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Konsolif podcast 194 – How to balance the gray everyday life and the messy gaming worlds?

Is gaming a sheer escape from reality or a hobby among others?

This question is Nikon , Jonathan and ** to think about our beloved game hobby a little more deeply. What type of games will you ever get bored? Which genres would combine best? And what are the most important people in the editorial staff when they are getting a new game? Among other things, these questions are promising answers.

6 Steps From Average to Extraordinary - Jack Canfield | Success Motivation

In addition, as usual, a media corber, which goes through recent play and watching.

Welcome to listen!

This episode was recorded on April 27, 2022.

  • Initial Song: Casual
  • Break Bell: _ ERTHELE_ Theme
  • Final song: old lion

All music by: Tomi Ruuska

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Time stamps:

0:00:33 Initial greeting and news
0:04:50 What has come to play/watched/listened to?

0:49:50 Tempo to – coffee and buns

0:50:45 The world of gaming – is it escape from everyday life or just a hobby among others?
1:40:30 Audience Cartridges
1:51:40 Outro

What SIMS 4 expansion packages are that?

Select the SIMS 4 extension package to purchase – a difficult task, especially if it means to spend up to $ 40. We have collected the best packages for the most different needs of the players.

New gameplay: eco-friendly lifestyle and work!

Ecological lifestyle and Accept for work are the best packages for players who want to get new mechanics, entertainment and other gameplay. Players who like detailed tasks, a more realistic gaming process and creating their communities will enjoy environmentally friendly life in Eco Lifestyle.

Get to work offers players a lot of new professions, aliens and even funny mechanics of retail. Follow your sim in to work by a police detective, explore the alien world and much more in this set. What is impressive in Get to Work is that this is one of the first sets for The Sims 4.

Unique worlds: “Life on the island”, “Snow Escape” and “Life in the cottage”.

Players who want a new place where their sims can run and stitch, will love to buy Island life , Snow Escape or cottage . Cottage Living places players in the bizarre English rural settlement, Snowy Escape transfers Sims to the mountainous Japan (or is very inspired by it), and Island Living places you on a tropical map.

Build / Buy & Cas Content: Begin famous and live in the city

Become a famous action of which takes place in the world inspired by Los Angeles, and Life in the city , located in the union of many major cities, both offer ample opportunities to configure sims and their homes. Use the combination of furniture of the middle of the century with a Hollywood glamorous decor in the game “Become a famous”. If you want something more elegant, urban and international, pay attention to City Living.

Best as a whole: Seasons

Seasons Undoubtedly, the best expansion package for any player in The Sims 4. When you buy an extension package, you can enjoy changing the seasons of the year, make holidays for yourself, dress in any weather, build your perfect homemade house and much more! In this package, very few errors, a lot of content, and he stood the test of time.

Ranking Every Sims 4 Expansion Pack | Which Is Worth It?

Do you want to learn more about The Sims 4? Learn how to install Basemental Drugs mod in The Sims 4 in the game manuals for professionals.

Escape Academy is the first game published by iam8bit

Escape Academy Announcement Trailer

In the ID @ Xbox held today, Escape Academy has been announced, an escape game Rooms developed by Skybound Games and published by the company IAM8BIT. IAM8BIT specializes in creating physical editions and video game vinyl. Escape Academy will be available every day at Xbox Game Pass, in its versions of Xbox and PC. The soundtrack of the game will put Doseone, who has participated in Disc Room, Enter The Guneon, Nuclear Throne or Sludge Life. Escape Academy will come out in 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC Via Steam

The Cosmic Riffs from The Artful Escape already have a date on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch

The Artful Escape is one of those unique proposals that surprised in September of lxbox seriest year with its original launch in PC , xbox one and xbox series x | s , a first Video game of creatives and musicians Beethoven & Dinosaur Under the umbrella of Annapurna Interactive who bet on an overwhelming staging both in the visual and in the sound in exchange for reducing the game to the minimum expression. Even so, the title wxbox series very well received, even competing in any other category in The Game Awards. Well, Annapurna Interactive hxbox series now announced the relexbox seriese date of The Artful Escape in Consoles PlayStation and Nintendo Switch : The next January 25, 2022 .

The psychedelic trip of Francis Vendetti

Thus, in The Artful Escape We took the role of Francis Vendetti , a young musician who tries to find the site of him in music under the shadow of the famous uncle of him, an authentic legend of folk music. And even though Francis hxbox series great guitar virtues in hand, what he really wants is to let himself be carried through the more psychedelic riffs to try to give with the authentic alter ego of him.

This will take you to live an authentic Travel through the cosmos A hit of guitar alone through a totally captivating audiovisual deployment, all xbox series we move into a story xbox series hilarious xbox series mysterious full of characters for memory and music, A lot of rock music.

While it does not offer any type of challenge at a practical level beyond shy sections of platforms and simple combats of combinations of buttons, their creators bet everything to the artistic facet, presenting an overwhelming universe of creativity and imagination That will dazzle those who have some musical sensitivity or seek emotions and epic instead of challenges and grandiloquent challenges, we explained in our analysis.

The Artful Escape will be available at PS4 , PS5 and Nintendo Switch from next January 25, 2022.

The beautiful The Artful Escape will take your music to PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch next week

The event, organized by the Home entertainment Software Application Association (ESA), ran as a virtual, online-only occasion with totally free accessibility to all, from June 12– 15, 2021. Greg Miller, Jack Jing, and Alex Golden boy Mendez offered as hosts of the online events. E3 2021 adhered to the cancelled E3 2020 event due to the COVID-19 pandemic and after the ESA could not work out a replacement event in time. While the 2021 event was totally online, ESA prepares to return to an in-person occasion by 2022.

If you do not know The Artful Escape , we have to tell you that it is a very original proposal. It is an interactive adventure with music as its main axis and a very striking artistic section that has always stood out from its first trailers, when it announced its arrival at Xbox and PC consoles during the past year, being available in Xbox Game Pass.

Even in 2022, from Beethoven and Dinosaur (its developers) and Annapurna Interactive (La Editor) have announced that the game will also reach PlayStation and Nintendo Switch . You can be purchased from PS4, PS5 and the hybrid console, and to enjoy it we will have to wait only a few days.


We live the story of the musician Francis Vendetta Your launch date on these platforms is January 25 this year, so on Tuesday of next week it will be available at digital stores. We will address the story of Francis Vendetta, a musician who tries to follow the steps of him as Folk’s singer, finding down the road to situations that make it difficult for him to develop him correctly.

At the time, The Artful Escape surprised us instantly when seeing it during E3 2017. His proposal encouraged us to include it on the list of the 20 best Indie games of the Fair of that year, along with other outstanding titles. Some have already come out long ago, such as the fantastic cup head, and others continue on our radar, and it seems that they will eventually arrive at 2022, as is the case with TUNIC, which is expected for next March.

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