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FC Barcelona has resumed negotiations with Ousmane Dembele

The FC Barcelona and the consultant of Ousmane Dembele have recaptured contract negotiations. A contract exposure of the former Dortmund in the Catalans seems possible again.

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Corresponding media reports are applicable according to information of contract and _ Goal _. Barcas sports director Mateu Alemany met at the beginning of this week in Morocco with the Telebre Agent Moussa Sissoko to talk about a possible whereabouts at the Catalans.

Specifically, however, it did not work at the meeting. Rather, it was the goal of meeting the irritation and discrepancies of the last few months in order to be able to negotiate demolition due to an extension.

Dembele was painted from the squad at Barca

The contract of the right outside Barca runs out in summer. Originally, the negotiations had been declared failed at the beginning of the year, both parties publicly pushed the Black Peter. After a sale Dembeles failed in the January transfer window, it was deleted from the squad of coach Xavi in the meantime.

Meanwhile, Dembele is again a strong part of the Bluegrana professionals and has with strong appearances its share of the upswing of the Laliga table seconds.

So Alemany said before the 1-0 victory against Seville on the weekend: “If it goes after us, he can stay as long as a possible agreement in the context of our salary upper limit and in healthy relation to his teammates.”

Demele changed from BVB to Barca

After the fundamental knocking of the positions in Morocco, the talks should be continued in the coming days. If a compromise succeeds, Dembele could actually stay in Camp Nou after the theater of the last few months.

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There he was transferred to 2017 for 140 million euros transfer from Borussia Dortmund. The high expectations did not satisfy Dembele. Among other things, because he was often injured and also fell with undisciplines.

Ex-BVB Professional Ousmane Dembele poses the FC Barcelona “Expression”

The dispute between the FC Barcelona and the former BVB-pro Humane Dembélé around a failed contract extension is approaching and species slowly to the mud battle.

After the Spanish Association first announced the separation from the wing drool, the 24-year-old Frenchman introduced the Catalans’ blackmail.

He will bow no more blackouts, he wrote in the social networks. For four years he had gossip and lies, but now it was concluded.

Humane Dembélé: I’m still under contract

The Football Director of the Catalans, Mate Ale many, had previously announced the separation from Dembélé with immediate effect in a video published on the club’s homepage and accused the former Dortmund professional: It is obvious that the player does not want to stay at Barcelona and Not involved for Barça’s future project..

You only want committed players and hope that a transfer will be possible before 31 January.

In his billing with the club board, Dembélé rejected the allegations energetically. He had always given everything.

He forbid to all, to claim that he does not engage. Furthermore, he is still under contract at Barcelona and therefore still available to the club.

Xavi: We have nothing else left

Trainer Xavi Hernández had already warned the day before, Dembélé must extend his contract expiring on 30 June. Otherwise, he will not play for Barcelona anymore. Either he extended or we solve the case with a pathway of the player. We do not have anything else left, nothing else, said the coach in front of the knockout final score of the Catalans at Athletic Bilbao. Dembélé was no longer positioned for this game.

Barça has led to the player and its agents since July 2021 discussions, assured Ale many. We made different offers, trying to find a way for the player to continue with us. And these offers were systematically rejected by his agents. After Spanish media reports, the player’s adviser, Mousse Scissors, did not want to accept that the Club Dembélé wanted to pay a much lower salary in the future.

In conversation with the French radio station RMC Scissors had criticized the behavior of the association: If Barcelona had had to negotiate, they could have tried to talk to us and speak. But there is no conversation, only threats, no longer in their Team to play. And that’s forbidden.

The financially and failed contracty club has debt in the amount of 1.35 billion euros. Barça tries to reduce the amount of remuneration or by selling or lending professionals to comply with the libraries for the total of the professional tanks.

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