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How to fix the sluggish download

There are several corrections that you can try, your download speed will make much quicker. Let’s get down to organization immediately.

How to repair the sluggish download speed of

On the support page it states that you can improve your download speed by altering the download rate. If you do that, you can download video games as quickly as your internet is capable of.

With these 3 tips you can download updates and games as soon as possible to Obviously, download speeds last long, particularly if it is a video game that has a big file size. Be patient and your game or upgrade will be ready in no time.

You have to make sure that you download video games as quickly as possible to make sure that your web connection is safe. If your gadget is linked to the router by means of an Ethernet cable and not by means of WLAN, you will download much faster. Regardless of the fact that your router is turned on and linked to your PC.

Whether you try to download war zone 2 as rapidly as possible or you want another game to be downloaded faster, there are some methods to increase the download speed of It can be frustrating if you wish to participate in a video game with your pals, however stay behind a sluggish download speed. How to increase the download speed of video games on

The very first option for faster download speeds is close to all background apps and stop all other downloads that can occur. If apps are open in the background or other apps are downloaded, the download speed of is negatively influenced. Stop it for the time being so that you can quickly download video games from

Call of Responsibility: Battle zone 2 is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

  • This short article was upgraded on November 16, 2022

The first solution for faster download speeds is close to all background apps and stop all other downloads that can take place. If apps are open in the background or other apps are downloaded, the download speed of is negatively affected. On the assistance page it states that you can enhance your download speed by altering the download rate.

The price of the Multiversus battle pass is revealed

After a delay, the battle pass for the first season of Multiversus is getting closer. Although there are still details that need to be clarified, recently the price that this mode of progression in the free-to-play game will be revealed.

When questioned on Twitter, Tony Huynh, director of the game, finally revealed that The season pass for multiversus will have an approximate cost of 950 gleamium . For those who have not experienced this title, Gleamium is the currency used to buy cosmetic content, similar to V-Buck in Fortnite.

A package with a thousand gleamium costs $ 9.99 dollars , so this will be the real price you will have to pay to access the battle pass of multiversus. Along with this, it has been mentioned that we will find 50 levels here, each unlocked more cosmetic elements, as well as Gleamium that we can use freely.

In related issues, two new characters have been leaked for multiversus. Similarly, a Space Jam character will reach this title.

Delivered on September 13th, World War I FPS ISONZO. Experience the Battle of Izonzo on the Italian front

Developer M2H announced on June 14 that it will deliver FPS ISONZO on September 13. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. In addition, when our magazine contacted the PR staff, this work was scheduled to support Japanese.

ISONZO is an FPS on the theme of the Izonzo Battle by the Italian kingdom and the Austria-Hungarian Empire of World War I. From the battle of the sixth Izonzo to the battle of Asiano, players will participate in battles in mountainous areas and urban areas. There are six types of character classes, and roadouts are built by combining weapons, equipment and parks. Classes and equipment are pursuing reality by referring to actual soldiers at the time. Character customization elements are also available.

On the battlefield, you can build your own base by laying a barbed wire, loading sandbags, or placing trenchestraires. It is important for both offense and defense to make the battlefield advantageous. In addition, a flare system that can make a support request is implemented. You can use a flare gun to request a bombardment or mark the target of machine gun firing with a compound leaf. It is also possible to guide troops with colored flare.


This is the third series following the Verdun depicting the Battle of Verdan in World War I and Tannenberg with the motif of Tannenberg Battle. In the newly recorded offensive mode, you can experience historical battlefields. It focuses on the unique obstacles that occur in mountain wars, and goes through the mountain path to the side of the enemy, or opened the road with a mortar. He may be attacked by poison gas. In addition, online multiplayer mode is also available.

ISONZO will be distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Fortnite SeChallengeson 2: Filtered Missions Week 4

Challenges and missions of the week 4 of seChallengeson 2 of fortnite chapter 3 will be available Challenges of Thursday 04/14/2022 at 15 : 00h cest. Challenges it hChallenges been common for quite some time, in Meristation we tell you what is every challenge and mission of fortnite ** of this batch, extracted directly from the game via datamining. We leave you with all this information just below:

Fortnite SeChallengeson 2: Filtered Missions Week 4

Fortnite All Week 4 Season Quests Guide - Chapter 3 Season 2
* Scroll through the air with a propeller (0/100) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengesonal
* Thanks to the bus driver and then ends at the Top 25 (0/2) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengeson
* Visit GChallenges Stations with a Battle Bus (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengesonal
* Gets to stay several seconds in the air after you attack you with a crChallengesh grenade (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengeson
* Eliminates OI forces in the same heading (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengesonal
* Fishing or collects a heat fish (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengeson
* Accepts a contract on a contracts plank within 30 seconds after landing (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengeson
* Inflicts damage to opponents with a collection tool (0/75) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengesonal
* Record ammunition boxes in tortuous tunnels or loving camp (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengeson

All these challenges and missions were added to the Fortnite file system with the patch 20.10 , the second of seChallengeson 2 of Chapter 3. Challenges we have commented above, these challenges and missions will be available Challenges of Thursday April 14, 2022 at 15: 00h cest except for the lChallengest two; Weekly missions are always seven, but in every weekly epic games usually add a couple of extra challenges to replace any of the other seven in cChallengese there is an unforeseen problem.

