Do not always relieve the remote control from the sofa-coming, before you can play comfortably with Xbox One, Xbox Series X or S, that would be a fine thing. Luckily, this is easily possible thanks to a new feature of the current Microsoft consoles. If you now press the Xbox button, your TV should automatically change the channel to the Xbox – assuming your TV supports the useful function.

This function must have my TV: Your TV must be compatible or support CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), which is disabled by default by many devices. If you do not find any such option in the TV settings, it is recommended to search for settings that allow synchronization and controlling devices via HDMI.

HDMI-CEC Activate for the Xbox Series X / S

Supports your TV or AV receiver HDMI-CEC, you have to navigate to your Xbox Series X / S in the TV and A / V power options menu. This works as follows:

  • Presses the Xbox key EURES controller
  • Navigates to “profile and system”
  • Settings
  • General
  • Energy mode and start
  • Activates “HDMI-CEC”

Different options: Did your HDMI-CEC be enabled, you will find further setting options available. So you can switch other devices on and off, among other things, which works conversely. The console can regulate the volume of your TVs, AC receivers or your Soundbar, but also use the remote control to navigate in the console dashboard.

Exceptionally useful is also setting that after switching on the Xbox Series X / S via controller, the TV channel of your console is selected without remote control.

How do I activate HDMI-CEC on Xbox One? As the sideboard of both console generations are now except for trifles (u.A. Dynamic Themes), you can use the path above to enable the function.

Additional useful functions for your Xbox Series X / S

Simply switch between devices: Recently, we have reported a further useful feature on Xbox, with which you can easily switch via controller between your Xbox, PC and mobile devices. How the Sync Trick works, you will learn this here:

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Sync-trick helps you switch between PC and Xbox.


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Use your HDMI-CEC and if so, how are your experiences with the useful Xbox feature?