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Xbox: Microsoft has accidentally got several advantages

_ 1 ½ years. For so long, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 have already been on the market. You don’t think at all, because it doesn’t happen that long. But yes, the next genes or actually yes Current gen came on the market at the end of 2020, but the world situation is still a huge problem. The available quotas now last longer than to be released, but are nevertheless sold out briskly. The PlayStation is also a long distance from the eternal competitor Xbox with the fifth generation. At least still. Because the longer the hardware availability is tangled, the more Microsoft earns an advantage over Sony and also from pure coincidence!

Of course, I don’t predict the downfall of Sony and his Playstation – I’m not that crazy either. However, Xbox could again have important percentage points of Sony’s supremacy in the future. But let’s take a look at the current starting situation. Sony and Microsoft cut their current consoles out relatively at the same time in 2020. The demand is huge in this generation and all contingents to release were sold out within a few minutes. The next sales campaigns came and went and the picture repeated itself again and again.


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“This will be a permanent state!”

It quickly became clear that this situation was not an initial rush, but the manufacturers still have massive problems to deliver supplies. The Xbox Series S is excluded here, but we will come to it. The reason for this is the supply chains for important electric components that cannot produce enough through corona apandemy. The Series S, which was created by temporary standards, could become the “forbidden” fruit for permanently empty-out playstation fans. Source: Microsoft Loch cannot really be stuffed even after two years.

The extent can be recognized when you look at the latest figures from Sony that were recently published for the 2021/22 financial year. If you add up all sales since the release, you get a total of almost 20 million PS5 sold. Of course, this is an impressive number. In comparison with the previous PS4 model, however, you are at the back. You had already cracked the 20 million at this point and was on your way towards 30. So you sell less Playstation 5 because you can no longer produce and that is a problem for Sony.

by chance to the production winner

On the other hand, Microsoft is with the Xbox. Of course, you also have to deal with the hardware problems. However, the bizarre is that you still have better availability. Because Microsoft is the underdog compared to Sony, fewer people want to have an Xbox. The demand is not so huge and the provision of new consoles is more consistent. People who have not yet managed to get a PS5 potentially use the Xbox. Even if it is only out of resignation, because with Microsoft’s console you have at least a realistic chance to get hold of them.

The Xbox Series S, the entry -level model at Microsoft, also helps. It is much better to have and it is cheaper. Actually the perfect excuse to get them as a second device until the desired console comes at some point. On top of that, there are also unconfirmed reports that Microsoft can use the Series X simply sorted out for the Series S. This means that the lack of resources in a pandemic is much better off. Of course, Microsoft could not plan this in the development of the Series S. The focus was only on the price, but suddenly Corona was added and Schwups have a massive advantage in production. From pure coincidence.

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Microsoft/Xbox Have A Major DRM Problem

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The details of Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online PS5 and Xbox Series X are revealed

GTA 5 & Online: Next-gen Features Revealed - IGN Daily Fix
With the launches of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S of GTA V and GTA online only missing a couple of days, Rockstar Games shared this week some new details about these games and how they will be played in the current generation of consoles. Some performance details had previously been shared with GTA players anticipating faster loading times and similar upgrades from the current generation, but there is also more to wait.

In GTA V, one of the most remarkable details is that you will not have one but three graphic configurations to choose from. The first of them is the Fidelity mode, which aims at 30 FPS in exchange for a 4K resolution with improved rays and 4K in Xbox SERIES S. Performance mode has a target 60 fps with improved 4K resolution both in PlayStation 5 As in Xbox Series X with Xbox Series S functioning at 1080p. Those are the usual options in other games, but GTA V also offers «Performance RT», a mode that supports 4K and 60Fps improved with qualified-ray trace.

Rockstar reiterated the inclusion of faster loading times and environmental changes such as different traffic patterns, better light and more detailed effects, including explosions and fires. The game will also take advantage of the DualSense controller of PlayStation 5 with Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback enabled.

As for GTA online, Rockstar recalled players The HAO special job function that will be part of the Saints Car Meet, where players can access vehicle improvements and new races. There is also a “career creator” feature where players can start again and get a gTA $ 4,000,000 automatic to start with purchases from their new character. An updated introduction and tutorial, as well as a renewed menu that allows you to skip directly to events and activities, should be a welcome feature for those who have not played online before or have not played it in a while And they need a review..

For those who have been playing and ready to continue doing it with all these functions enabled in the newer consoles, they will be able to easily transfer their progress from the previous generation to the current one, regardless of whether it is GTA V or GTA online that you are playing. This is done through the social club of Rockstar Games, so create an account if you do not have one, and it is a unique treatment, so you can not transfer your data again later.

GTA V and GTA online will arrive at PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S on March 15.

Games up-to-date 03/2022: Title Story forSpoken, Pokemon

You could not take it to you, you would not have noticed that PS5 and Xbox Series X and thus the consoles of the new hardware generation are now over a year on the market. Probably to a good part, but not exclusively because of Corona, the past twelve months did not feel right after next-gene. Do not understand wrong, 2021 many great titles appeared on PS5 and Series X, but if it would have needed the new consoles?

That may at least be doubted. But now! Now we see numerous titles in the coming months, which the new generation is likely to pursue permanently. Yes, even the appears in part still for the aged predecessor crates. But if you look at a Horizon: Forbidden West, an elder ring or a foresken, then that definitely feels after departure, and the technical differences between new and old are likely to be felt.

From blockbuster to indie everything!

Also well filled is the test area, led by the Nintendo Switch Exclusive Pokémon Legend: Arceus. But also Rainbow Six: Extraction, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, Inscrustom, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach and other titles we treat detailed.

Birthdays, retro pleasures and NFT controversies

Anyone who wants to properly bite in all sorts of specials and reports is also at his expense. For example, we head for the anniversary 25-year Final Fantasy 7 and say why it’s one of the most important role plays of all time. “Only” 15 years on the hump has the Nintendo Wii, which we also treat a birthday review.

In addition, we ask the question of how it could come to Konami nowadays so on the ground, waiting with a report to evolution the Open World Games, go to the controversial topic NFTs in video games on the ground, look back on Baphomets curse 2 and have some specials more in Petto!

Games currently 03/20221 is now digital and from 16 February 2022 to have at the kiosk. Subscribers usually receive the booklet a few days earlier.

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Games Current 03/2022: TitleStory ForSpoken, Pokémon legends Arceus in the test and more! [Source: Games News]

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Forspoken (PS5) 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay
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