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How to go under pressure in Escape Academy.

The mission is under pressure-exciting in Escape Academy. You must rush for a while to solve the puzzles here or fail and drown. This mission is divided into five floors, and we appropriately designed this leadership to simplify it. Here’s how to fulfill the mission under pressure in Escape Academy.

floor under pressure 1

Step One-Key and Tools

Start with the opening case to the left of the power supply. This will launch the timer, and the room will begin to fill with water. Take key and open power supply . Turn off the power and interact with the luminous fingerprint behind you. Gather tools and use hammer tore board with a heart on the wall. Turn on the food to open the word fear . Enter this into the keyboard and go up to the second floor.

under pressure floor 2

Step Second-Blue valve

Pay attention to the signs on the wall with instructions for colored valves. Use haircuts Cut wire and get a blue valve. Place it on the door and, following the signs, turn the valves on these numbers.

yellow *: 4
blue : 3
red : 6

Step Three-Rusty Key and Hand Cam

Enter the just open door and turn handle holding it. This pulls up rusty key which will open the lock in the center of the room. Take the newly purchased hand chamber and attach it to hook . Turn the handle again to lower the hook and open the code. will be . Enter this on the keyboard and continue.

under pressure floor 3

Step Fourth-Blue sheets

Take three blue sheets located on the long panel, the sofa and inside the box at the blue barrels. Place the sheets on the pegs to write the code. 510 . Use this to open a blocked power supply .

Step Five-pen and safe

You need to find the missing handle to turn on the food on this floor. It is located in safe . The combination for the safe is located on toilet a place in the corner of the room at the perforated board. It:

* A circle
* A circle
* Square
* Square

As soon as you do this, the safe will open and reveal the handle of power. Place it in the box and pull it to open the code. Slow on pegboards. Turn on the food again and enter the code on the keyboard.

floor under pressure 4

step six-strange devices and cipher

Go to the bench on the far side and take two strange devices . Then take a sheet with a cipher on the left and turn to the letters on the wall. Their decryption reveals the phrases, under pressure as well as overweight .

step seventh-water pressure and water weight

Find the dials on which water pressure is written as well as water weight . You will need to place strange devices in the right nests. This is under the outlet for water pressure and above the outlet for overweight. This deciphers the word your ** which is the keyboard code.

under pressure floor 5

Step eight-electricity and breaking

When you enter the room, turn on the power so that the electricity flows through the pipes and break the box with a hammer. This will give you the card key that you can use to determine the code.

Step ninth-the right stream

You need electricity to flow to squares which has small metal triangles at its corners. This can take several attempts, but as soon as you do it, you can use the key to determine that the mind code. Enter this on the keyboard and go upstairs.

Step Tenth-Fleet under pressure

Finally, go to the door and turn to the keyboard on the right. You need to introduce a phrase, Fear will be slow your mind that you collect from each floor. This will open the door and allow you to escape uneasy and completing the mission under pressure. If you can fulfill this mission in less than three minutes, you will receive the achievement/trophy of ThreSher Rusher.

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How to go through Escape Artist in Escape Academy

After passing the entrance exam, you officially become a student of Escape Academy. This opens up new tasks and puzzles for you, as in the Escape Artist mission. In this mission, Professor Slip asks you to destroy the escape monument. Here’s how to complete the Escape Artist mission in Escape Academy.

Step One-drawn objects

Your first task is to get aerosol paint , but it will take a few steps. The first thing you want to do is to capture cheese is located on a stool at the paintings, bottle of wine in a chair for paintings, and bananas in the middle office. Place them on table in front of the paintings and look at them in front. This will show the code 139 .

Step Second-Combat Combination and Anti-invisible ink

Go to cabinet with castle and enter combination 139. Take anti-invisible ink and go to the far corner of the room where the colored points are located. Apply anti-invisible ink on this fresco to open a series of lines on dials.

Step Three-Color Coding of Dials

Follow the lines from color points to dials. They will tell you a combination of colors that you need to introduce. It:

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Yellow

* Green

This will open the door to the office. Go to the metal closet on the left and take aerosol paint .

