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Elden Ring: What does the arcane attribute do?

In Elden Ring, players will meet eight basic characteristics of the characters that can be increased to higher levels by spending the rune. Arcane is one of them, and these characteristics determine the strengths and weaknesses of the character. While the main influence of Arcane increases detection statistics, there are several other effects that players should know about this attribute.

mystical directly affects the character of the character Opening ,vitality and Holy Protection * Opportunities. An increase in the level of secret magic will give players more likely to get objects, destroying enemies, withstanding sacred damage and resisting deadly damage. In the same way, secret magic is an important metric for various weapons, magic and spells. Players who prefer buildings or those who want to get an advantage over the enemy with the help of dragon spells should focus on an increase in the attribute of secret magic at an early stage.

Elden Ring Stats Explained – How do stats work in Elden Ring Guide

How to increase Arcane level in Elden Ring?

Runes are the key to improving eight main attributes in Elden Ring, and players will just need to collect more runes to increase the level of secret magic of their character. Visit any grade site and scroll down to the “increase level” item to increase any of the eight attributes. An increase in each level of secret magic will allow players to increase the effectiveness of this characteristic.

There are several equipment items that also increase Arcane. For example, the seal of Marika’s scars, the seal of Marika’s pain, Mask Mask, a mask of silver tears, a crown of witches of a brilliant stone, a demon’s head, an albinuric mask and a mask of confidence – this is equipment that increases secret magic. Magic, such as the oracle bubble and the great bubble of the oracle, require that the attribute of secret magic be at the level of 15 and 18, respectively.

Similarly, strong spells, such as Bloodboon, Ekzykes Decay, Bloodflame Talons, Bloodflame Blade, Swarm of Flies and other dragons spells, make special requirements for secret magic for players. Despite the fact that these spells are too strong, players will have to increase the level of secret magic of their character to use them.

Want to know which boss weapons to buy at the beginning of the game? Check out the best weapons of the bosses in Elden Ring in professional game guides.

Elex 2: Get the Open World

Both with Amazon as well as MediaMarkt and Saturn you can get Elex 2 in the PS4 version for only 29.99 euros in the special offer. The role -playing game from Germany only appeared at the beginning of March with a RRP of 59.99 euros. The fact that it is already being offered so cheap suggests that the publication date did not affect the sales figures a few days after Elden Ring. Here you will find the deal:

* Elex 2 (PS4) for € 29.99 at Amazon

Outcast 2 - A New Beginning - Better than ELEX 2? (Open World RPG)
Elex 2 (PS4) for € 29.99 at MediaMarkt *
Elex 2 (PS4) for € 29.99 at Saturn *

Incidentally, the PS5 version is available at MediaMarkt and Saturn for 37.99 euros. Since the PS4 version contains a free upgrade to the PS5 version, there is little reason to buy the more expensive version. For Xbox One and Xbox Series, Elex 2 also costs 37.99 euros.

Elex 2 (Xbox Series & One) for € 37.99 at MediaMarkt *
Elex 2 (Xbox Series & One) for € 37.99 at Saturn *

How good is Elex 2?

weaknesses like in the predecessor: The open world-world role-playing game Elex 2, which comes from Piranha bytes (Gothic, Risen), is essentially a larger and a little nicer version of its predecessor with the known strengths and weaknesses. Technically, Elex 2 also lags behind the competition, which not only concerns graphics and staging, but also the somewhat hooky control, the weak hit feedback and the not always faultless collision query.

Elex 2 (PS4) for € 29.99 at Amazon

Strong game world: Elex 2 also has a lot of advantages. First of all, the big and well -designed game world, which is full of sights and surprises, is. The unusual mix of fantasy, science fiction and post -apocalypse also ensures that the world of Elex 2 looks beneficial than many other role -playing worlds. With the jetpack, we also have the opportunity to freely explore this Open World and avoid overpowering opponents and frustrating fights if necessary. In general, Elex 2 provides a lot of freedom to experiment with various playing methods.

You can find out more about Elex 2 in our detailed test:

__90 __3

more on the subject

Elex 2 in the test-between old school and old-fashioned


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Elden Ring: in three hours without damage played!

While enthusiastic elden ring players from all over the world have now cracked the 100-hour brand or seen the credits, perhaps their platinum trophy in the social networks, Twitch Streamer Seki has a bit more intense employed by the From-Software Hit.

