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The best talents that need to be unlocked first in Timaia

Talents are the best way to get powerful bonuses and improvements in timesia, and you should make efforts to study as many talents as possible. Talents can be any: from active and passive abilities to increasing damage for your attacks. The best talents will be considered in this leadership, which must be monitored in Timesia and open them as soon as possible.

The best talents for early opening in Timaia

Talents can be unlocked using memory fragments. Every time you use a memory fragment to increase your basic characteristic, you get a talent point, and you can use this talent point to unlock a new talent.

Each talent will cost you one point of talent, and you can drop any talent at any time so that you are not tied to any talents, and you can try many combinations.

In total, the game has six talent trees, each of which contains many special talents belonging to their class. You cannot unlock them all because you cannot get so many talent points, so you will have to carefully choose.

The best thing in talents is that you can change them and try different combinations, so you do not focus on those that you mainly equip. There are many talents, but some of them are necessary, and we mentioned them below.

Healing of execution

Regardless of what game you play in, healing will always be one of your most popular talents. In the same way, the healing execution in Timesia is a mandatory talent at any time of the game.

Healing Execution will heal you and return you part of the lost health, depending on the type of enemy you killed. The larger the enemy you killed, the more health you will receive.

You will receive 25 units of health for the destruction of mobs with the help of ordinary knives and axes, 35 units of health for victory over mid-level mobs with the best shields and equipment, and, finally, you can get up to 45 health units for the destruction of mini-bosses.

If the boss has two phases, then you will receive 55 health for the victory over the first phase of the boss. With healing, you will not only restore health, but also your energy, which will allow you to use plague weapons.


Sharp weapons are not so much talent as an increase in damage to your attacks with sabers. Attacks with sabers are your main attacks, and strengthening damage from them is a talent that you should always have at your disposal.

When you use sabers attacks with the talent sharp weapons, he inflicts wounds that you can deplete. Even if you do not use a combo attack, but simply use attacks with sabers with the equipment sharp weapons, you will still apply tons of damage.

The exact deviation

If you go to a tree of deviation talents, you will find a talent for accurate reflection. This talent increases the total damage inflicted when repelling the enemy’s attack. This type of talent is useful at any time of the game, so it is required.

H long slope

During combat situations, when you cannot always make a response with the same force, you will have to evade this attack. In such situations, talent, which mostly makes you invincible, expanding your evasion range and providing some additional cadres of invincibility.

Using this talent, you can dodge even the most inevitable attacks during the battle. If you are just starting the game, it is better to have this talent at hand, since there is no alternative to a full health scale.

First aid

If the return from the dead were talent, then it would be exactly like that. First aid is the last talent in a tree of strategies, and he uses one of your potions to return you after death.

In a heavy combat game, such as Thymesia, this talent will be very useful, because it will give you a second chance to fight the enemy again from the same place, and not restart the game again.

Elden Ring Update 1.03 Advanced and Fix NPC

With version 1.03 is today for Elden Ring a really extensive update PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S as well as for the PC appeared, which fans are welcomed. In addition to a long list of fixes and improvements, there are also content-related innovations. The quests of some NPCs have been expanded and a character has even been added very new. In addition, it was also screwed on balancing.

New content, bug fixes and balancing – this is in patch 1.03

That’s why it works: How BERICHET will change a lot with the update for Elden Ring. The size of the patch is indicated at 1.4 GB on the PS5. The new version brings us completely new content like an NPC called a “vascular child” and additional quest lines with other NPCs. These include Nepheli Loux and Diallos.

BUG-FIXES: In addition, many bugs were resolved, such as scaling for Arcane weapons and other weapons, which so far did not work or the problem that summoned NPCs in some fights did not cause any damage or players’ inside certain items of endpers received.

Even a mistake in which the end of the game was transported to the end of the game, which was exploited in some speedruns, is fixed. In addition, the performance should have been improved.

Balancing: Also on balancing was regulated in many points. For example, the FP consumption for different magic attacks was lowered and the damage increased. For this, among other things, the damage of the arms talents of the sweeter of the night and the flame was reduced. This also applies to the damage of the ghost aim imitator tears. This should also behave differently.

At the beginning of the game, we should also come to blacksmiths. These are not only more frequent, but were also added to the assortment of some dealers. Even shields should now be more effective. However, these are just a few of the numerous changes.

Elden Ring - ALL MAJOR CHANGES IN-GAME! (1.03 Update)

Patch Notes for Elden Ring Update 1.03

Here you can see all the patch notes in the overview, the dual stools listed:

Additional elements:

  • Added a function to record to icon and the name of NPC on the Map Whhen You Encounter That NPC.
  • Added NPC Jar-Bairn.
  • Added New Quest Phases for the Following NPCs: Diallos / Nepheli Loux / Kenneth Haight / Gatekeeper Gostoc.
  • Added Some Summonable NPCs in multiple situations.
  • Increased the Number of Patterns of Objects Player Can Imitate Whhen Using Mimic’s Veil.
  • Added Night Background Music for Some Open Field Area.