In Meristation you will have guides of each and every one of these challenges Challenges soon Challenges they are active in the game. Meanwhile, we remind you that you can visit our complete Fortnite Battle Royale guide to know all the secrets of the game, Challenges how to get the Skin Doctor Strange, what a weapon is the best, or how to complete all the missions.

The developer of Battlefield 2042 explains why this controversial function arrived to stay

There is a lot about Battle of Battle 2042_ That _ Battle of PC, PLAYSTATION and XBOX fans do not like it. Near the top of this list are the specialists, who certainly like some players, but apparently to the vast majority of players do not like specialists. That said, they are in the game and do not come. A game designer in says, Federico Drabertha confirmed that specialists will not be eliminated from the game, however, they will be made changes throughout the year.

DICE Dev Confirms Specialist Rework & 'Almost Everyone' Working On Battlefield 2042
“The specialists will not be eliminated but reworked,” the developer confirmed, who made fun of that many changes will come this year, but it will simply take time to implement them. Drabert does not say what changes are being made in specialists, but confirmed that reworking specialists requires a lot of work, which probably explains why they are not eliminated. More specifically, Drabert said the following in response to someone who told the developer that specialists should be placed in classes, and in the process, which implies that this change is a simple coding entry:

“It’s not so easy. I saw the community’s proposals (congratulations to all those who endeavored) and more design work is required, “said the developer. “Specialists touch many parts of the game that must be taken into account during a redesign. Therefore, it is more than taking it and coding it ».

While it is not clear when some of the changes that Drabert suggests, we know that next week a massive update will be launched. That said, it does not seem to be the update to save the game currently in free fall, or at least the fans do not seem to think that it will be.

_ battle 2042_ is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. For more coverage about the latest battle_ship, which includes not only the latest news and updates, but also the latest rumors, filtering and unofficial speculations, click here.

Battlefield 2042 announces a great update with a few hundred changes

The following _ battle 2042_ The update will reach the users of PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X at some time of April and, according to a game developer, it is a great update, complete with ” a few hundred changes ». In addition to this, the same developer has mocked a little of what will come with the update, specifically the elimination of names, among other things, “final score functionality of Ronda”.

The provocation comes by the path of the EA support forums, where an anonymous, but confirmed developer confirms that the next update of the game will arrive next month. As for why the patch notes have not yet been revealed, the developer affirms that the list is still compiling and points out that “it is a lot.”

“The next will be considerable (April), and we are currently seeing a few hundred changes. It is mainly about error corrections, but we are also looking to make more changes, for example, in the balance of the vehicle and the current behavior of the attachments for weapons. “, Says the developer’s fragment. «We will provide more details about what exactly about the update closer to your release date through a complete set of update notes. I know he would like to know more now, so I want to clarify that I am not trying to cause being vague, just keep compiling the full list of changes for all of you because it is a lot ».

By adding an edition to this, the developer points out that “the update will also contain the functionality of the End of Ronda and VoIP score, which we already knew that it would come, but this exact update has not been confirmed.

The HIDDEN CHANGES in Battlefield 2042's Latest Update...
For now, this is the scope of what we know about the update. There are no patch notes, file sizes or release date. If this changes, we will update the story accordingly.

_ Battle of Battle 2042_ is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information about says and the first person’s first-person shooter, click here.

Launched on the Vertical Screen Specification “Astrocity Mini V” July 28. From April 4th to Horse the Worlds Fastest Experimental Study on Takada Baba Gehsen Mikado

Sega Toys Co., Ltd. announced on March 18th to release “Astrocity Mini V” on July 28th. Price is 10,000,9580 yen (tax included).

“Astrocity Mini V” is the second edition of the Arcade Classic Series following “Astrocity Mini” released in 2020. It is a game machine that reproduces the game chassis astrocity that appeared in the game center in 1993 in a six-quarter size. This time, it is a major feature that the 4.6 inch liquid crystal monitor to be mounted is arranged vertically.

The recording title is the following 22 works, focusing on the 1980-90’s shooting games that adopted the vertical screen. Among these, “out zone” “King of the War” “Dogs! “Dessert Breaker” “Armdopolis Batrider” “Battle Bacleto Unlimited Version” is the first faithful transplant of the Arcade Version. “Out Zone” “Doggy! The first transplantation in Japan.

Moon Cloth
· Zaxxon
· Terracsta
· Cosmopolis Galvan
· Action Fighter
· Tatsujin
· Lestle War
·shark! shark! shark!
· Lightning electricity
· Out zone
· Sonic wings
· King of the master
· Dogune !!
· Dessert Breaker
V.V.V (Vi Five)
· Sengoku Ace
· Shipping Magical Operation
· Gun hard
· Strikers 1945
· Armdopolis Batrider
Battle Bacleto Unlimited Version

This machine can be played with LCD monitors with these recorded titles and joysticks & buttons. In addition, HDMI outputs are also provided, and can be enjoyed by output (720p) to the television. Even at the time of HDMI output, it corresponds to the vertical screen display. Besides this, it is equipped with an easy save function that can save the game instantly with one button. It also corresponds to peripheral devices released for “Astrocity Mini”.

