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Is Dark and Darker Free to Play?

Dark and Darker, the debut title of the developer Iron mace, seeks to capture the sensation of a classic fantasy action game.
Set in medieval landscapes, this multiplayer FPS title will face evil monsters while you and your classmates try to discover treasures before the others.
With their PVP VE multiplayer game, players may wonder if it will be a free game or a full-price title.
Here is everything we know about whether Dark and Darker will be a free game.

Will Dark and Darker Free to Play?

It is not yet entirely confirmed, but in its current form, Dark and Dark is a free game.
The game is currently in a game test, where users can try the ALFA version of the game.
The complete launch is not established until the fourth quarter of 2023, so even once this game test ends, there will surely be more opportunities to test this title for free.
With that said, Iron mace has not announced whether the final launch will be free.


Given the long wait for the launch of the title, we may not have news about its price for a long time.
However, on the positive side, in the section about the company’s website, Iron mace has referred to itself as «a cheerful band of veteran games developers disappointed by exploiting and greedy practices that we once help
Therefore, whether the game is free or not, it seems that it will not be binding for atrocious monetization practices.
That is all we have if Dark and Dark will be a free game.
If you are looking for more indie fps, maybe High on Life could be yours.
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Xbox Game Pass cheaper soon?

Have you ever wanted to play all the latest games on your Xbox without having to worry about spending too much money? Well, it looks like that might be a reality soon as rumors suggest that the most expensive version of the xbox game pass is set to become even cheaper! Read on to find out more.

The most costly variation of the Xbox Video Game Pass does not even cost 13 euros and has a lot to offer.
It might be that there will quickly be a much cheaper version.
Microsoft is presently thinking about another membership level with marketing sectors.

xbox game pass likewise offered with advertising soon?

Depending on which design you have, you presently pay 9.99 euros or 12.99 euros a month for the xbox game pass.
The latter deals you a large video game library with an altering deal, Xbox Video game Studios Title directly for the release, membership discount rates and offers, free advantages, Xbox Gold, the Console multiplayer mode, EA Play and more.
Another huge advantage: everything is ad-free (source: Microsoft).
At Reset era, nevertheless, a screenshot has now been found.
This shows an expected study that Microsoft is currently supposed to send to clients.
The concern is what you would believe of an extra phase of the Xbox Video Game Pass.
This would cost $3 (the equivalent of around 3 euros), as normal, cause a range of content of the xbox game pass, however consist of some limitations (source: reset era).


Amongst other things, brand-new video games with a 6-month delay would be offered, on the other hand, there must probably be a commercial whenever you start a video game from the library.
There is still no main statement by Microsoft on this subject.

The business would not be the first to execute and consider such a design.
In general, you just don’t know what to play?
You shouldn’t miss these video games:
7 must plays in December 2022 register for us
on YouTube

membership with marketing: Netflix reveals it

Online marketing is a steadily growing segment and Netflix has just recently adopted this model.
The streaming giant has actually been providing a more affordable subscription level since the beginning of November, which, nevertheless, uses one or the other restriction.

LOL: The Shock of Kingdoms, The Battle Where The Best Teams In The North Fight For A Juiczo Award. Only


The off season tournament of kingdoms that is resonating within the entire region to determine what squads can be future promises in this part of the Latin continent, after several weeks of competition where 12 squads fought to get the progress to the playoff stage and
This case to the grand final where only the two best will have the opportunity to get the maximum prize.
The first battle would be between the devil mode against The Kings, considered the final advanced by the style of play of both squads, but it would be the kings that demonstrated a much greater pressure thrust with a jaunt that took control of the upper lane with a Gwen for
Punish the opposites phenomenal and get the first point in the series for them.

