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Xbox Stream: Train Sim World 3 as well as even more from 8:00 p.m. on Twitch

From 8:00 p.m. you can take a look at the Xbox Train Sim World 3 and more on the Xbox Series X.

If you would turn on as well as welcome us to chat, we would certainly be very pleased. Soon it will certainly begin.

Below you can see what is on the program today:

We would certainly be really satisfied if you activate once again today as well as share this stream with your pals as well as teams.

  • 02.09.2022-8:00 p.m.-Train Sim World 3 and also more-Xbox Collection X.

Click here for the stream:.

  1. Xbox follow on Twitch: So that you do not miss any kind of streams, we currently suggest that you adhere to the Xbox channel on Twitch here as well as to turn on the notifications.
  2. Xbox stream plan: Which streams are formerly intended, you will always locate on Mondays in the Xbox Twitch schedule for the brand-new week, where you can additionally establish up a memory.
  3. Xbox Streamer: You can additionally adhere to the Xbox banners on Twitter: Xmufl & Thoridias83.

Crunchyroll: app on Xbox 360 will be established quickly

Crunchyroll is the world’s largest provider of anime series as well as readily available on a range of tools as well as systems.
Virtually a year back, Sony Crunchyroll took over for $ 1 billion.
The crunchyroll will certainly quickly end its service on some older video game systems.
From August 29, the app will no more deal with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii U, as the company revealed.
You have less than a month prior to the application sets its solution if you look at your anime over one of the three gaming consoles.


You can still make use of Crunchyroll’s offer on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, iphone, Android, FiretV as well as other platforms and also tools.

GTA dream ends up being real: Superstar sets talented follower

It is an absolute dream for several GTA followers: work for Rockstar Games the following collection component. A gifted GTA player currently shows that he can additionally come true-because he was hired by the programmers, for excellent reason.

GTA V: Superstar has another employee

The Open World game GTA 5 is among the most played video games on the planet, yet or due to that, Rockstar Games is currently dealing with GTA 6. A fan is now component of this group .

Reddit individual Deejayjeanp, Also known as Reasoning Films, has been creating spectacular videos for a long period of time, including GTA 5. Rockstar Games, has actually undoubtedly ended up being conscious of him as well as is evidently so satisfied that they have actually now set the designer of the video clips .

He welcomes you to follow his Twitter or Instagram account @deejayjeanp if you desire to follow his job at Rockstar Games **.

When GTA 6 will be launched is not yet recognized. Certainly we maintain you up to day.


In one of the most current Reddit contribution by U/Deejayjeanp, he does not reveal a video clip, yet specifically his packed luggage.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 will certainly accompany the premiere of the new film with the Dominion Biosyn expansion

Dominion Biosyn opens on next June 14 on Computer, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S as well as Xbox One with a cost of 19.99 euros . The expansion will certainly recommend a new project where we will certainly have to build a new study complicated.

At the end of this in 2015, Jurassic World Evolution 2 was released, the title of Parks Strategy and Management with the official license of the Jurassic Park franchise business, with more than 75 types of dinosaurs and the water as well as leaflets as a wonderful uniqueness. Currently, Frontier Advancement has amazed us with the arrival of a large web content bundle via the Dominion Biosyn expansion .

SUMMARY & DISCUSSION of the DOMINION DLC & FREE UPDATE | Jurassic World Evolution 2 Biosyn Expansion

Dominion Biosyn will be offered on June 14 on PC and gaming consoles Among the new features, we can excavate in the Ambar and also mines, collect unusual genomes, producing feathery types that up until currently we had not seen in any type of game of the legend. The campaign comes with lots of brand-new functions, such as undetectable fencings or quick transport systems for team. Dominion Biosyn will certainly show up accompanied by a complimentary upgrade with brand-new functions and mechanics, along with remedying mistakes as well as changes in the high quality of life, which Frontier Advancement has actually outlined in its spot notes.