“Astrocity Mini V” will be released on July 28th. Price is 10,000,9580 yen (tax included). In addition, “Sega Toys.COM set”, “Astrocity Mini V Game Center Style Kit” and “Astrocity Mini Control Pad”, etc. are included in this machine, and it is 32780 yen (tax included) There is.

In addition, we decided to hold the “Astrocity Mini V” world’s fastest experiences according to this announcement. It will be implemented from April 4 to April 10 by Takada Baba Gehsen Micad, which cooperates with board selection and development of this unit. There is no membership fee. At the experience meeting, “Astrocity Mini V” is connected to an arcade chassis and one of the recording titles can be tried to be traced. How is the nearby person to carry a foot?

The Reimbursement Request for Battlefield 2042 exceeds 160 000 signatures

Battlefield 2042 Refund Petition Gains Rapid Mass Support As Game Loses 96% Of Players
EA and says launched _ battle 2042_ around the world on November 19 through PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. In the launch, it was a disaster. Players were not only bombarded with mistakes and burdened by performance problems, but players were affected by the long list of features of previous games that were missing. Three months later, the performance problems of the game have improved, but still persist and there are still mistakes. Meanwhile, it still lacks all the functions that the players have been demanding since the launch and the launch of any new content in the short term is seen. Again, it’s a disaster. Instead of waiting for this mess to be resolved, players are beginning to demand reimbursements. In fact, there is a request at at this time that it has quickly accumulated 160,000 signatures, demanding that reimbursements are opened for all platforms.

According to the request, EA participated in “deceptive advertising” and “has cost consumers millions of dollars in damage.” What is the OBJETIVE? Well, the request not only seeks reimbursements, but expects the petition to call the attorneys’ attention.

«Launch of EA of Battle of Battle 2042_ was a mockery of each client who bought this video game for $ 70 (USD) due to deceptive EA advertising,” is read on request. _ Battle of Battle 204_ 2 has cost consumers millions of dollars in damage and annoying thousands of customers around the world. According to many consumer reports, Electronic Arts and says they did not fulfill many of the promises made in the launch, and for battle 2042_ was released as unplabable. Even today, _ battle 2042_ has errors that drastically change the game experience so much that many members of the community consider it an unfinished release. In fact, _ battle 2042_ was so poorly done that even Steam, a video game provider for PC of great reputation, allows customers to obtain a full refund. Sign this request will come closer to obtain a refund in battle 2042_. Suppose this request receives 50K signatures or more. In that case, I will contact some of the best collective demand lawyers in the country to evaluate a case against EA and says. Signing this request is the equivalent of saying: ‘I would like to receive a refund for this game.’ Sign this request if you think it deserves a refund for Battle 2042_. The community of players should not tolerate this abuse and the intimidation of multimillion corporations that create unfinished games and false ads ».

At the time of publication, nothing has come from this request or EA or says they have recognized any capacity. If this changes, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. As always, feel free to leave a comment or two by making us know what you think or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ To talk about everything related to games. Should I provide blind reimbursements to _ battle 2042_ players?

Live Update on February 3 Halo Infinite, Revealed Patch Notes

A new Halo infinity The update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC. According to the official Twitter of Halo account, the update comes more prominently with “improvements in the match of Big Team Battle”, which is true. And that’s all you have. Changes and improvements are not only minimal, but are fully limited to multiplayer mode. There is nothing for the campaign players in the new update.

Many assumed that the next update of the game would be something important considering that it has not had any update since January 19 and before that, on December 15, but these assumptions have not materialized. The positive side of this is that the update is of only approximately 1.1 GB, which means that it should be a quick and painless download.

Next, you can consult the official and complete patch notes of the update, as provided by the Developer 343 Industries:

Patch notes


  • Improvements in the pairing service for Big Team Battle (BTB). Players should find complete coincidences more quickly and consistently.
  • Scorpion Tanks and Wraiths will appear more frequently on the BTB maps.
  • Fireteam members in BTB matches will have the selected Fireteam marker color, but the match can still begin in different areas of the map.
  • Join the updated progress rules to avoid pairing in games that are almost complete.
  • Changes in Oddball on Classifying and Arena multiplayer playlists: If the marker is tied when the time of a round is exhausted, one minute is added to time. If the marker is tied at the end of the additional minute, then the round will be declared tied. The game will end if two separate rounds end up in a tie and the victory will be for the team with more gained rounds.
  • The Halo Championship Series (HCS) variant of Free-for-All Slayer was added to the list of customized game modes.
  • In customized games, changes in free-for-all Slayer, FFA Oddball game options, Neutral Flag and Tactical Slayer are updated correctly.

Halo Infinite BTB Fix is LIVE and WORKS! Halo Infinite Patch Update Bring Vehicle Changes! Halo News

Halo Infinito is available via Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC, and is also available through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. For more coverage about the popular science fiction first-person shooting game, click here.

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