During the second game, things would be on the side of the kings from the beginning with a matey that would be very proactive inside the contest to sometimes fall to the rivals, with a blunt domain for The Kings that caused great ravages where things
They ended from their side that close the match quickly to advance to the final.
On the other hand, the second semifinal would be among Carissa eSports against Braves Rising where we had an expected rematch among the Caribbean champion against the Colombian champion, the first game would be an ordeal for the boys of the Caribbean islands because Felt would have in
His hands to a very aggressive Alkali with which he manages to give an explosive advantage to have the first map in his favor.
In the second map, things were very couples because the Caribbean showed a different temper to get that third map that would give them life, again the Felt reaction would be the one that gave the key in the pressures of the lines thanks to their
Teleports that allowed him to give an interesting advance, with this the team of the Braves end an intense battle that gives him the second point and the pass of the series.
With these results we have the two teams that get the pass to the grand final of this off season tournament where we have seen great contenders who gave a great development throughout the tournament, a battle that has already been seen in another tournaments but that in this
Occasion could have a different turn, but only players can give us the best results in this competition.

J.K. Rowling Responds To The Boycot of Harry Potters Legacy

Although Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games have made it clear that J.K.
Rowling is not involved in Hogwarts Legacy, it seems that this does not mind a group of fans, who, once again, have asked the community not to buy this game in protest to the author’s controversial comments.
Recently, YouTuber known as Jessie Earl called a boycott against Hogwarts Legacy, this as a consequence of the opinions Rowling has had about the trans community.


This was what he commented:

I will not save anyone for the love he continues to have for the ancient works or the things he already has in his possession and in which he finds comfort.
I own the first nine films and the seven books.
But any support for something like legal Hogwarts is detrimental.
Unlike other occasions, Rowling did not remain silent, and decided to respond through Twitter with the following message:
Deeply disappointed that Jessie Earl does not realize that pure thought is incompatible with having anything related to me in any format.
Those who process that idea would not only burn their books and movies, but also the local library, anything that wears an owl and their company dogs.

I am bewildered.
This person actually supports the reading of the books under the pretext of anyone needs to know.
Everything is going well here until you get drunk and accidentally mention that you do it.
I have never done it in public will not save you when the police see your Hufflepuff socks.
Jessie Earl has pointed out that it is fine to watch the movies and read the books of Harry Potter, but sharing the taste for the series on social networks is something that does not support.
In this way, Rowling’s response has a sarcastic tone before this position.
For their part, Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games have remained away from this conversation.
For its part, we remind you that Hogwarts Legacy will arrive at PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC on February 10, 2023, with the rest of the versions at a later date.
On related issues, you can know when the game will arrive at PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch here.
Similarly, this is the new gameplay of the title.
Editor’s note:
While it is true that Rowling’s opinions have created a strong division with fans, it is important to make the distinction in Hogwarts Legacy.
The author is not involved in this game, and it is very sure that her position before the trans community will not be reflected in the game, so calling a boycott in this situation is not something perhaps many people support.
Via: J.K.


LOL team from Handofblood presents new players for 2023-fans cheer: We will win Europe with that

It’s the first time in a while that an LOL team from our city qualified for the European Championships. That deserved a big round of applause!

There will be a NO Prime in 2023 with an adjusted line-up.
More on this subject here:
LOL: Dissatisfaction in Germany-the 5 Twitch banners will not play 1. League, despite the miracle climb

