The Quarry - NEW Supermassive Games Project - What We Know
Expected for June 10 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5 and PC, The Quarry will have a lifespan of ten hours. This is indeed what Will Byles, the director of the game said, as part of an interview with Segmentnext. “Depending on the player, a Run of The Quarry can take about ten hours,” he explained. The game is designed so that we can replay several times because we think a lot of People will want to borrow other branches and make different choices. If you want to discover all the alternatives offered by the story of The Quarry, you risk having for a very long time! “

Recently, the same Will Byles indicated that The Quarry would include 186 different ends. “For a film, the actors are used to dealing with scenarios of a hundred pages. That of The Quarry is more than 1,000 pages, he had explained. I, they were alarmed. That involves shooting 50 pages a day, it is something new. It represents a crazy number of sequences. We have worked on 186 different ends for these characters, and it is not only the classic “dead or alive “. What they live throughout the game is extremely varied. From a mathematical point of view, branching is just a nightmare. In fact, it’s exponential.” Indeed, there will be any what to do.

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