Indie Belopper FAXDOC has released a new trial version of the current action adventure Rusted Moss .

This game is a single play work on the horizontal screen. It is also introduced as a metroidovania influenced by barrage shooting.

Let’s approach the mystery of human destruction with shooting weapons and grappling hooks in hand!

The stage is the post-apocalypse world where all places are mossy and rusted mechanics enemies wander. As a girl Fan, the player aims to elucidate the mystery of human destruction while fighting with machines and ferocious witches standing using shooting weapons, along with the fairy pack, which will also play an important role of grappling hooks in this work. 。

A new trial version distribution for Japanese is started

This time, the distribution of a new trial version, which has been added and improved in response to five languages, including Japanese, has been launched on Steam.

From the game menu to the conversation of the character in the work, you can enjoy Japanese. Other than the language, the time limit challenge at the time of this year’s PAX EAST exhibition, the addition of boss battles, the specifications of the charge jump, the addition of the moss area where it can be used, and the grappling hook that received feedback in the past trial version. It is said that improvements and settings have been added.

Rusted Moss, which is expected to be released in Japanese, will be released on Steam in February 2023 for PCs. It has been postponed from the initial release schedule in the fourth quarter of 2022.