Contract Spandau, the LOL team from the YouTuber Handofblood, started ambitiously in 2022.
The German league is wished to motivate and play for the European Cup in the long term.
But the first year was a frustration.
Now everything should get much better.
What sort of group is that?
Contract Spandau started in 2022 in the highest German league in League of Legends: The Prime League.
There they triggered a stir:
The very first four games in a row were lost directly, but there was a huge resurgence.
At the end of the season they won 8 games in a row.
They even reached second location and qualified for the first relocation into the EU Masters for the playoffs.
In the playoffs, Contract Spandau cleaned up the rival Gamerleblegion loosely 3-0 off the field.
Suddenly they were thought about a fantastic expect Germany.
However, GAMERLEGION made the leap into the final and returned.
In the end it was only enough for second location.
The European Masters did not work out.
Currently, in the group stage it was over.
From to imagine the European Cup.
The remainder of the season did not go according to strategy.
They missed the qualification for the EU Masters in summer and were gotten rid of in the Super Cup in the quarter-finals.
More on this: After one year of Contract Spandau, we take stock: Team from Handofblood is a huge profit for German LOL scene.
In 2023 everything should now be better in regard to sport.
The team announced some modifications to the squad.
Exactly they have actually now existed as part of the Dream hack.
Who is in the new team?
Pride (To plane) and Unique (Midland) remain from the old roster.
New are: Ankara for the Jungle, Lilies as supporter and smiley as an ad-carry.
Experience is especially impressed by lots of fans.
On Twitter and YouTube it says: Europa Cup, I love the new lineup or Lastly viewing is fun again.
The triumph against a streamer group also ensures euphoria.

brand-new roster creates interest, disassembles a large streamer team directly

Who are the new gamers?
The big highlight in the brand-new squad is the brand-new Jungle Nikolai Ankara Saratov.
It played from 2020 to 2022 at Astral is and most recently in summer for misfits in the LEC.
So he acquired experience in the highest European division and a minimum of achieved fourth location in the Summer Split.
At the age of 26, he is a bit older, however has a great deal of experience for Contract Spandau.
He is best understood for his Warner picks.
Philipp Samuel Lilies Anglers is the brand-new fan.
He most recently played at the direct rival Schalke 04 in Prime League, however was also in the contingent for the 2nd team from Mad Lions and for SK Video gaming.
At the age of 21, he is the youngest gamer in the Contract squad.
His signature champ is Thresh.
The third brand-new player is Ludwig Erik Hugo Smiley grandest.
The Swede currently played for vitality. Bee, the team, versus the Contract Spandau in the group stage in the European Cup.
Most just recently, he bet gamersorigin in France.
Smiley for is known for whatever for the Champions Lucian and Join.
At the age of 24 he is still totally in the juice.
Who are the old gamers?
Mahdi Pride Nasserzadeh was born in Switzerland on March 13, 1998.
In early 2020, Pride moved to Fanatic Rising, the second group of Fanatic, and took part in the European Masters with this.
For the 2022 season he concerned Contract Spandau.
Pride thrilled the fans with some outstanding solo projects on the To plane.
He should do that again in 2022.
He was particularly persuading with Gangplank and Jayce.
Jordan Special Schaeffer remains the Midland at Contract Spandau.
Already in 2020 he played with the Academy team from Master the European Masters and reached the quarter-finals twice.
In 2021, he moved to the French LFL, but missed the credentials with the teams there.
The Dutchman has been betting Contract Spandau since 2022 and was mainly persuading on Sandra.
Can the line-up encourage?
Yes, because without terrific training they played their very first competitive match directly on the Dream hack.
The opponent: No Need Organ, a team of streamers that made the promo to the first division perfect in 2022.
The gamers are all older, but that doesn’t make them less effective.
There are, for example, the German Shout caster Tolkien or the widely known LOL streamer Noway4u.
Contract Spandau, nevertheless, managed to win both matches in the Best of 3.
This guarantees bliss among fans.
You can look at the recording of the matches on YouTube.
The fans of Contract Spandau are eagerly anticipating the new season 2023.
It looks a little various for the fans of NO.
Since the team would need to accept some restrictions, such as a ban on streams, while the tournaments are running.
Your career would be considerably restricted.

LOL: Concept Of Skin Neeko Cyberpop Shows The Curious Chameleon Surrounded By Technology

Champion Need arrived at the League of Legends in December 2018 and was promptly well received by the community, not only because of her relatively innovative mechanics in MOB, but for her personality and look as a character.
For Mains Need’s unhappiness, the champion doesn’t have so many skins in the game yet, but thanks to the community, this can be compensated with many fan arts, as is the case with this Need illustration in a Skin Cyberpunk concept.

