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Destiny 2 Launches Trailer Ahead of Season 19 Reveal

Destiny 2’s new season is set to launch on December 6th, and Bungee plans to draw back the curtain with a reveal set to occur at 7 a.m. PT. As per usual, the company will keep mum on real details till then, but an all-new trailer has actually been revealed for what Bungee is calling the Season of [REDACTED] Regrettably, the trailer gives audiences extremely little to go on, rather developing simply a bit of backstory for this brand-new season. Luckily, fans will not have to wait too much longer for more info!

Interestingly enough, the new trailer has been met a bit of reaction! Bungee has a routine of keeping information quiet about a brand-new season right up till its release, and not everyone is a fan of this method. Bungee linked to the trailer on Twitter, and many users teased the business for marketing a brand-new season without really revealing anything. While some fans like to be amazed, others are plainly less keen on this method. Ideally those exact same fans will be a lot happier following tomorrow’s reveal.


Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, and PC. You can have a look at all of our previous coverage of the video game right here.

Are you looking forward to the brand-new season of Destiny 2? Are you frustrated that Bungee does not expose more about new seasons ahead of time? Let us know in the comments or share your ideas directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

Destiny 2’s new season is set to launch on December Sixth, and Bungee plans to pull back the drape with a reveal set to take location at 7 a.m. PT. Bungee connected to the trailer on Twitter, and many users teased the company for marketing a brand-new season without in fact exposing anything. The new material is set to release as part of the brand-new season, so fans ought to have plenty to look forward to!

The trailer for Destiny 2 Season 19 can be found embedded listed below.

Obviously, there is one thing that Destiny 2 fans learn about tomorrow, which’s new material based upon Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Revealed recently, the material belongs to a crossover that will see new content contributed to both video games. Destiny 2 players will be able to get a ship, Sparrow, Ghost, finisher cosmetics, 3 armor ornament sets, and a weapons pack influenced by Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The brand-new material is set to launch as part of the new season, so fans need to have plenty to look forward to!

Destiny 2 and the Sunetting

The real trouble is that that Destiny 2 needed a new game, due to the fact that with the release of the growth beyond the light in 2020, the real introductory of Destiny 2, the project around the red battle, from the game into the content resor banished. Sunetting. With the witch queen, the Forsaken project has actually likewise been thrown out of the game.

Several players of the loot shooter Destiny have often and also noisally and also noisally dispersed their aggravation not just with us, but additionally on other sites, on social media and on Reddit. It is concerning the procedure of the Sunetting, of which the programmers of Bungie are a bit too huge advocates if their Destiny professionals asks.

This is exactly how it took place with the Destiny 1 raid glass chamber and also (simply just) Königssturz, or with the Destiny 1 game area Kosmodrom. Let’s stay in the last example, the cosmodrome. In order to be incorporated in Destiny 2 (now getting EUR 18.86), the Destiny 1 game starter experience was taken as well as adapted. Now the cosmodrome is the beginning factor for every brand-new guardian. That is not the trouble.

remove what you paid for?

Most Destiny veterans disgust this process for developers. They paid for content such as the red battle and also foraken and also they want to play them. I can comprehend the rage, even if you always have to emphasize: We do not pay explicitly for content, we spend for a game permit. Destiny does not come from us and also we constantly have to anticipate developers to make decisions that do not preference. Consider the modification of Azeroth with Catastrophe.
Dominus Ghaul and also the audio speaker; Both of them a meme. Because the red fight has actually been gotten rid of, both of them have actually not been in the game because 2020. Resource: bungie
Anyway: Sunsets can still be seen seriously, since they take a little far from the player, as well as something needs to never be the initial choice. What bung’s procedure bothered me significantly more is that the story around Dominus Ghaul as well as additionally that was sliced around Uldren and Mara SOV. Any individual who starts with Destiny 2 will certainly never know that this Cayde is, around whom the reports rank and who often talks to the gamer in strikes (as well as just how Nathan Fillion sounds, just Sayin).
Cayde-6: Gunslinger, Understanding, Kickass, passed away.. Source: Activision
Or this speaker, whose mention always triggers numerous laughs. If you start the game currently, you only obtain partially that Dominus Ghaul has captured the vacationer as well as that the caretakers have actually temporarily shed their light. As well as they may not truly understand that Uldren is the dark past of crow who still needs to battle with his I.

The tale is the crucial to triumph

The main wording of the designers of Bungie: It has constantly been tough to bid farewell to projects when they were relocated to the Destiny content resor to keep the current what has happened in Destiny 2 in the meantime. The seasonal content continues to be available in the existing year of growth as well as will after that be relocated to the Destiny content resorial when a brand-new extension appears.

As component of the seasonal stories, points that are essential for the narrative of a growth are provided for both those that are currently and for those who are still coming. Destiny currently has almost 10 years of stories from the Legend of Light and also Darkness; That doesn’t fit on a beer cover. Also if the bungista does not go on to maintain the seasonal tales in the game, you need to bring the events closer to all guardians, in the game. With a video clip, for example, that handles a couple of details.


