NCsoft (Representative Kim Taek-jin, “Blade & Soul (Base)” ‘Blade & Soul (Base) “has updated the new ancient dungeon’ Koner-wavy star ‘.

The final dungeon boss ‘Classification’ uses a waters that deal with time. Users can understand how to use the time to use the “Needle Turning”, “Time Distortion”, “Time Distortion”, and experienced fierce combat.

The user can acquire a variety of compensations such as new bracelets / waistband / growth materials, such as new bracelets / waistband / growth materials. In addition, according to the dungeon stretching success phase ▲ Gong-wavy base characterops box ▲ Brilliant phosphorescent box ▲ receives items such as a short-weapon box.

NC (NC) will conduct a security campaign ‘account’ from today (23 days). Users who participated in the campaign may receive a ‘sheriff’ costume.

Boso proceeds ‘Battlewear Special Pass’ event. If the user clears the mission presented by the ‘Soul Pass’ in the game, the user obtains a compensation item such as a lunar stone, a rumor, such as a medivalal sedimentation, according to the acquisition score.

Blade & Soul - Substratum Stage 52 | Warlock POV
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