Need Cyberpunk

Created by Gate, who posted his drawing on Reddit, Need Cyberpunk is cyborg.


It has several mechanical and technological parts on your body, and has won a series of tattoos like Jinx’s.
There is also a special detail as your tank top with a frog, which will certainly be understood by players who like her very much.
Gate illustrated even what the effects of Need Cyberpunk’s skills would be within the game:
Something the Reddit community noticed was the resemblance between the jacket Need wears in the concept of skin and the Valiant agent, FPS that belongs to Riot as well as LOL.

G-WOLVES HSK PRO 4K Wireless Mouse

A mouse explosion accident in the overseas community has been reported.

The product is ‘G-WOLVES HSK PRO 4K Wireless Mouse’, which weighs 29g and supports 4000 Hz of 4000Hz and even wireless versions.

Fortunately, most of the notes are estimated to have been charged with the mouse.
However, gamers from all over the world who were interested in the model seemed to be anxious because they seemed to be a simple image in the state of the reported mouse.


According to some reports, most of them are not wireless, but most of them are connected to the wire and the explosion occurred when it is charged.
In particular, one whistleblower explained that despite being a glass pad user, not a thousand pad, the mouse marks remained on the glass pad due to the heat from the explosion.

The G-WOLVES side replaced the battery supplier through the official site and delayed the order and distribution schedule for about 10 days, and the HSK Pro 4K, which was equipped with a new battery, will be sent normally around December 20-24.
Is expected.

Innovative challenges, designs, and reasonable prices are all good, but the best mouse is the best mouse that doesn’t care about when playing games.
The strong trust between famous global brand products and gamers is comforting.

Streamer Truck Accident Shows Frightening Reality Of Twitch Streaming

Streamer and truck driver.
And no, we don’t mean it is in Euro Truck Simulator.
OR_PENGUIN is a truck driver in real life and entertain its journeys thanks to Twitch.

In fact, the other of his name comes from the term on the road (on the road).
Sometimes it entertains chatting with its subscribers, whose voice notes (prior donation) are responding.
Others simply driving in silence, winning an extra while acting a visual MR for all those who relax to him in the background and see him cross the US roads.
But what I had never done before (and surely does not plan to do) is to have a live accident.
In its lt streaming, a red truck gets into the Or_penguin lane, who tries to dodge it, but in doing so he leaves the road and ends up turning his vehicle.
In a matter of twenty seconds, the truck driver/streamer avoids direct collision, loses control and ends crooked and shock, barely held by the belt.
When it is removed, gravity continues its course and collapses.
Here you have the video (the camera that focuses on him goes with some delay with respect to what focuses the road):

is not illegal, and I have police seeing my stream

Taking into account the platform where everything h happened, you can imagine the reactions.
No one h left without commenting and everyone h laid a chair in their own way.
There are those that believe that I could have acted in another way and have done it better.
Those who applaud their reaction and appreciate that they have no injuries or consequences to regret.
And of course, those who criticize that stream does because they believe it is distracted with Twitch and that it is the cause of this type of incidents.


For these, Or_penguin himself he out to respond on his social networks:
Well, I never planned to go viral. From that thought, there are some things I mean. The first one, which is not illegal
Ganja or possibly killing and hurting another person. I could not have lived with the second, Or_penguin explains.
My elections are mine and my consequences too. Before going to the hospital, the policeman who attended me told me that it w not my fault. So, for all the haters, kisses and blessings. I can sleep at night knowing that I have
saved a life and that I have not removed any, regardless of their mistakes, he says.

Is Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator Available In The Xbox Game Pass?

The most popular game in the world right now is probably Fortnite. There are plenty of other games to choose from on Xbox Game Pass, but one that needs a mention is Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator. This video game has been out for a while now and players seem to be loving it – but what’s the deal with its availability?