I just recently wrote that that the narration of period 17 of Destiny 2 was excellent, also game-mechanically (unfortunately this is not the instance in season 18, however that is one more subject). It is all the a lot more sad when crucial tale advancements simply go away from the game, especially in the type of growth campaigns. A description that Bungie suched as to try when it comes to Sunetting is Destiny’s innovation. The game might not use that several content as well as it is also perplexing when players stumble across old, rarely played content. For me, in great German, it constantly seemed like this: the programmers think I assume I can discover a bit also silly to find the tasks that are necessary for my character.
Crow, unfortunate number of the Destiny universe. Why? Will be described to you in Forsaken… Source: Bungie
However that has less to do with my intelligence or the brains of the Destiny neighborhood, however simply with game design and also playing player. Since for the news of Destiny 2: Lightfall (published on February 28, 2023) the devs emphasize: There will be no much more expansion. After the thing Sunetting has actually currently been quit with season 14 **, the expansions are no much longer taken.

What concerning the expansions that have dropped for?

** Of course, it makes no feeling from the tale, in enhancement to the brand-new introduction in the cosmodrome, the red fight is now again unload. In any instance, it is a wonderful solution that the Destiny DEVs have actually returned to be duplicated.

To the homepage to the gallery

In order to be incorporated in Destiny 2 (now acquiring EUR 18.86), the Destiny 1 game starter experience was taken and also adapted. The real trouble is that that Destiny 2 required a new game, due to the fact that with the release of the growth past the light in 2020, the actual introductory of Destiny 2, the project around the red fight, from the game right into the content resor eradicated. I just recently created that that the narration of period 17 of Destiny 2 was terrific, also game-mechanically (however this is not the situation in season 18, yet that is one more subject). But that has much less to do with my intelligence or the brains of the Destiny neighborhood, yet simply with game style and playing player. Since for the news of Destiny 2: Lightfall ** (released on February 28, 2023) the devs highlight: There will be no a lot more extension.

Delete the swearing system. Destiny Guardians Fall of Light Showcase

On August 24, Bunge Soft revealed information on the new expansion pack of Destiny Guardians in an online showcase. Unlike the previous broadcast, which was broadcast live on the global channel, the showcase was also broadcast through a separate Korean channel.

There are three core of the showcase. ▲ Information on the new expansion pack , which will be released in Korea on March 1, 2023, ▲ Information of the ‘Space Pirate’ season, which begins on August 24, and the reprint raid ‘The Falls of King’ ▲ Epic Games Store is a collaboration.

The concept is neon! New sub-occupation disclosure!

First, it is a new expansion pack that will decorate the sixth year of Destiny 2.

In , the new planet ‘Neumusong’ and ‘Neomuna’, a city of humanity located on the planet, are the background. Neomuna is a city that was hidden in the gas clouds of Negro, and is one of the hubs of mankind who survived the invasion of darkness. Neomuna has not been known so far, but one of the main characters, Calus, was released by invading the city by leading the black fleet.

Neomuna’s overall concept consists of ‘neon’ and ‘cyber punk’. The Fall of Light, which was released in the showcase in 2021, was speculated that it would be released as a depressed concept. Some speculate that they will deal with a serious story that is contrary to the bright concept.

New allied forces and subordinate jobs were also released. Neomuna is protected by guardians called CloudStrider, and they keep the city with their own will, unlike the existing guardians who have received the ‘light choice’.

The newly added ‘transcendental’ sub-occupation is the power of darkness that the guardian realizes. In the trailer, the ‘grappling hook’ ability, which can be summoned by summoning green lines and moving quickly, was introduced. It is also confirmed that the skills that tie the opponent using the string are also confirmed.


A new equator also appears. The witness’s statement, Tormentor, is a race with a similar appearance to the Witch Queen Raid. Bungee explained that the persecution will appear mainly as a boss-class monster.

In addition to the spread, it will be able to specify up to five loadouts to make the right settings conveniently, and to reorganize the firepower team system and add the ability to praise allied guardians after certain activities. In addition, the guardian rank system will add the ability to inform their skills.

The surprise news was also released. Bungee has announced that it will no longer use the ‘Destiny Content Save’, which had caused a lot of controversy. Destiny content safe is a system that deletes previous content from the game to secure and optimize game capacity. Bungee explained that he would not send any more content to the safe for the story immersion. The previous content does not seem to be reprinted.

After , the final form of , which is the final chapter of the Destiny series, will be released. Bungee foretells that the Destiny series will continue.

You, become my sailor. ‘Space Pirate’ season

The ‘Space Pirate’ season, which begins on the 24th, is the core of ‘Eramis’, which appeared as a boss of the expansion of the expansion of the light. Eramis, who was overwhelmed by the guardian, escapes the Ice Prison and is gathering a collapse sailor to find the holy-powered sacred material. In order to stop Eramis, the guardian recruits their collapsed sailors and uses the reorganized electric 3.0 sub-occupation to collect treasures throughout the planet.

The new content includes ‘sailing destruction’ where six people gather and play, ‘Expedition’ to discover treasures for three people, and ‘Pirate Hideout’, which can be rewarded through weekly quests.

The news of the return of King’s Fall, which was well received in his previous work Destiny, was also released. The king’s downfall raid will be updated on August 27, and anyone can use the Destiny Guardian player. Bungee explained that he plans to hold the ‘World First Clear’ event to the team that clears the raid first to commemorate the reprint.

Now you can enjoy it in ‘Epic Store’.

In this showcase, Destiny Guardians’ Epic Store has also been released. It will be available at the Epic Games Store from the 24th, and if you download Destiny Guardians from the Epic Games Store until 2 am on August 31, ‘Destiny Guardians: 30th Anniversary Pack’ will be provided free of charge.

In addition, in commemoration of the entry of Epic Store, collaboration between Fortnite and Paul Guys was unveiled.

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