I Beat Elden Ring WITHOUT Taking Damage [World's First No-Hit/Damage Run]

According to its own statement, over 130 hours of training were needed to prepare what he recently succeeded in: the world’s first no-hit / no-Damage-run in Elden Ring (from 50.99 € for sale). He poured the game in almost exactly three hours, could not meet the enemy once and avoided any environment or case damage. And at the end of his stream, he was also happy a bit about it…

Elden Ring: Elden Ring played through in three hours without damage!

While enthusiastic elden ring players from all over the world have now cracked the 100-hour brand or seen the credits, perhaps their platinum trophy in the social networks, Twitch Streamer Seki has a bit more intense employed by the From-Software Hit.


According to its own statement, over 130 hours of training were needed to prepare what he recently succeeded in: the world’s first no-hit / no-Damage-run in Elden Ring (from 50.99 € for sale). He poured the game in almost exactly three hours, could not meet the enemy once and avoided any environment or case damage. And at the end of his stream, he was also happy a bit about it…

Elden Ring: Simpler trick makes you elderly to make LP

Your life spots in Elden Ring and you do not have any healing bottles left? With this new trick, this is no longer a problem, because you can fill your bar quickly and easily. Everything you need for, are two headgear that you can find in the game relatively early. However, it is a bug that is problematic in the PVP.

LP Fill again with helmet trick

It’s about it: If you want to replenish your life bar again, without using bottles for it, so it works very easily by quickly changing between two “helmets” – or masks – quickly. Both headgear can be found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia .

That’s how you get the helmets:

Shimmer stone crown of house Olivinus : starts at the grace school classroom . Go straight into the hallway, then left in the next room. Behind the corpse is a secret wall and behind it again a balcony. Jump left over the balustrade and then follows the way. You have to jump up on a rock wall and jump over an abyss. Then you will find the item on a corpse.

Shimmer stone crown of house Karolos : starts at the grace Forum of the debate . Go to the courtyard in the yard, on the left past the fountain and then left again through the archway and until the end of the way.

There, the crown is drupted from a small crystal crab. Beware of the Iron Virgin near the archway! If you cleet sneak, she will not attention to you.

This is how the trick works: If you want to fill up your LP now, you only have to open the equipment inventory and quickly turn back and forth between the two crowns. Each change fills the beam.

More about Elden Ring:

  • Elden Ring: Mysterious stone heads were painted out of the game and that’s a pity

How to Get 4 MILLION Runes an Hour - Best New Method Run FARM - Go AFK & Level Up FAST - Elden Ring!
* Elden Ring videos show a lot of hidden details to the characters
* Elden Ring: This painted ‘Pokémon Feature’ I would have celebrated correctly

Fader tissue: That’s why the trick can be problematic

If you play alone for you, you can naturally use the trick to make it a bit easier.

However, fans report that the bug is exploited in the PVP to get an advantage. This can be seen here in a clip:

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According to Item description, something else should happen: Actually, the effect is not intended and therefore we can assume that he will soon be fixed to ensure fairness for the competitive multiplayer. The crown of the house Karolos should actually only increase the wisdom at the end of stamina, the crown of the house olivinius even the wisdom – at the expense of LP – increase.

Do you use this trick in the future?

Elden Ring: New Update makes boss harder

One of the feared opponents in Elden Ring gets a decent buff donated. The developers had previously weakened him and straightened their mistakes. The suffering of the gaming shank.

Elden Ring Patch 1.03 Notes, NEW Quest Phases, Sorceries BUFF, PvP Nerfs and More!

Elden Ring is more difficult again

With the first big update for Elden Ring, from Software added to the game a quantity of new content : an improved map, new NPCs and quests and fixing some bugs.

When trying to adapt the balancing, but apparently something seemed wrong: the boss starry Radhan was henceforth weaker than before. The once so difficult opponent became a breeze for many .

His attacks had by the update a lower range and his attacks were also a lot weaker than before. Those who wondered the BOSS between March 17 and April 4th had the happiness or bad luck, depending on how masochistic you may defeat him in his weakened form.

In a supplement to the update is now that Radhan is just as strong as before. Some of his attacks are therefore unintentional weakened. (Source: Bandai Namco)

Radhan Buff: What do the fans say?

Online, some players and players are annoyed that Radhan has returned to old strength again. Some write that they were straight on the way to him and had hoped not to need too many attempts.

