It is December, which means that transmission services and games platforms are publishing end-of-year statistics for customers.
He is probably wondering what games he played more in 2022, so here is everything he needs to know if there is an Xbox wrapped.

Can you see Xbox’s end of the year’s statistics?

Unfortunately, Microsoft ended Xbox Wrapped in 2018, so there is no way to see 2022 game statistics in one place.
Individual games monitor the amount of time that plays them, so it is best to compare these numbers.
Fortunately, other games consoles have annual review programs to show you which games played the most.
Nintendo has the summary of the 2022 game in its Year In Review, you must only log in to access all the useful information, such as the monthly breakdown of your most played game.
Sony also has a program to conclude 2022 for PS4 and PS5 on its website, with similar numbers to see them.


Spotify Wrapped is a detailed summary of your music listening habits by 2022 and inspiration for other companies to do the same.
You can see which artists and songs heard more and a comparison of how much he heard them compared to other users.
That is all we have for there are 2022 xbox wrapped?
Check out some of our other video game contents, such as a summary of the game’s game awards, the best online multiplayer games and when Jedi Survivor is launched.
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