Epic Games announced that a new Icon Series suit will appear in the game, which will depict the popular creator of Chick’s community. The Chica’s Icon Series Set set will appear in the item store on May 7, 2022. Entertainment of Chiki and Zero Build Duos Cup Chiki What gives players the opportunity to get equipment earlier.

How to get an outfit of chicks earlier in Fortnite

Players competing in Chiki Cup who begin on May 5, 2022 will be able to unlock the chicks and decoration on their backs earlier. The format will be Zero Build Duos Cup, where the players will have to take first place to earn Outfit Chicks and Star back for for free before they appear in the store store. You can check all the details and official rules for Chica Cup by visiting an epic -related blog.

In the same way, every player who scored at least eight points will receive Chika was a spray here . Chiki’s costume will have five different styles, in addition to the default version. The remaining four styles will include prismatic style of stripes , royal strip of style , style of shades and style of the hunter’s mask . Kirka Aida’s Edge will appear in the item store, and it will edit the alternative style Royale Streak.

How to unlock the Pollito spray in Fortnite

Players will also be able to unlock Pololito spray watching their favorite Fortnite streamers. Each viewer who watches Fortnite on Twitch for one hour from 10:00 east of May 6 to 22:00 east of May 8, 2022 will unlock the spray. You will need to connect your Epic account with Twitch to get a reward.

Chica’s Fun Run Fortnite Island

Epic Games, to celebrate the Chica’s Icon Series set, also represents a cheerful race of Chiki creative island. Enter the following island code to enter Fun Run. 8432-7199-6378 ! Developed by the team of the creators of Kybercreative, players will be able to “soar” through a complex obstacle strip with countless samples and errors.

How to Unlock the Chica Outfit for FREE! - (Fortnite Zero Build Duos Tournament!)

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