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Moukoko definitely wants to leave the BVB

Despite large advance laurels, Youssoufa Moukoko has not yet been able to prevail with the professionals near Borussia Dortmund. In the meantime, the attacker is supposed to flirt with a farewell to BVB. Now the youngster has fueled the rumor mill himself.

Is there a separation between Borussia Dortmund and Youssoufa Moukoko? As “BILD” reports, the 17-year-old would like to “leave” the black and yellow despite an existing contract until 2023.

Moukoko should see no future under BVB head coach Marco Rose. Therefore, the center forward is planning a new start, it is said. However, there are probably no offers for Moukoko, which continues to fuel speculation with piquant articles on social media.

This is how “picture” spreads photos that Moukoko is said to have shared via the “Snapchat” platform. In the first picture the BVB talent sits in the team bus and writes: “One last time!”

The shoe cabinet can be seen in his apartment in another post. “After 6 years with wonderful moments highlight, I have to say goodbye. Thank you for everything,” Moukoko commented on the snapshot. Clear indications for a farewell from Dortmund or just ambiguous allusions?

rose protects Moukoko: “Do you actually know how old the boy is?”

What is certain is that Moukoko has a difficult season at BVB. Even due to numerous injuries, the Dortmund own plant has only completed 203 Bundesliga minutes.

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Coach Rose recently protected his player and at the same time criticized the press. “Do you actually know how old the boy is? He is 17,” the trainer became clear and added: “What I wish you to be that you can be 17.”

Maybe Moukoko could take a restart in another place in the summer. According to the tabloid, the BVB bosses would only let the talent go with a buyback option in summer.

BVB: Ratio between Youssoufa Moukoko and Marco Rose not unloaded

In the past few days, speculation about a change of club from Borussia Dortmund’s Wunderkind Youssoufa Moukoko has increased. The reason for this should not only be the lean Borussia Dortmunding record of the center forward in the Bundesliga season 2021/2022, but also his relationship with BVB coach Marco Rose.

Only a starting eleven mission is available in the Bundesliga for Youssoufa Moukoko in the current season. Instead of establishing themselves as an offensive force in the German football upper house at the young age of 17, Borussia Dortmund’s youngster had to struggle with injuries and shape lows.

The result: A lean goal of the season succeeded, who once caused a sensation with outstanding hit rates in the BVB young classes.

According to the “Ruhr Nachrichten”, the weak season of the German junior national player also has atmospheric reasons. Accordingly, the ratio of Moukokos and BVB head coach Marco Rose should “not be unencumbered”.

Too often the Dortmund trainer had the striker braised on the bench, too rarely he got more than a few minutes of deployment time to continue to prove himself on the BVB offensive.

Youssoufa Moukoko’s future at BVB still uncertain

He was recently unable to build on his debut season with Borussia Dortmund’s professionals, when Moukoko, as the youngest scorer in Bundesliga history, met three times.

How tense the relationship between the storm talent and his head coach actually is is not completely known. However, it is clear that Moukoko definitely wants to go his next development step as a soccer professional. And this will certainly not be found on the BVB replacement bench in the long term.

It is now more open than ever whether Moukoko will start his last contract year with the Westphalia. Most recently, reports circulated that he could leave the association against a transfer payment of 15 to 20 million euros this summer.

After death: This is how Rangers wants

The phrase that the football business can be brutal is known. It is often used, possibly too often. But what the Rangers had to go through in the run-up to their Europa League semi-final against Leipzig (Thursday, 9 p.m., live! At van Bronckhorst), this phrase becomes more than just.