Others comment on that he was even extremely difficult to defeat with the update. As a tip, someone in the ELDEN-RING-SUBREDDIT gives the note that players ride on horseback and only complain about a NPC. Ghost Achievement Helps here well NOT NOT NEW. (Source: Reddit / The OrganicCircuit)

You want to prepare well on the fight with Radhan? Then you need Runes to race – a lot of runes. The following video shows you how you can farm many of them in no time:

Four places that can be used to earn Rune from the “Elden Ring” in the “Elden Ring” The way to the king is not done a day

Full Software Hands, PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Steam New Action RPG “Elden Ring”. It is one month from the release, but it is only known for the high difficulty, and many people still enjoy this work ( and suffering ).

The level is raised when it is clogged with such “Elden Ring”. Especially if there are few items yet, “raising the level” is often the best shortcut of the capture.

However, in this work, it is also difficult to raise the level. What’s up ** Sometimes you’re a small fish enemies If you’re easily killed the player, you may die many times and you may lose the rune.

So this time, Introduce the recommended location that can be used to raise the level from the beginning . It is a place where you can use it before defeating the example of the example of the example, so it is a place where it can be used to raise the level, so please take advantage when you are clogged!

# ◆ Hunt tanks in red land “North of Girl’s North” Earned Rune: about 2,500

Introduction to introduce from the Limglave to the Northeastern “Cay Lid”, a way to earn in the Area on the North Side in the North Side. From the beginning of the released, it was a topic as a place to earn.

Best Elden Ring Rune Farms After Patch 1.03 / 150,000 - 3 Million Runes Per Hour (Easy)

A large number of enemies are placed in this area, but it is only one to defeat. The enemy is “ fire tank ” that imitates the face of a person. First of all, while bypassing this “fire tank”, we will go up the slope next to it.

And if you go directly above the fire tank, jump towards the top of the enemy. If you attack well on the hole that is weakness, you can defeat the enemy with a blow.

By involving an enemy near the explosion at this time, you can get a runoon from 2,500 to 3,000. Even when your attack power is low, it is also a big advantage to earn without problems. There is also a blessing nearby, so it’s easy to go around.

However, ** Keilid enemies are stronger than the limglave, and at low levels of miscellaneous fish. Let’s be careful to explore the surroundings.

# ◆ Aim for enemies “Arashi Hill” Giant Hunting Rune: Approximately 5,000

The second introduction is Rune earnings at “Arashi Hill”. Here is There are 5 giants that drop approximately 1,000 runs **.

The 5,000 runs in the early stages are the amount of 2 or 3 levels at a time. It is quite a lot as a rune that can be obtained at one time. Those who are not used to games are recommended to aim for each other. Since the giant’s attack is large, the horse will be riding and guided by the horse will immediately discuss each other. If you can use magic, it is also recommended to attack from the top of the nearby rocky place.

When there is no good work, Guard strength is equipped with a stronger or defensive protective armor, and it is also useful to keep a shield under the rocks . This will easily hit the attack of the Giants against other giants. ** Solve the guard once when the stamina is broken and recover.

However, oil crossing is prohibited . Let’s make the move as you can only be careful after being aware of the giant. Especially The guests will receive a distant , so it is necessary to arrive.

# ◆ Dividing enemies intensive enemies “Yado Rest” near Giant Hunting Rune: Approx 2,000

It is recommended for those who are not good at fighting, How to make a rune with two giants who are pulling a cot in the ruins of the inn. . This giant also drops about 1,000 runs, so about 2,000 runs can be collected at a time **.

It is different from “Arashi Hill”, but this giant should be connected with a carriage. Therefore, the giant does not do anything until attacking, and the giant does not go through unless the chain is off. Since the footstep attack is low, you can save it safely than the giants of other places. Also, because the attack range is limited, it is easy to damage enemies.

It is recommended that you use a large weapon for attacks . It takes time for time-consuming weapons to occur, and large weapons are easy to get giant, so it is easy to get fatal attack.

Personally, I was fighting with two swords with two swords. If you get used to treading, you can attack continuously while avoiding attacks.

# ◆ Lunes of “ Third Marika Church” Rune Earning Lunes of “ Third Marika Church”

Lastly, I would like to introduce you ** Rune Earn near “Third Marica Church” in Limgrave. Since the giant is integrated here, it beats it and repeats to return to blessings.

This loan earning does not have good efficiency than other places . However, this is nearby enemies other than the giant and you can fight with Timan.

