In Vampire Survivors, Gatti Amari is a strange weapon that gives rise to cats attacking your enemies. In updating the game 0.5.2 Gatti Amari received an upgrade in the form of evolution.

Now the highest form of Gatti Americi is Vicious Hunger, an evil set of eyeballs that threaten your enemies. Below we told in detail how to unlock Gatti Amari and how to turn it into Vicious Hunger.

how to unlock Gatti Amari

Gatti Amari evolves in Vicious Hunger using stone mask . The first step is to unlock Gatti Amari, the starting weapon of Giovanna Gran. To unlock Gatti Amari for all characters, start a run with a gran and survive 15 minutes .

UPDATE! New Evolution Vicious Hunter 192k Gold In 1 Run in Vampire Survivors
Next with any character, pump the weapon to eighth level and take the passive object of the Stone Mask. Then, when you take any chest, you will have a chance to turn Gatti Amari into Vicious Hunger.

how to find a stone mask

The stone mask is unique among passive objects by the fact that you need to find it in the inlay library to unlock it. You can do this by moving to the right from the screen of an inlaid library until you find a luminous stone mask.

As soon as you get a stone mask and develop Gatti Amari, you will find that Vicious Hunger is very different from its pre -evolutionary form. No more cats, now vicious eyeballs flash across the screen. The weapon is very similar to Gatti Amari, but instead he also has a chance to turn enemies into gold.

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