On Tuesday morning, the traditional Scottish club had to announce the sudden death of its clubidol Jimmy Bell – the witness manager was the soul of the 150 -year -old club for 36 years. “We were in shock all Tuesday – and are still standing,” said coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst at the matchday conference on Wednesday with a deeply graded expression. “We didn’t do much on the training ground, the mood was totally in the basement – everyone talked about Jimmy and exchanged personal stories,” said the Dutch.

van Bronckhorst appeals to the Rangers family pride

But of course it is also the task of Van Bronckhorst to prepare his team as best as possible for a possible season highlight – the Europa League final on May 18 in Sevilla. “It will certainly be very emotional in the IBROX, that’s clear,” said van Bronckhorst, “but when the game is kicked off, we will be full.” For the Rangers, the game against Leipzig, according to van Bronckhorst, is “already a huge affair under normal circumstances”, in the game one after Jimmy Bell’s death “is about going out, delivering our best and making all Rangers fans proud. And of course we also want to make Jimmy proud. “

It is a terrible time for our club, but we train today and will all play for Jimmy tomorrow.

James Tavernier

Captain James Tavernier, who continued the digital PK after van Bronckhorst, was also emotionally touched. “It is a terrible time for our club, but we train today and will all play for Jimmy tomorrow,” said the defensive player. In 2014, the Englishman joined the Rangers in 2014 when the “Blaunasen” had already worked into the second Scottish league after the forced relegation to the fourth league (2012, bankruptcy).

Tavernier and the anecdote with the bandage: “It will be hard”

“When I met him for the first time, I asked him about the number 2. And he immediately let me come up a bit because of this question,” said the 30-year-old, who, like many of his colleagues, of a “very special relationship to Jimmy “spoke. “There were so many details with him that will now be missing,” said Tavernier and remembered how he always got the captain’s armband on the witness officer shortly before kick -off. “Without him, it will be hard.”

The tactical specification is clear: “An early goal”

He describes the Europa League final in mind in his seven years with the Rangers as “a trip he had always hoped for”. In his 37 Europa League games (nine goals) so far, he “managed to knock on the door in the big competitions. And now we only need to take a step to reach the final “.

When asked what the tactics could look like against the Leipzig, who had a strong Leipzig game in view of the 0: 1 in the first leg, the Rangers captain has a simple answer: “We should score an early goal.”

penalty record a warning for Leipzig

Tavernier has to know, because in the previous home games of the knockout phase, the right-back had always brought the Rangers to the front-and always from the point. A penalty in the 2-2 against Dortmund (22nd minute), a penalty in the 3-0 against Red Star (11th) and two in the extension thriller against Sporting Braga (2nd, 44th). “If we succeed again, we can intimidate Leipzig,” said the ice -cold executor.


The Tedesco-Elf should be warned. A similar lethargic first half as in Mönchengladbach and the dream of the second finale in the season finish could burst quickly.

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National Trainer Voss

▶️????INTERVIEW ???????? GIULIA GWINN MARTINA VOSS TECKLENBURG DFB Frauen Nationalmannschaft WM 2023
Instead of releasing the World Cup ticket prematurely and putting a statement towards EM in July in England, the 2: 3 of the DFB women in Serbia also threw some questions from Bundestrainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg. “This is our thing, we have to endure, put it on and ask: So, what can we learn from it? What do we take with?”

Take the German eleven that against a physically robust opponent who attacked early and energetically attacked, the appropriate solutions were found. The DFB team revealed too many vulnerabilities on this day, the uninspired initial phase was already guessed. “That continued for over 90 minutes,” Constated Voss-Tecklenburg.

Who knows what it’s good for in the end.

Alexandra Popp

“Of course you do not like to go with a defeat in a six-week break,” said the national trainer, who now wants to “pull the right conclusions” for the upcoming tasks.

At the beginning of September, it continues in the World Cup qualifier, in Turkey (3.9.) And in Bulgaria (6.9.) The ticket should be finally solved. Previously, however, the European Championship is on. “Better now than at the European Championship”, Captain Alexandra Popp commented the defeat in Serbia. “Who knows what it’s good for in the end.”

Preliminary EM squad on 16 May

“We have to take the right steps, otherwise it will be hard against every opponent,” said Voss-Tecklenburg, who will nominate their preliminary EM squad on 16 May and plans three courses in June.

