Mabinogi celebrated its 18th birthday, Mabinogi Fantastic Day.

The event was held online and offline, and all events on the stage were broadcast live on YouTube. 80 pre-selected users visited the site and enjoyed various field events. Many users did not join the scene, but since it is an offline event that has been held for a long time, Sung Seung Heon Caster, who is in charge of the user, did not hide his face all the time.

In the second part, Mabinogi’s director Min Kyung-hoon and Choi Dong-min’s contents leaders presented a plan related to the summer update and had a Q & A time to answer various questions from the field and online users. In particular, Q & A has been conducted for more than two hours and has been answered and feedback one by one in the opinions of users. In addition, the number of lanson votes related to goods was held, leading to the number one.

Meanwhile, Min Kyung-hoon said that it was a long time offline event, and he was very nervous, and he wanted to be with more users, but it was a pity that he couldn’t do it. In addition, I think I should work harder every time I have this time, he said. I hope you will work with the developing Mabinogi. said.

■ Support for beginners and adding Arcana talent, Mabinogi Summer Update

First of all, for new and returning users, the growth factors will be improved to shorten the time required for growth. Up to Chapter 5, you can grow your cumulative levels up to 20,000 by up to 20,000. Ability points required for early growth will also be changed to be fully obtained.

Skill memory links include some of the functions of the Divine Link. Memorial links can be obtained from memories through the bonds with Blossie.

In addition, from July, memories and mainstreams will be improved by raising the cumulative level. In order to prevent the situation in which the skill training becomes difficult, the training teeth bonus will be deleted according to the level, and the number of skill training will be adjusted. Skill training time is greatly relieved to 1/16 and 1/80. Instead, the factors that are recrowed in skill training, such as the Millesian effect and grade training, will disappear. This enables faster skill training compared to the previous one without the existing 200 level training bonus or the Millesian effect.

In addition, the growth of the Grand Master, the Grand Master, and the Holy Level also decreases. Grandmasters can be challenged even if they are not currently talented talents, and music reputation is half a day, and total time is reduced to 1/5 compared to the previous time. The improvement of these growth factors is an effort to break down the growth stagnation section before the cumulative level 5000.

Various support for beginners is also added. It offers up to 10,000 levels of beginner benefits and changes the benefits of the recommended system and heart sticker system in a different path. Beginner channels can be entered at 10,000 levels.

In addition, updates related to various convenience will be made. Low important quests will be changed to the method of adding to the order bulletin board instead of the quest window, and will provide a character generation preset to select more diverse and attractive appearance. In the world map, you can use the door gate and mana tunnel movement of smart content, and add a hypnosis fragrance of ‘aroma bear’, which makes it look like a cute bear.

The work under the enchant is abolished, and the blunny weapons are provided in three books, and they pay racial skills in memories to alleviate skill acquisition. Three additional dolls are also provided, and the representative character of the dungeon guide is abolished. Two additional free pets will be available, and the quest location will also be improved.

Some of the July updates can be experienced in advance from the test server from Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the summer preseason begins with the July update. During this period, a guild event will be held for guild buffs and rental equipment, and you can get a theme with KakaoTalk emoticons, where aroma bears and Irusha appear together when participating in a friend invitation event. In addition, the collaboration of Bulgogi fried noodles is also planned.

In August, Elemental Knight and St. Bard, an Arcana talent form of hidden talent, will be added. As the growth of the existing growth, it is easy to grow and the pre-season is scheduled to improve in July, so new users can enter Arcana’s talents as soon as possible.

Elemental Knight is a form of a hidden talent, and St. Bard is a choir hidden talent. Arcana grows through character leveling, and when you reach a certain level, you can open the Arcana link with a new goods, a flame knot. When open, you can earn strong effects for each talent.

Arcana’s talent is known through a new story. Ray, Karena, and Ohhad, you can slowly know about Arcana’s talents and awaken naturally.

Elemental Knight is a combination of melee battles and magic talents, which gives you an element with a special effect on a normal attack. Depending on the situation, you can combine specialized battles. Ice Elemental has the effect of reducing enemy movement speed and attack speed, the Lightning Elemental has a certain number of defense protection ignorance and the effect of increased stiffness time, and the fire elemental increases the splash range.

St. Bard is a supporter responsible for party survival and combat power. She has a better range of recovery than conventional party healing, and also has the ability to survive at the moment. It has a variety of skills, such as the echoes of salvation that specifies the scope and restores the vitality with a much larger figure than the party healing, and the hymn of resuscitation, which is a resurrection skill added to the Mabinogi in 18 years.

■ Mabinogi Fantastic Day User Q&A

Q. Overall, there were a lot of contents of the reorganization, but I would like to summarize with the keyword.

It can be compressed as growth beyond growth. With this update, beginners easily tried to create a road where mabinogi easily encountered and grows. Nevertheless, there is a shortage, but it is trying to become a user-friendly game as it improves.

Q. Do you have any plans to provide aroma bears with pets or other things?

Although it is not yet, it seems to be used for various purposes. It’s my first time to introduce it, so I don’t know how much I like it. If the response is good, I’ll think about it more.

Q. I wonder when the next main stream comes out.

The next main stream is thinking about what story can actually show. The exact time is hard to be confirmed, but I think it will be possible next year.

Q. It is said to make the growth line smooth. However, the middle stage is empty in the process of strengthening users. How can you fill this intermediate content?

The development team continues to worry about. In the middle stage, it seems to be repeated. Mabinogi has a unique sensibility and growth structure, unlike other MMORPGs. It is attractive from freedom, but on the one hand, problems may occur. As a result, there is a problem here. I couldn’t find a clear answer to how to solve it.

The beginners settle down and go to the Gaya End. However, it is difficult to settle in the beginner stage. I want to solve this first. If you settle through this action, you are preparing to cover the middle level. Since then, I am looking for a way to play the game longer. I hope that summer update content will be based on the stairs. Thank you for various feedback and continue to ask.

Q. The new update is good, but I think there is a problem with the existing 1. There is no news of the race balance during the last meeting.

Too much to fix. I’m ashamed, but there are many things to do and there are many things that are lacking. It is a position to show a new look and to improve. In the case of race reorganization, we are preparing. Rather than reorganization, I want to think that it is worth choosing any race. Since each race has its own features and colors, I don’t think they can match the same. It’s hard to fit the balance perfectly, but I’m thinking in a direction where I can feel the characteristics and feel. I can show you as soon as possible in the second half and late next year.

Q. When the aroma flavor comes out, the appearance of spider changes. I wonder if it affects elsewhere.

Naturally, other spiders are also seen as cute bears. After using this feature, it is expected that you can see a different landscape.

Q. In the past, Hidden Talent was added and the skills were added gradually. Arcana itself alone thinks that hidden talents and hero talents are similar. I think this may be cut off. I wonder how many envoys you have.

Rather than setting the number, Arcana’s talent itself is a higher growth. As Arcana’s talent increases, the growth specifications of users increases. At the time of growth, it is likely to choose a more interesting and needed talent. It will continue to be added and plans to think about the situation. Hidden and hero talent are a bit different. Arcana is not for spec-ups. There is an area where hidden talent needs to be added