At Amazon, three actions are running just in which their games for Xbox One and Xbox Series gets on offer as a download code. One revolves around Microsoft First Party Titles, the second to Games from Electronic Arts. In the third, their games of the German Publishers Koch Media belonging to THE Nordic, which sells rows such as Metro or Saints Row. The following links bring you to overview of all deals of the actions:

Xbox games from Microsoft as a download code at Amazon on offer Xbox games of Electronic Arts as a download code at Amazon on offer Xbox games of Koch Media as a download code on Amazon on offer

Here is a small selection of cheaper offers:

Gears Tactics for €4.99 (RAP: €69.99)
Gears 5 for €9,99 (RAP: €69,99)
Sea of ​​Thieves for €9.99 (RAP: €39.99)
Star Wars Squadrons for €9,99 (RAP: €39,99)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Standard Edition for €6.19 (RAP: €24,99)
INVOLVED 2 for €4.99 (RAP: €19.99)
Need for Speed: Heat for €17.49 (RAP: €69.99)
Metro Exodus for €8,99 (RAP: €69,99)
Dead Island definitive collection for €5,99 (RAP: €29,99)
Hunt: Showdown for €15,99 (RAP: €39,99)
Kingdom Come: Relevance for €7,49 (RAP: €29.99)
King’s Bounty 2 Standard Edition for €29.99 (RAP: €59.99)
Relic ta for €4,99 (€19,99)

However, not all the offers contained in the three actions are really cheap. Some games you can even get cheaper in the physical retail version even cheaper. An example of this is the Microsoft Flight Simulator. This costs in the digital version despite special offer still 55.99 euros, while you currently get the disc version on Amazon already for 29.99 euros on offer. Compare prices can be worthwhile.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Disc version) for €29.99 (RAP: €69.99) on offer

Incidentally, Amazon does not give any information on how long the deals are running. DownloadCodes you bought you at Amazon, then you will then find your accounts in the Games and Software Library. As a rule, you will also be sent to you by mail.

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Gamer supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.