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Juventus and Tottenham

The procedure before the Sports Court of the Italian Association Figc due to allegedly fake financial reports against dozens of football officials and associations has been completed with an acquittal.
The FigC announced on Friday that, among other things, the evaluation of the professionals was not correct by the accusatory office.
The further reasons for the verdict should be announced in the coming days.
A total of 61 officials had been accused to have in recent years the financial reports of ELF involved associations – including five from the series A – have faked.
The club bosses of Juventus Turin, SSC Naples and Tottenham Hotspur had threatened: The indictment had challenged on Tuesday blocking of twelve months for Juves club chef Andrea Agnelli and more than 16 months for the former manager of the record champion, Fabio Paratici.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus KIT) OFFICIAL MATCH vs Tottenham Hotspur LIVE in Singapore ICC. PART 2
The latter is since summer 2021 sports director of Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.

Can Gugganig the Brutal Beermann

“We want to stay up on top,” says Daniel Scherning. It is clear to the coach of the VfL Osnabrück that this can only succeed in victory against the East Westphalian neighbor SC Verl, since the direct competition has spotted in the rise battle. Currently Osnabrück has ten points behind the third Eintracht Braunschweig, but even whopping three games less discharged.

For scaryning and his team, it is not a game like any other: twelve players diseased in Corona lacked in the past two weeks, together team training was only possible since Saturday. Timo Beermann was not there, the central defender misses the rest of the season after an op on the ankle joint. A “brutal failure”, as his coach underlines – “human like sporty”.

WK zaalvoetbal 1989: Nederland aan de top
The Austrian Lukas Gugganig, most often not considered or only Joker (24 league missions, ten inlays, Lukas Gugganig-notes cut 3.18), could enter the starting eleven. However, scaryning on this position slowly go out the alternatives. Because Ulrich Taffertshofer is injured, Youngster Luis Spekelmeyer was borrowed in winter to the sports lovers Lotte.

VER no longer under pressure

Although the SCV can point to seven points from the past three games, however, in the regional cup, in the class depth of SC Prussia Münster after disappointing performance (0: 3) off. The Constance lacks in Verl, the rank 17 occupied and thus ranked on a relegation battle.

The most recently under Coach Michel Kniat no longer considered Serhat Koruk and Patrick Schikowski could not use their chance in the cup. Also Kasim Rabihic and Cyrill Akono remain in the offensive behind Lukas Petkov and Leandro Putaro in the second row.

The hope of the serious away game at the VfL Osnabrück comes from the history books of the 3rd league. In May 2003, the Ostwestfalen had scored 2: 1 with the purple whites. From the first leg, which was lost despite a clear chance plus for VER 1: 2, an invoice is still open.

LIVE! ATP in Monte Carlo mit Wawrinka, Sinner, Krawietz/Mies

“That was probably nothing,” Krawietz / Mies were likely to have thought in the sandplatz season after her start ignored. Just an hour and 16 minutes, they stood in the square before their early ones were already sealed. With 3: 6 and 5: 7 they had to bend the US duo Taylor Fritz / Sebastian Korda.

For the German double, who wants to find after a long injury break from Mies back to old strength, a negative trend continues – it was the fifth floor slopes in series.

I did not deserve the victory

Alexander Bunk

Best Shots & Rallies From Stan Wawrinka's Return To Tour vs Alex Bublik! Monte-Carlo 2022

In the individual competition Stan Wawrinka presented itself in good shape, against Alexander Boub from Kazakhstan went the Eidgenossen at 6: 3, 5: 7, 2: 6 in the end but a bit of the puff out. Bein himself then admitted that he won happily. “He was not fit enough,” said world ranking 36. With a view to the currently 200 seats of poorly positioned Swiss and gave to: “I did not deserve victory.” Wawrinka himself was not dissatisfied despite his departure, sees himself “on the right path” after a year-round breathing break.

