Microsoft has committed itself to sustainability and works to make the Xbox more environmentally friendly. In an update to Xbox Wire, the company announced some measures that will save its Games division resources. By 2030, the production of consoles should be CO2-negative and there are only recyclable garbage.

says bye’s annoying standby mode

The new consoles of Sony and Microsoft are quite powerful. At the XBox, there is no real sleep mode so far in which the console continues to keep games up-to-date and downloading and installing system updates. While this is possible in standby mode – which also allows you to get back into play within seconds – but these benefits also mean a massive power consumption.

Upgrade for energy saving mode: This is now over. From now on, you can also draw data from the network in energy-saving mode, “twenty times less power than standby mode”. An ideal compromise for those who want to keep their console up to date without unnecessarily spreading energy. The Xbox Series X starts thanks to the installed SSD anyway so fast that the Stanby boost is marginal.

The energy-saving mode is now also the default setting if you restart an Xbox Series X / S or Xbox One – so far this was the standby mode. How to change the mode manually:

  • goes into the settings

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* Continue on Power and Startup
* Here you can select a mode under PowerMode

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That plans Microsoft otherwise

In the Xbox Series S, the plastic used in the production has now been recycled to at least 28 percent. This value should be increased in the future. Some XBox controllers are also partly made of recycled material, including plastic bottles and CDs.

Another field that Microsoft tries to improve are cloud-gaming and related data centers. By 2025, these should use only renewable energy. In addition, no water is used for cooling the servers to save resources.

Which sleep mode did you use for your Xbox?