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LOL: What is the slowest champion of the game? The answer has a trick but still surprising

Being fast in League of Legends is something that everyone knows; Speed is always appreciated at all levels and many of the great professionals take into account this when choosing a champion. Many already know the fastest characters in the crack with all the skills to the fullest and with the full build, leaving hilarious moments in the crack that has taken us more than a smile.

However, very few know the opposite: What is the slowest champion of all League of Legends? The answer is easy to answer, but it is very surprising to see who the winners of this competition are since precisely They are not characters that are on their own foot.


The slowest character in the whole game has a great but

If we go to the basic statistics and without adding boots , because what we want to know is who is the slowest person of LOL without any help, we see that it is Fill The winner with 250 of movement speed … although it has a great but: it only obtains this speed when it is outside its steed , a very precise moment that occurs very rarely and that is more regular to be mounted in its pet. And when she is on top of this, she becomes a truly fast champion, reaching 335 movement speed.

If we remove passive issues, the winner is clear and there is no difference: LED . It is quite surprising and paradoxical to see that the Cascarrabias rider is located as the slowest character seeing that he is riding with Karl , which first seemed to be somewhat faster than Wordle himself.

However, it is true that led increases his speed with his definitive and has skills to get ahead of anyone thanks to his e, so we have chosen to investigate which character would be the slowest including the skills. There are several with 325 movement speed that have skills to move They do not have a skill as such that gives them a faster movement.

On the other hand we find Anita , which also sins of being too slow in most occasions and suffers quite a lot of lines. There are several champions that their slowness have caused a metajuego exit, but if there are something that these champions have as virtue it is their damage. The intention of Aphelia or the cryogenic will be to kill the enemy before they come to their forehead and make them disappear from two skills.

NARAKA: Cross Play Management/Cross

Naraka: BladePoint is an adventure royal battle in the fantasy genre, in which up to 60 players can fight a duel to become the last surviving man (or woman).

Currently, the game is available only on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC and, fortunately, allows players on both platforms to play together thanks to the support of the cross-platform game. The details of the cross-processions are a little vague at the time of writing, but there is a certain level of support that can be used.

Versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 5 are in development and will be released in the future. Naraka: It is expected that BladePoint will expand support for cross-games and cross-processions with its releases.

At the moment, the next management will provide you with all the necessary information about the level of support for cross-games and cross-processions in Naraka: BladePoint.

Naraka: Support for cross-platform game BladePoint

Naraka: BladePoint became available to the Xbox series consoles only in June 2022. Previously, the game was available only on a PC, and it was not even the opportunity to allow players to play together on different PC launches.

However, after the update of June 2022, Naraka: BladePoint officially supports the cross-platform game between the consoles of the Xbox and PC series. This means that players on both sides of the bridge can play together.

However, the game still does not allow PC players to play between different launches. Therefore, Steam players cannot play with players in Epic Games Store.

It is expected that the lack of support for the cross-platform game between various PC launch programs will change. Please note that there was no official announcement, but we expect that the support of the cross-platform game will improve after the versions for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One.

Naraka: Support for cross-processing BladePoint

Naraka: BladePoint only partially supports cross-progress. Steam and Xbox accounts are considered separate objects. You cannot transfer your progress from Steam to Xbox. If you decide to switch to the console version, you will have to start from scratch.


Oddly enough, you can still transfer your progress from PC to Xbox, but for this you will need an Xbox account. Players playing through Microsoft Store on a PC can use cross progress, since Xbox and Microsoft Store are considered the same objects, since they belong to the same ecosystem.

As in the case of a cross-platform game, players cross their fingers, waiting for an improvement in the support of cross-progress in the future.

Chrono Trigger will be updated on PC and mobiles to add new features

chrono and chill
The PC, Android and IOS version of Chrono Trigger will be updated for free on March 11, and several functionalities that the users had claimed will be added. * Complete screen Support with ratio 21: 9 * Improved operability * Increased speed of automatic battle (X1.5) * Increase up to 20 of the number of saving slots * Added the Extras section to mobile versions The details have been obtained from a video of the Japanese version of the game published by Gematsu. In addition, the Fans of the Chrono Series series can play the remasterized version of Chrono Cross on April 7 at PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. It is the first time that the game is launched in Europe.

Is WWE 2K22 cross-platform / cross-platform game?

WWE 2K22 is now available for download, and players are interested in whether there is cross-platform support in the game, as well as crosspots. Unfortunately, WWE 2K22 will not cross in multiplayer online mode.

This means that PC players will not be able to play with friends who have a PlayStation or Xbox console. However, the gameplay will be implemented by the gameplay of different generations, which means that PS4 and PS5 players will be able to play together. The same applies to Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X | S users.

How To Enable CROSS-PLATFORM Community Creations In WWE 2K22 (PS4, PS5, XB1, XB Series X & PC)
WWE 2K22 will not be a cross-platform gameplay, but there will be cross-platform support for the Community Creations library, which will be available to all players on the PlayStation, Xbox and PC. This feature will allow players to upload individual cosmetics to share it with the whole community.

Players can also download their favorite community projects, including individual wrestlers, arena, belts, sets of news, MITB portfolios and much more.

WWE 2K22 will have a completely new control system for both PCs and console players. This means that players with keyboard and mouse will only match each other. Players PlayStation will be wired only with other PS users. Similarly, the Xbox owners will be wrapped with Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S players.

Want to know what download size for WWE 2K22? Check how much GB is WWE 2K22? In professional guidelines for the game!

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