The next thunderweather of Schmadtke at VfL Wolfsburg

When Jörg Schmadtke enters the VfL Wolfsburg in front of the team, this is usually not a good sign. Last summer, he had done it at the beginning of the season in the hope of a once again successful season, just before Christmas with his second announcement the sound was sharper (“I expect the team to unconditionally the way we pretend, and devoted makes your job “). Now the managing director after the 0: 3 in Augsburg once again forced to address unmistakable words to the team. “We will also respond things that we have not liked,” announced the 58-year-old after the third bankruptcy in series and put this in practice.

Schmadtke issues his players a poverty certificate

The next thunder wetter of the Boss, who has to master a heavy crisis after three very successful Vfl years. With a team built by him, whose motivation has dramatically decreased. And that does not seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. “We need to understand the relegation battle and fight us much more,” Farradtke still wishes for months in the relegation battle and puts his players with a poverty before the next basement duel on Saturday (15.30, live! At team).

Kohfeldt further isolated

Kohfeldt, Kruse, Krise: „Der VfL Wolfsburg wäre ein verdienter Absteiger“ | Was geht, Bundesliga?

According to the personnel corrections of the managing director during the season, when the coach Mark van Bommel has been replaced by Florian Kohfeldt and changed in winter the squad, team and coaching are required in the last six games, to drive the necessary counters for the league. The hope that Kohfeldt (COVID-19) returns to the training on this Tuesday, but did not fulfill themselves – the 39-year-old was still unavoidable. More than ever, this day has called Boss Schmadtke, who was changed in Augsburg as part of the Kohfeldt representation from the grandstand on the bank. And hardened by his team.

Does Boldt throw? HSV threatens internal power struggle

Despite the convincing 4: 0 success in the catch-up against Erzgebirge Aue threatens the HSV once more of the non-rise – for the fourth time in a row! How it continues in this case is not clear. However, there should be different opinions within the lead days.

With “only” six points behind the relegation rank, the HSV still has the chance to return to the Bundesliga at six outstanding games. The faith alone is missing after the red reddoses allowed the possibility to lie partly negligently in the last three years. The question is: How is it going, the Hamburgers should miss the ascent again?

fourth timeing board Jonas Boldt has the “fourth time Image” according to clear idea. If it goes after him, at least at least on the perhaps the most important position in the club is changing nothing. It is said that Boldt wanted to continue to cling to coach Tim Walter – no matter in which league.

Herpes Simplex Virus in Depth / Alynn Alexander, MD

Boldt is fully convinced of the work of the trainer. Walter own a clear plan and be someone who makes young players better. For these reasons, his dismissal in the eyes of the fourth times board is not an issue, writes “fourth time Image”.

Do Walter and Boldt have to go to HSV?

If Walter had to take his hat after the season, Boldt could follow him. According to “fourth time Image”, the fourth times board links his future to the HSV closely with that of the coach. Means: must go Walter, will probably go Boldt.

How realistic is a dismissal of Walters, among other things, depends on the appearances of the team in the last weeks of the season. If the team presents itself more often as in Dusseldorf (1: 1), Nuremberg (1: 2) or against Paderborn (1: 2), the club board could be forced to act. According to those Gemia, the “fourth time Image” missed a development in recent games – and those bodies are in the end, which decide the final over the fate of the coach.

Who transmits? Man

Manchester City and the FC Liverpool will make up the championship title in the Premier League among themselves – on Sunday (5.30 pm) they meet directly: The defending champion and leaders around Trainer Pep Guardiola receives Jürgen Klopps Reds, the eight gaming days before the end of the season only one point

have less on the account.
In Germany, Pay TV channels Sky transmits the top match on Sunday live and exclusive – on TV on the Sky Sport 1 canal or in the stream via Sky Go.
Last June, Sky had also secured the transmission rights to the Premier League for the seasons 2022/23 through 2024/25.

'WE KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS' | Pep Guardiola press conference | Man City vs Liverpool
By 2019, Streaming Service Dazn had shown the games from England’s top leagues for three years.

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