League of Legends (Loll) is new hero Dante and his cinematic animation were released.

On the 15th, Riot Games released the cinematic video of the roll 162nd champion Dante on the official website and YouTube. It’s just a day since I released a short teaser video of 50 seconds. In the video, the weapons and costumes used by Dante are detailed, and you can learn more about his background settings.

Dante is a city-state of the southern part of the desert, Sahara, a newly emerged champion of Shrimp. NUMA is a place on the periphery, so it does not obey Air, but is a place to defend the oasis near the city from the huge monsters. Dante is a warrior that hunts these monsters here, and is a rare play leather of the monster that is constantly playing, and is fighting with an entropy that resembles a tone wave.

According to the development team, Dante is the first black homosexual champion. He was an archer and a lover who appeared as a description in the cinematic animation. He is a top tanker champion who has appeared in about five years and two months since he climbed. According to the explanation, it is designed as a tanker that requires high proficiency. In the middle of the name, there is an apostrophe that is attached to the Void Born Champion, and there is speculation that the huge monster that Dante deals with is a void.


Detailed information, such as the release date and skill of Knee, will be released later.