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Xbox has created a special top gun: maverick- xbox series S Thematic. Top Gun: nonconformist is one of the most anticipated films of summer because it was supposed to be released in the summer of 2020. Unfortunately, the film was delayed several times, but finally it is almost here. Several critics have had the opportunity to see top gun: nonconformist __ and have full of almost unanimous praise. The sequel arrives almost 40 years after the original film and presents a new cast of pilots along with Maverick by Tom Cruise while he tries to show them the air rules.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun Xbox Series X/S Gameplay Trailer E3
To celebrate the premiere of the film, Xbox has revealed a limited edition top gun: nonconformist xbox series S. The new Xbox Series S presents a really great design of the iconic maverick pilot helmet that uses the ventilation holes of the console, in addition to of a red and black scheme that wraps the console. The console will also feature the top Gun: nonconformist logo and a controller that looks like the control panel of a combat plane. The official Xbox Twitter account is giving the console and fans can participate in the contest following and retweech the account. The draw ends on June 10, so fans have a lot of time to participate in the raffle. Xbox will also have a top gun: nonconformist dlc package for Microsoft_ __ flight system on May 27, 2022.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is unlikely to throw the console so that people buy it. Microsoft also gave a lot of Star Wars Xbox Series S Customized Series to celebrate May 4 earlier this month. The consoles presented designs of iconic characters from Lego Star Wars such as BB-8, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and many others.

Top gun: nonconformist premieres exclusively in theaters on May 27, 2022. Spencer Perry of gave the movie a 4.5/5 and declared: «The film is a rare sequel that exceeds the original in all the senses, providing the best theatrical experience that he will have convinced hearings that they have just achieved Mach 5 crossed ».

Will you participate in the Xbox raffle for the top gun: nonconformist -Tematic Xbox Series s? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @cade_onder.

Guild Wars 2: Does Arenanet have something against returnees? No play possible

Since February 28th 2022 at 18 o’clock Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons live! This means that all the owners of the third extension can break up to new adventures in Cantha or just fishing to go. Well, in theory. Because from all corners, messages reach us that returnees, so players who were no longer in GW2 could not log in. So if you dusted your game in the transferred sense directly to the release to experience the CANTHA adventure, you had to have the following error message: This error message is just pure frustration for some returnees in Guild Wars 2. Source: Wars According to this message, the corresponding Account blocked for security reasons. One should contact the customer service to get support.

How fast will the problem be fixed?

The customer service directly after release of Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now € 49.95) reach End of Dragons, which is likely to prove to be a real undertaking. Because probably as many players play as many gw2, but do not stumble over problems, bugs and need help. But what makes it all the more frustrating, because many returnees would probably prefer to play with bugs as to sit before locked door. So the Studio Arenanet is just the golden opportunity through the lobes to bring people back into the game – the current scenario can not be the intention.

Free to play vs Paid - Guild Wars 2

Do you have experience with these login problems? Are you or someone who knows you can not play in Guild Wars 2 because of this error message? Do you even have tips on how others could fix the annoyance? Then only out of it, but our commentary is there!

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