Of training course, the expansion will certainly bring brand-new dinosaurs to our park, such as the pyroraptor, thermizinosourus, the dimetrodon, or the quetzalcoatlus, along with new versions and facets for other varieties as well as a * new degree of chaos theory * Based on the occasions of the flick Jurassic Globe Dominion. If you have not yet played at the last installment of the Dinosaur Parks franchise, remember that in 3Dgos you have our Jurassic World Evolution 2 analysis available.

If you enjoy dinosaurs and the Steven Spielberg film saga, you will definitely Two generations of characters ** separated for practically three decades.

GTA 5: Rockstars latest update finally fulfills long -time fan

With the latest update for GTA 5, Rockstar Fans finally fulfills a long -wish. The publisher donated a graphic feature to the Next-Gen version of the Open World Hit, which PS5 and Xbox players had to wait a long time.

Developer Rockstar has published a new patch for the Next Gen version of GTA 5 without a great prior notice. In addition to numerous bug fixes, the update 1.56 contains a graphic option that fans have been wishing for a long time: On the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S you can now reduce the motion blur (motion blur) or even switch off completely.

GTA 5: Update lets fans cheer

The Next-Gen-Update of GTA 5 now gives you the opportunity to set the motion blur using a practical slider. So, for example, when driving through Los Santos , you can use the computing power of your PS5 or Xbox Series X | S and admire your environment at high speeds at a clear resolution instead of just perceiving them blurry.

8 Best GTA 5 Like Open World Games For Android You Shouldn't Miss ????
While this new option was initially only implemented on the next-gene consoles , new update files for the PC indicate that the feature can soon be activated on this platform.

Rockstar: New patch for Grand Theft Auto

In addition to the new feature, the patch also removes some bugs and thus improves the gaming experience. On the PS5, this affects, among other things, the setting of the trigger buttons of the DualSense controller, while on the Xbox Series X | s sound problems in combination with Xbox live parties were fixed. The PS4 and Xbox-One versions were also improved in the update -however, the motion blur feature is not available on the last-gen consoles. (Source: Rockstar)

With the patch 1.56 , Rockstar continues to tinker with the now 9-year-old open-world game and thus bridges the time for you piece by piece that will pass until the long-awaited successor GTA 6.

What do you expect from Grand Theft Auto 6? In our video, fans say what the upcoming game would make perfect:

New World, merger fusion: change seems to bear fruit. But for how long ?

Presque sept mois après sa sortie, la popularité de New World semble s’être éteinte. Un nombre trop conséquent de serveurs, la plupart vides ou presque, a eu raison de beaucoup de joueurs, et les développeurs ont commencé à en fusionner certains il y a quelques mois pour raviver la flamme. Où en est New World après une énième fusion et un évènement autour de Pâques ?

69 996 vues

Acheter New World à partir de 39€ sur Amazon

La danse des serveurs

Depuis sa sortie en septembre 2021,New World a fait parler de lui à de nombreuses reprises, et pas toujours en bien. Après un lancement explosif recensant plus de 700 000 joueurs simultanés, et un pic de popularité en octobre s’élevant à pas moins de 900 000 joueurs connectés à un instant t, le MMORPG d’Amazon Game Studios est vite redescendu sur terre. Victimes de leur popularité, les serveurs du jeu n’étaient pas capables de gérer autant de joueurs d’un coup, résultant en des files d’attente interminables, similairement au lancement de Lost Ark ou de Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker. Pour palier ce problème, les développeurs ont dû ouvrir de nouveaux serveurs, ce qui s’est malheureusement révélé futile après quelques semaines lorsque le nombre de joueurs a commencé à diminuer.