Step Fourth-repairing the picture and opening the safe

Return to the main room and open the left cabinet. Take picture and go to empty frame . As soon as the picture is placed on the easel, rearrange it to fix the picture and get the code for another l. locked door here. Enter the code correctly , left , true ,up , down , down . Once inside, scan images along the wall. The final image shows the code for safe * which:

  • Central left button
  • Central right button
  • Lower left button

Step Five-Sculptures and Statui

Take Strange sculpture and attach it to the door of the door with the face. Place your face so as to look at image above so that it opens. Eyes should look down and right, the mouth should be slightly ajar, and the eyebrows should be scored from the left side below. Inside you will find various gates with numbers and sculptures. You can use images around you to solve the next rooms or use this guide.

step six-sculptural room 1

Take the keys marked No. 2 and No. 5, and take them to gates marked 7 . Use both keys to open the key and find yourself in front of a group of four sculptures. Place your faces so that they look like the image above and compare the silhouettes outside the first gate. This will open the gate behind them and show more keys marked No. 3, No. 4 and No. 7.

step seventh-sculptural room 2

Use #3 and also #7 Keys on gates with a number 10 . Inside there are also sculptures that can be beaten off. Make the sculptures correspond to image above to open the gate behind and take the key number 1. These sculptures correspond to paintings that depict decapitated people at the gate, which are located the first, third and sixth left.

step eight-sculpture room 3

The final sculpture room should be organized from the highest to the lowest, as image above . You can use paintings around the gate to determine this order, or just use the image above. As soon as you do this, the gates from behind will open and allow you to get to the monument. Interact with it to apply an aerosol spray to your mark, and complete the mission of the Master of Escape.

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Is there a divided screen or local multiplayer mode in Escape Academy?

Escape Academy offers you to take a series of quests in the prestigious Escape Academy. Some of these tests can be difficult for a single fugitive, so you may be interested in whether you can bring a friend and play a local multiplayer game or on a divided screen in Escape Academy.

Can you play Escape Academy on a separated screen or in a local multi-user mode?

Answer Yes You can play on a separated screen or in a local multiplayer mode at the Academy of Escape. This is a great function for those who prefer to sit side by side during the game. Escape Academy also supports the mouse, keyboard and controller, so you can play with what is more convenient for you.

If you do not have local friends with whom you could play, you can also play online with a cross game that works similarly to a separate screen. When playing for a friend, you get an additional brain to solve puzzles, as well as a friend to enjoy the delicious Escape Academy game process.

How to play on a separated screen in Escape Academy

Playing with a friend on a separated screen in Escape Academy is incredibly simple. In the main menu, select play and then local multiplayer . Having done this, you can start a new game or choose an existing one, connect a mouse and a keyboard or controllers and jump to Escape Academy on a magnificent separated screen.

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What is an Academy of escape? Release date, platforms and much more!

Escape Academy is a new head game developed by Coin Crew Games. The Coin Crew Games team creates quests in real life and brings these skills to Escape Academy. That’s all we know about Escape Academy, including the release date, platforms and much more.

everything we know about Escape Academy

Escape Academy is a digital quest room in which you visit the school to find out how to become the greatest escapist. You will encounter various puzzles and rooms, including an explosive tea party, a tower filled with water and other scenarios.

What is the release date of Escape Academy?

Escape Academy goes to June 28, 2022 . You can follow the games with coins to keep abreast and find additional information. You can also add to the Steam Academy of desires now.

What platforms will Escape Academy be on?

Escape Academy will be launched on several platforms on June 28, including Xbox Game Pass. Here are the platforms on which you can play Escape Academy.

  • PC (steam)
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X | S

Is Escape Academy a multiplayer game?

In Escape Academy, you can play alone or in a cooperative with a friend online or locally. You can solve various puzzles alone or call a friend and combine your efforts to succeed in Escape Academy.


Escape from the Academy Trailer

During the broadcast of Day of the Devs 2022, Escape Academy received a new trailer showing some puzzles and rooms in which you will be trapped. Look at the announcement trailer for the Xboxoffial YouTube channel.

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Escape Academy is the first game published by iam8bit

Escape Academy Announcement Trailer

In the ID @ Xbox held today, Escape Academy has been announced, an escape game Rooms developed by Skybound Games and published by the company IAM8BIT. IAM8BIT specializes in creating physical editions and video game vinyl. Escape Academy will be available every day at Xbox Game Pass, in its versions of Xbox and PC. The soundtrack of the game will put Doseone, who has participated in Disc Room, Enter The Guneon, Nuclear Throne or Sludge Life. Escape Academy will come out in 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC Via Steam

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