Therefore, It is just good to try and try new weapons and try using a strategy that only attached. If you become a good weapon configuration, how about continuing the adventure as it is? However, be aware of bears in the nearby forest. It is quite powerful.

◆ Summary

The enemy of Elde, which is full of killings, including Margit, which has also been talked with Twitter. Especially in this work, the enemy’s attack power is highly high and the vitality should be carefully raised. If not, there is also a need for a run when purchasing an item.

Elde’s king is not done one day. Once you get stuck, it’s better to go back to the rim grave and earn a rune slowly. Still, it is a scary place for this game to be defeated occasionally….

Elden Ring: All Notes to Update 1.03.2

What are all update notes in Elden Ring? The last game of FromSoftware will be continually updated well after its launch in February 2022 with new fixes that add new features, correct bugs and adjust specific elements. This article is designed to document them all, offering easy access to all those who wish to see how the game has changed since its release. In this Elden ring guide We will reveal all update notes **.

Elden Ring: All Update Notes

On this page, we will reveal all update notes for Elden Ring. We will provide the new version number as displayed by the game, the date of publication of the fix and the modifications it has made. Do not hesitate to put this bookmark guide and come back once a new update has been deployed; We will have All update notes Ready to leave. Elden Ring’s last update will always be displayed at the top of the article.

Update 1.03.2 – March 23, 2022

  • Correction of a bug that sometimes prevented players from moving forward in the NPPHeli Lux PNJ quest series
  • Correction of a bug that killed the playable character trying to get off from a place near Bestial Sanctum
  • Correction of a bug that prevented ash of War, enduring effect
  • Correction of a bug in multiplayer that allowed players to teleport other people to incorrect card coordinates

Update 1.03 – March 17, 2022

Additional items added

  • Adding a function to save an icon and the name of a NPC on the map when you meet this NPC.
  • Added NPC Jar-Bairn.
  • Added new quest phases for the following NPCs: Diallos / Nepheli Loux / Kenneth Haight / Gatekeeper Gostoc.
  • Added some invocable NPCs in several situations.
  • Increase the number of object models that the player can imitate when using Mimic’s Veil.
  • Adding a night background music for some fields in the field.

Bug corrections

  • Correction of a bug that prevented NPCs invoked to undergo damage in some boss fights.
  • Correcting a bug that sometimes prevented the player getting an object after a fight against a boss.
  • Correction of a bug that prevented the dialogue to speak to NPCs and use custom key configurations.
  • Fixed a bug that froze the player when rolling down.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect scaling of the arcanes for some weapons.

Elden Ring Update 1.03.2 Patch Notes
* In a situation where the player can not get more than 2 pockets of Talisman, a Talisman pouch has been added to the line of the Twin Maiden Husks Shop.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the user from deforming to grace sites from the card at the end of the game.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the player from moving to the following area after battle with the fire giant.
* Correction of a bug that had some weapons had incorrect scaling after reinforcement.
* Correction of a bug that prevented some weapons from using statistics scaling.
* Raccrochage correction on certain occasions.
* Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the limits of the multiplayer area when playing online.
* Correction of a bug that allowed the player to activate the GreatShield Erdtree Weapon Competence without absorbing an attack using a special object combination and incantation.
* Correction of a bug that was the incantation of Fire’s Deadly Sin had a different effect.
* Correction of a bug with ASH OF WAR, DETERMINATION AND ROYAL KNIGHT’S RESOLVE, where the damage buff also will apply to other weapons without this skill.
* Adjustment of the visual effect of the invisible form.
* Deleting the Ragged armor assembly of the game that could be obtained by mistake in the previous patch.
* Correction of a bug that made some hostile NPCs abandoned furlcalling finger remedy.
* Correction of a bug that caused the reading of an incorrect sound effect in certain situations.
* Fixed a bug that prevented visual animation and Hitbox to display correctly on some cards.
* Correction of bugs that caused an incorrect visual and behavior for some enemies.
* Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect statistics parameter for certain armor.
* Text corrections.
* Other improvements in bugging performance and corrections.