La chute démographique a été brutale, et New World est passé de plus de 900 000 joueurs simultanés à 145 000 en l’espace de deux mois, laissant derrière eux des serveurs sous-peuplés voire carrément déserts. La solution des développeurs a été de fusionner les serveurs vides avec les plus populaires pour non seulement permettre aux joueurs d’interagir davantage, mais aussi pour résoudre des problèmes liés aux PNJs, qui s’attaquaient aux villes abandonnées, empêchant les quelques joueurs encore présents de faire progresser leurs personnages. Depuis, la population en Aeternum continue de baisser, avec une moyenne de 20 000 joueurs ces dernières semaines. Le MMORPG d’Amazon a cependant réussi à attirer quelques nouvelles têtes grâce à l’ouverture de serveurs free-to-play le weekend dernier, et il semblerait qu’une nouvelle fusion des serveurs payants commence à porter ses fruits :

Vers un renouvellement de la playerbase ?

L’objectif majeur de cette nouvelle fusion était de maximiser la population sur un serveur plutôt que de voir les joueurs s’éparpiller sur des serveurs quasiment vides. De cette façon, ils pourraient trouver des coéquipiers pour les expéditions, et prendre part à des combats en PvP plus facilement. C’est dans cette optique qu’Amazon Game Studios a décidé de regrouper des serveurs clés dans le monde entier. Vous pourrez retrouver le détail de la fusion des serveurs d’Europe Centrale juste ici :

  • Asgard, Hadès, Hellheim, Fae et Caer Sidi font désormais partie de Abaton

MASSIVE server merges happening TOMORROW in New World, ALL remaining merges at once
* Styx, Antillia, Utgard et Learad ont fusionné avec Aaru
* Lyonesse a rejoint Nysa
* Bifrost, Niflheim, Bengodi et Kor appartiennent maintenant à Tir Na Nog
* Arcturus a fusionné avec Tartarus

Depuis cette opération, le nombre de serveurs francophones est passé de trois à deux (Nysa et Ship-Trap) et pas moins de six serveurs européens sont considérés comme plein. Avec cette fusion et le weekend de Pâques, les serveurs allemands Aaru et Evonium semblent avoir fait carton plein avec plus de 1600 connexions simultanées, et la communauté a l’air d’apprécier le changement. Les joueurs peuvent désormais trouver du soutien pour remplir leurs quêtes assez rapidement, et les guerres de faction ont repris leur cours, rendant l’atmosphère de New World beaucoup plus conviviale qu’elle ne l’a été ces derniers mois. Le seul point noir sur ce tableau est le manque de ressources, puisque les farmers ont tendance à se regrouper à des endroits clés pour faire le plein de matériaux, mais les développeurs devraient pouvoir remédier à ce problème dans un patch future.

Et vous, jouez-vous toujours à New World ? Si vous avez arrêté, comptez-vous refaire un tour en Aeternum maintenant que la population est plus dense ? Dites-nous tout dans les commentaires !

Acheter New World à partir de 39€ sur Amazon

Sommaire de la soluce de New World

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How to get GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X

The iconic open world of Rockstar is still one of the most popular games in the world more than a decade since its launch, but now there are even more reasons to return and play it after the launch of a new and improved version. Here is How to get GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X If you plan to do exactly that.

The first thing you should understand about GTA 5 in PS5 and X | S Series is that it is not really an update in the conventional sense. Instead, it is actually a separate product from the base version of PS4 / Xbox One on your hard drive that you must buy and install.

For that reason, you will not find any type of update option in the original game menu.

Get the new versions of GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

The only way to get the improved version is to visit the store of any platform in which you want to play and buy it from there. It is available for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles of the current generation, including PS5, Xbox Series X | s.

Keep in mind that the new version has a discount from the launch until June 14. The PS5 GTA online package is available to play for free for three months after the launch of the game (requires subscription to PS Plus).

How to transfer the game saved to GTA V in PS5 and Series X

You can transfer the online campaign and progress from your previous game to the new enhanced package so you do not have to start all your adventure again. This is solved through the functionality of the Rockstar Games Cloud store; You only need to pause the game, go to the game option and then click on ‘Load saved game’.

That should give you everything you need to know about How to get GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S . To get more tips and guides useful about the game, you are already in the right place here at Rockstar Games.

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