2022 in the highest German league in League of Legends: The Prime League.
There they triggered a stir:
The very first four games in a row were lost directly, but there was a huge resurgence.
At the end of the season they won 8 games in a row.
They even reached second location and qualified for the first relocation into the EU Masters for the playoffs.
In the playoffs, Contract Spandau cleaned up the rival Gamerleblegion loosely 3-0 off the field.
Suddenly they were thought about a fantastic expect Germany.
However, GAMERLEGION made the leap into the final and returned.
In the end it was only enough for second location.
The European Masters did not work out.
Currently, in the group stage it was over.
From to imagine the European Cup.
The remainder of the season did not go according to strategy.
They missed the qualification for the EU Masters in summer and were gotten rid of in the Super Cup in the quarter-finals.
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In 2023 everything should now be better in regard to sport.
The team announced some modifications to the squad.
Exactly they have actually now existed as part of the Dream hack.
Who is in the new team?
Pride (To plane) and Unique (Midland) remain from the old roster.
New are: Ankara for the Jungle, Lilies as supporter and smiley as an ad-carry.
Experience is especially impressed by lots of fans.
On Twitter and YouTube it says: Europa Cup, I love the new lineup or Lastly viewing is fun again.
The triumph against a streamer group also ensures euphoria.

brand-new roster creates interest, disassembles a large streamer team directly

Who are the new gamers?
The big highlight in the brand-new squad is the brand-new Jungle Nikolai Ankara Saratov.
It played from 2020 to 2022 at Astral is and most recently in summer for misfits in the LEC.
So he acquired experience in the highest European division and a minimum of achieved fourth location in the Summer Split.
At the age of 26, he is a bit older, however has a great deal of experience for Contract Spandau.
He is best understood for his Warner picks.
Philipp Samuel Lilies Anglers is the brand-new fan.
He most recently played at the direct rival Schalke 04 in Prime League, however was also in the contingent for the 2nd team from Mad Lions and for SK Video gaming.
At the age of 21, he is the youngest gamer in the Contract squad.
His signature champ is Thresh.
The third brand-new player is Ludwig Erik Hugo Smiley grandest.
The Swede currently played for vitality. Bee, the team, versus the Contract Spandau in the group stage in the European Cup.
Most just recently, he bet gamersorigin in France.
Smiley for is known for whatever for the Champions Lucian and Join.
At the age of 24 he is still totally in the juice.
Who are the old gamers?
Mahdi Pride Nasserzadeh was born in Switzerland on March 13, 1998.
In early 2020, Pride moved to Fanatic Rising, the second group of Fanatic, and took part in the European Masters with this.
For the 2022 season he concerned Contract Spandau.
Pride thrilled the fans with some outstanding solo projects on the To plane.
He should do that again in 2022.
He was particularly persuading with Gangplank and Jayce.
Jordan Special Schaeffer remains the Midland at Contract Spandau.
Already in 2020 he played with the Academy team from Master the European Masters and reached the quarter-finals twice.
In 2021, he moved to the French LFL, but missed the credentials with the teams there.
The Dutchman has been betting Contract Spandau since 2022 and was mainly persuading on Sandra.
Can the line-up encourage?
Yes, because without terrific training they played their very first competitive match directly on the Dream hack.
The opponent: No Need Organ, a team of streamers that made the promo to the first division perfect in 2022.
The gamers are all older, but that doesn’t make them less effective.
There are, for example, the German Shout caster Tolkien or the widely known LOL streamer Noway4u.
Contract Spandau, nevertheless, managed to win both matches in the Best of 3.
This guarantees bliss among fans.
You can look at the recording of the matches on YouTube.
The fans of Contract Spandau are eagerly anticipating the new season 2023.
It looks a little various for the fans of NO.
Since the team would need to accept some restrictions, such as a ban on streams, while the tournaments are running.
Your career would be considerably restricted.