  • Increased Smithing Stone drop rate for some enemies.
  • Added Smithing Stone to some game stores at the beginning of the game.
  • Increased the efficiency of the shield.
  • Increased damage of all offensive objects of the cracked pot.
  • Increased damage of the following objects: SPARK AROMATIC / POISON SPRAYMIST.
  • Increased duration of the effect of the following objects: AROMATIC ELDIFIANT / AROMATIC IER.
  • Increased HP Care for Torrent When using the following objects: Rowa Grape / Sweet Grape / Frozen Grape
  • Reduction of FP consumption and increased sorcellelic damage: Glintstone Cometshard / Comet / Night Comet
  • Increase in the following sorcellers damage: severity / stars that collapse / crystal dam
  • Decrease in FP consumption of the following sorcellers: Rain of Stars / Rock Blaster / Gavel of Haima / Founding Rain of Stars / Stars of Ruin / GreatBlade Phalanx / Magic DownFor / Loretta’s GreatBow / Loretta’s Masterry / Carian GreatsWord / Carian Piercer / Shard Spiral
  • Increased speed and scope of Great Glintstone Shark projectiles
  • Decrease in Ash of War and Hoarfrost Stomp damage and incanating time.
  • Increased self-inflicted damage from ASH of War, Bloody Slash while slightly reducing damage and incanating time.
  • Decrease in the competence of weapons, damage from the sword of the night and the flame.
  • Increase in FP consumption and duration of the duration of Ash of War, Barricade Shield.
  • Changing the FP consumption calendar of ASH of War, Prelate’s Charge.
  • Decrease in the damage of the spirit invoked when using the Mimic Tear ASH object and modification of the behavior of the mind.
  • Other changes in balancing enemies and weapons

What do you think of the newest Elden ring part? Share them in the comments below and check out our ** Elden ring guide for more help and tips.

Buy PS5: Prime Note Improved! On March 23 PlayStation 5-Drop at Amazon for very likely

Will you buy the PS5 at Amazon at tomorrow’s “Amazon Wednesday” (March 23)? Attentive readers know it: dives at the PS5 entry at Amazon the prime notice, then the chances are very good that there will be a PlayStation 5-drop soon and you can buy the Sony console again. At Amazon DE, the prime notice is currently missing, but at Amazon FR, ie the French website of the online retailer, the prime note has been specified recently. Translated there: “Amazon Prime customers have prior access to PlayStation 5.” It is very likely you will be able to buy tomorrow at Amazon for the PS5. From Germany too? And will it finally give a PS5-drop at Amazon DE at the “Amazon Wednesday”?

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Table of contents

  1. Can you order the PS5 at Amazon FR from Germany?

  2. What do you have to consider when buying a French PS5?

  3. Will there be a PS5 drop at Amazon DE?

  4. Where is the PS5 available now? check availability

  5. GTA 5 on PS5 significantly better than Xbox Series X?

  6. Apple TV + on PS5: six-month free trial subscription

7th First Gameplay Video To Hogwarts Legacy

  1. PS5 games novelties at a glance

  2. Sales: Platinum Award goes to Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West

  3. Buy PS5: The best PlayStation 5 offers from Amazon

10.1. How do I raise my chances to a PS5?

10.2. So the PS5 purchase works at Amazon

10.3. PS5 raffle: Telekom is giving away 3x PlayStation 5

10.4. PS5 with electricity / gas contract available – save 50 Euro now!

  1. Gran Turismo 7 in the PCG test

11.1. Buy Gran Turismo 7 incl. Pre-order bonus

11.2. Gran Turismo 7 in the PCG test video

  1. Will the PS5 even better?

  2. Available again: PS5 PULSE 3D Wireless Headset

  3. 10/10 Test: Elden Ring has become a masterpiece

  4. PS5 bundles with controller and game now partially cheaper

  5. This is how PlayStation VR2 looks like

  6. Horizon Forbidden West in PCG Test: Great, but not perfect

17.1. Buy Horizon Forbidden West (PS4 / PS5) at Amazon

Can you order the PS5 at Amazon Fri from Germany?

According to our information (without guarantee!) You can order a PS5 at Amazon FR from Germany. There are no order and delivery restrictions within the EU. However, the playstation 5-purchase at Amazon France is the thing with prime a shirt. Because a German Amazon Prime membership is not enough, you have to have subscribed to prime at the departure. And that is not so easy from Germany, because you have to specify a French postal address at the member application. However, a delivery is also possible to a German postal address. Small tip: If you are not powerful to the French, you can use the translation function of Chrome, Safari and Co..

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What do you consider when buying a French PS5?