Broke crafts: Sorcerer simulator players are immersed in everything they have to provide as well as have actually gladly made remedies, yet some who still have to get were questioning if the video game is on video game pass.
While many individuals will certainly be hectic dealing with numerous seasonal events such as those in Overwatch 2, where the gamers will work to obtain all the brand-new skins.
Others will definitely try to find a particular laid-back as well as special game with which they can invest their time.
In this article you will find out whether potion craft is included in the Xbox Video Game Pass.

Is Potion Craft in fact on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Potion Craft is really consisted of in the Xbox Video Game Pass, which implies that if you have the membership, you can play the video game free of cost at this moment.

There is no added expenses, and it implies that you can experience a special game without taking the danger, paying money and afterwards figuring out that you do not like it so much.
It is most likely that the video game will remain in the Video game Masquerade a very long time to ensure that you do not need to bother with when you actually play the game.
You will certainly be able to resolve your currently large shortage without any type of issues.


The value of Potion Craft in the Game Pass: Should I obtain it?

In our point of view, there is a great deal of recognition when Potion Craft is contributed to the Game Pass Solution.
It is definitely a really special title in which you will brew potions in various methods against the background of a fascinating art design.
The design itself advises us quite of sentiment, which was praised for its numerous mechanics as well as art style.
The magic potion deserves your time, even if you only prepare to attempt it out and also think of whether you enjoy it or otherwise.
Broke craft: Sorcerer simulator is now offered for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and also PC.
– This article was updated on December 14, 2022

Meet 3 Games That Inspired Anime!

It is more than expected that an animated series will end up having its own game after being successful, as happened with Baku at Hero and Dragon Ball.
But the opposite happens too!
The greatest example of this is the epic Pokémon franchise, whose game was developed before the Ash and Pikachu anime.
Several other stories also followed the same path.


If you are interested in learning more about, check out the list prepared by MGG with 3 PC games and console that inspired anime.


Ni no Zuni is an RPG game franchise released in 2010, initially for Nintendo, in which the player joins the protagonist Oliver on a journey by a world inhabited by new friends and fierce enemies hoping to ing his mother back after a
tragic accident.
The anime style of the game is not occasional and was developed in partnership with Studio Ghibli, which later produced the animated series.
With an exciting narrative, impeccable visual experience of the producer behind irreverent films such as Chirico’s trip and engaging soundtrack, game-based animation has become a success and is available on Netflix.
In addition, Studio Ghibli also produced the franchise’s second game, NA Zuni II: Revenant Kingdom.
Launched in 2018, the game is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series One.

Steins Gate Elite (Classroom of Elite)

Steins Gate Elite originated the Anime Classroom of the Elite, available on Crunchyroll.
The game is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows and iOS platforms and was released internationally in 2019.
Have you ever thought about changing the past?
What if you knew of a group of young people who can do this using an email and a microwave?
This is the case of a group of laboratory youth in Steins Gate Elite.
But it is obvious that such an adventure comes out of control at some point, with teenagers challenging the timelines.
In the game, every choice that the gamer makes has its own consequence, giving a multiplicity of purposes.
The suspense anime follows the same group of students from the renowned college Tokyo Loud Hausa.
Kiyosaki, the protagonist, will end up in room 1-D, which houses the most problematic students of the school.

Persona 5 royal

A mask and the truth will be revealed.
This is the motto that defines persona 5!
Persona 5 Royal is an RPG with a deep narrative and unique visual style.
The player can explore Tokyo, use the Joker mask, and unlock new personas.

Filled with alternative finals, get ready for a unique experience.
Great robberies to infiltrate the minds of the corrupt wait for you in the game!
The game-based suspense anime is available on Crunchyroll and has the narrative started from Men Amalia.
About to start the second year of high school, Men’s persona awakens after an incident and everything changes.
He and his friends form the ghost thieves group, which seeks to investigate and steal the misrepresented wishes of corrupt adults to transform their character.
Persona 5 Royal is a game available for platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows.

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