  • Fixed A Bug That Prevented Summoned NPCs from Taking Damage in Some Boss Battles.
  • Fixed A Bug That Sometime Prevented The Player from Obtaining Item After Boss Battle.
  • Fixed A Bug That Causes Dialogue To Be Skipped When Talking to NPCS and Using Custom Key Configuration.

  • Fixed A Bug That Causes The Player to Freeze When Riding.
  • Fixed A Bug That Causes Arcane to Scale Incorrectly for Some Weapons.
  • In Situation WHERE The Player Cannot Obtain More Than 2 Talisman Pouches, Added Talisman Pouch to Twin Maiden Husks Shop Line Up.
  • Fixed A Bug That Prevented The User from Warping to Sites of Grace From The Map at the End of the Game.
  • Fixed A Bug That Prevented The Player From Moving To The Next Area After The Battle With The Fire Giant.
  • Fixed A Bug Which Causes Some Weapons to Have Incorrect Scaling After Strictthening.
  • Fixed A Bug Which Causes Some Weapons to NOT USE STAT Scaling.
  • Fixed slope-ups in Certain Occasions.
  • Fixed A Bug Which Incorrectly Displays Multiplayer Area Boundary How to play online.
  • Fixed A Bug That Allows Player to Activate Erdtree Greatshield’s Weapon Skill Without Absorbing at Attack Using a Special Combination of Item and Incantage.
  • Fixed A Bug Which Causes Fire’s Deadly Sin Incantation to Have Different Effect.
  • Fixed A Bug With The Ash Of War, Determination and Royal Knight’s Resolve, Where The Damage Buff wants Apply to Other Weapons Without That Skill.
  • Adjusted the Visual Effect of Unseen Form Spell.
  • Deleted The Ragged Armor Set From the Game Which What Mistabenly Obtainable in Previous Patch.
  • Fixed A Bug That Causes Some Hostile NPCs to Drop FURLCALLING FINGER REMEDY.
  • Fixed A Bug That Causes Incorrect Sound Effect to Play in Some Situations.
  • Fixed A Bug Which Causes Visual Animation and HitBoxes to Not Be Displayed Correctly on Some Maps.
  • Fixed Bugs Which Causes Incorrect Visual and behavior for Some Enemies.
  • Fixed A Bug That Causes Incorrect Stat Parameter for Some Armor.
  • Text fixes.
  • Other Performance Improvement and Bug Fixes.


  • Increased the drop rate of Smithing Stone for some enemies.
  • Added Smithing Stone to some early game shop line up.
  • Increased shield’s effectiveness.
  • Increased the damage for all offensive cracked pot items.
  • Increased the damage for the following items: Spark Aromatic/Poison Spraymist.
  • Increased the effect duration for the following items: Uplifting Aromatic/ Ironjar Aromatic.
  • Increased HP healing for Torrent when using the following items: Rowa Raisin/ Sweet Raisin/ Frozen Raisin
  • Reduced FP consumption and increased the damage of the following sorceries: Glintstone Cometshard/ Comet/ Night Comet
  • Increased the damage of the following sorceries: Gravity Well/ Collapsing Stars/ Crystal Barrage
  • Decreased FP consumption of the following sorceries: Star Shower/ Rock Blaster/ Gavel of Haima/ Founding Rain of Stars/ Stars of Ruin/Greatblade Phalanx/Magic Downpour/ Loretta’s Greatbow/ Loretta’s Mastery/ Carian Greatsword/ Carian Piercer/ Shard Spiral
  • Raised projectile speed and range of Great Glintstone Shard
  • Decreased Ash of War, Hoarfrost Stomp’s damage and increase cast time.
  • Increased Ash of War, Bloody Slash’s self-inflict damage while slightly lowering the damage and increasing the cast time.
  • Decreased weapon skill, Sword of Night and Flame’s damage.
  • Increased FP consumption and lower duration of Ash of War, Barricade Shield.
  • Changed FP consumption timing of Ash of War, Prelate’s Charge.
  • Decreased the damage of spirit summoned when using the item Mimic Tear Ash and changed the spirit’s behavior pattern.
  • Other enemy and weapon balance changes

Bei den Anpassungen im Balancing muss sich noch zeigen, wie diese in der Community ankommen und ob sie für ein ausgeglicheneres Spielerlebnis sorgen werden. In jedem Fall dürfen wir gespannt sein, wie stark das Update das Spielerlebnis verändert.

Was haltet ihr von den Anpassungen, beziehungsweise welche Änderungen haltet ihr für notwendig und sinnvoll, welche geben euch zu denken? Verratet es uns in den Kommentaren.

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