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The creator of Shingeki no Kyojin (attack on the Titans) ks forgiveness for the end of the series on the edge of tears

He is only 36 years old, h created a manga that will go down in history and still Anime Okayama seem to have convinced him that he h done things wrong and should apologize for it. The Managua w one of the great speakers of the NYC 2022 anime, an anime convention that takes place every year in New York City, where the appointment attendees surprised by apologizing for the controversial final of the work that catapult it To fame, Singer no Kaolin (attack on the Titans).

I still have doubts inside me about the way I finished and still suffer for it. I’m very sorry, said an Okayama visibly affected when ked if he w always clear about the end of Attack on Titan. Luckily, the public of the event w up to it and after a shout of We love you, the audience brought in applause. Thank you very much. I’m trying not to cry, w all that came out after such a sign of affection.


After the event, Okayama sent a message on his social networks by grouping all the support. After months receiving the hate feedback and the lack of touch and empathy of criticism in networks, Managua came well for the appointment to free himself from blame and take off his bittersweet mouth tte with which he felt after the end of Singer no Kaolin. I want to thank all the support received by the fans. I wn’t sure how I would feel when the story ended. I w going through a bad time, and I’m sorry. It cost me a lot, I had a very bad time, until yesterday when I met fans During the firm. They told me that it w a great final, which they loved. They made me very happy. Come to New York h been a great experience for me.

The final seon of Singer no Kaolin, in 2023

Although the manga more than a year ago that concluded, the anime is still missing several chapters and the series will not have end until part 3 of its fourth seon arrives, scheduled for mid-2023. A lt dozen episodes to say goodbye from Even, Mid, Armin and Levi. Without a trailer or ads for the moment by Zappa, the animation study in charge of it, this is the only shared image that is called to be one of the great events in the world of anime next year.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion more than a remaster, the comparative video PS5 vs PSP


Expected for December 13, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion will be one of the games that will close the year 2022, unquestionably one of the most enforcing in terms of outings throughout the Thanksgiving/ Christmas duration. The publishers draw all over, especially on the side of Square Enix which multiplies outings, in between triangle method, Valkyrie Elysium, Dragon Mission Treasures and this Crisis Core Final Dream VII Reunion, J-RPG enthusiasts have something to be filled. In the last video dedicated to Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion exactly, Square Enix wants to clarify that the game is much more than a remaster, and proves it by comparing images of the original version launched on PSP in 2008 with that of 2022 on PC and Next Gen consoles.

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