It has already spoken around: In the United Kingdom, where most PS5 drops take place in the European comparison, you have another power plug. A British PS5 could be operated in this country only with high quality (!) Power Adapter. But what about our French neighbors? Bien! All right then. In France, one uses the same “Eurostecker” as in Germany. A PlayStation 5 ordered in France can thus be operated easily in Germany.

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Will there be a PS5 drop at Amazon de?

You should not praise yourself, but that’s a good question, right? If you take the prime notice as a unique, uh, note, then it does not look good in contrast to Amazon for at Amazon DE. Currently (March 22, 18:15 clock) The reference to the PS5 product page is missing at But of course that can change at any time. PC Games of course immediately inform you if a PlayStation 5-drop also suggests at (or other dealer in Germany).

Where is the PS5 available now? check availability

  • Amazon
  • Alternate
  • Euronics
  • Media market
  • Saturn
  • Müller
  • Otto
  • Sony PlayStation Direct Store

GTA 5 on PS5 significantly better than Xbox Series X?

Recently, Grand Theft Auto 5 is also available for PS3 and PS4 (PRO) for the PlayStation 5 (Buy Now 949,00 €). But GTA has never been an exclusive title and of course there is also a version for the Xbox Series X. Anyone who has both consoles (are there such people at all?) Who wonders course: Which console is running GTA 5 better – PS5 or Xbox Series X? The YouTube channel Elanalistadebits wants to know the answer, because you have tested the two versions decidedly on any differences. And behold: According to the channel, GTA 5 is noticeably running better on the PS5 than on the Microsoft console. Thus, in contrast to the Sony machine, Xbox Series X have significant performance-plus mode problems and only come to 30 to 40 fps instead of the targeted 60 fps. And even if you are disabled raytracing on the Xbox Series X only about 50 fps left.

  • GTA 5 Premium Edition PS4 (upgradable on PS5) for 23.79 Euro ~~ (29.95 €) ~~ at Amazon

Apple TV + on PS5: six months free trial subscription

PS5 owners have the opportunity until July 22nd to complete a six-month free trial for the streaming service Apple TV +. After the probation phase, the subscription will be extended by 4.99 euros / month to termination. Anyone who has just used a free trial or has already completed a paid subscription, which can take this offer. For PS4 owners there is a similar offer with three monthly free trial phase. For Apple TV +, there are only exclusive content that does not exist anywhere else.

Solves the offer:

  1. Download Apple TV app (via the search function or in the media home area under “All apps”), open and follow the instructions on the screen
  2. Use the Apple ID to log in or create an Apple ID if you have none yet

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First gameplay video to Hogwarts Legacy

At State of Play last week, the Action-RPG Hogwarts Legacy was the focus. Well, actually it was nothing else. The prequel to the books of J.K. Rowling should appear at the end of the year for all common systems, but Sony and PS4 / PS5 are preferred partners. In addition to a marketing partnership, time-exclusive additional content for the PlayStation consoles would not surprise us, but that is not yet. If you missed the almost 15-minute listening gameplay video, you can and should look at it now. Hogwarts Legacy should be available on time for Christmas 2022. Let’s hope that you can also buy the PS5 normally on every corner. Hey, you can still dream, right?

State of Play with Hogwarts Legacy (Gameplay Video)

First gameplay by Hogwarts Legacy is there – look at here!

PS5 games novelties at a glance

  • Cyberpunk 2077 33.99 Euro ~~ (39.99 €) ~~
  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human (AT-PEGI) 59 Euro ~~ (69 €) ~~
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione 39.99 euros
  • Edge of Eternity 39.99 euros
  • ELEX 2 49,99 Euro ~~ (57.99 €) ~~
  • Martha is Dead 25,99 Euro ~~ (29.99 €) ~~
  • Monark 59.99 euros
  • Horizon Forbidden West 65 Euro ~~ (79,99 €) ~~
  • Elden Ring 61.99 Euro ~~ (67.99 €) ~~
  • Gran Turismo 7 68 Euro ~~ (74.99 €) ~~
  • Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition 99,99 Euro
  • Grid Legends 59.99 Euro ~~ (69.99 €) ~~
  • WWE 2K22 57,39 Euro ~~ (74,95 €) ~~
  • 25. March: Ghostwire: Tokyo Metal Plate Edition 69,99 Euro
  • 25. March: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Chaotic Great Edition 89,95 Euro
  • 29. March: Crusader Kings III Day One Edition 49,99 Euro
  • 29. March: in Nightmare 19,99 Euro
  • 5. April: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 59,99 Euro
  • 3. May: Sifu Vengeance Edition 49,99 Euro
  • 13. May: Evil Dead: The Game 39.99 Euro
  • 26. May: The Ascent: Cyber ​​Edition 45,83 Euro
  • 10. June: The Quarry 74,99 Euro

Best selling PS5 new releases at Amazon

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How is the PS5 situation in the dealers?

At Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn and most other PS5 dealers, the last drop is longer than ever. Of course, it must, remand one, finally be so far again. But there is neither a natural law nor another law, the PS5 flue to be punished from 61 days. At least hopes that at the end of March the financial year ends from Sony and sold to the Sony Announcement of January, until the end of March 2022 worldwide 19.3 million ps5 consoles have been sold, lack of a million devices after our calculations. Since analysts and investors do not like to see it if corporate forecasts are missed, it could actually exist until the end of March by Sony’s hoped-for PS5 mega-drop from Sony at PlayStation Direct, at Amazon, with Media Markt / Saturn or everywhere. Or not…

Sales: Platinum Award goes to Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West

Platinum Award for Elden Ring Source: Game

The Game Association of the German Games industry has published the sales figures for February 2022. Two titles sting out, because with more than 200,000 games sold, they were awarded the Platinum Award. The speech is from Elden Ring (from Software / Bandai Namco) as well as from Horizon Forbidden West (Guerrilla Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment). On both titles, you will find a comprehensive reporting on PC Games and both games are now a bit cheaper at Amazon:

  • Elden Ring (Launch Edition) PS5 for 61.99 euros ~~ (67.99 €) ~~
  • Horizon Forbidden West PS5 for 65 Euro ~~ (79.99 €) ~~
  • Horizon Forbidden West (Special Edition, Exclusive at Amazon) PS5 for 89.99 euros

Buy ## PS5: The best PlayStation 5 offers from Amazon

  • Gran Turismo 7 for PS5 68 Euro ~~ (79.99 €) ~~
  • Steering wheels for Gran Turismo 7 from 104.99 euros
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  • Horizon Forbidden West Collectors Edition PS4 / PS5 for 218.07 euros ~~ (229.99 €) ~~
  • Check availability: PS5 Disc Edition with Horizon Forbidden West
  • Check availability: PS5 Disc Edition with Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart
  • Check availability: PlayStation 5 Disc Edition
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  • PS5 console overview

Check availability of the PS5 at Amazon

How do I rose my chances on a PS5?

Many possibilities do not have to increase his chances, regularly buy a PS5 – but there are a few options. At Amazon, a Prime membership helps enormously, because in principle you have a chance on online giant only as a prime customer a chance on a Playstation 5. Amazon Prime can be tested for free for 30 days. Students and trainees receive the first 6 months free and then get 50% discount . If the PS5 can be used at Amazon, then mostly between 9:30 and 11:30. Another way to increase its opportunities to a PS5 is the registry at PlayStation Direct. If you are selected, you will receive an e-mail with instructions where and how to order the PS5 preferably. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

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How works the PS5 purchase at Amazon

  • If not yet happened, Amazon Prime customer will become. Without Prime membership, you currently have no chance.
  • From 09:30, keep an eye on the PS5 offerings at Amazon. The sale takes place mostly between 09:30 and 11:30 am
  • The PS5 can be purchased, then take the purchase as soon as possible
  • For error messages (due to a server overload at Amazon), do not close the window, but click on the “Back” button and try again

PS5 raffle: Telekom is giving away 3x PlayStation 5

As you know, it is currently very difficult to buy a PS5 at Amazon, Media Markt and Co.. How about winning a PlayStation 5? Telekom is giving away the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition three times. Who wants to participate in the raffle must be at least 18 years old. Until the 10th of April you have time for participation. Winners are contacted by e-mail or teleph1. We wish good luck to all participants.

PS5 with electricity / gas contract available – now save 50 Euro!

If you buy a PS5 and do not want to wait for the next PlayStation 5-drop at Media Markt, Amazon or Euronics, sometimes you have to consider plan b. Or plan “E – how easy”. Thus, an energy provider means ordering a PlayStation 5 bundle in combination with a power or gas tariff with 24 months price guarantee. In addition to a PS5 Disc Edition, you will receive the PS5 game Horizon Forbidden West and an annual ABO PlayStation Plus. So far, one had to make a one-time additional payment of 349 euros for the PS5 bundle worth around 640 euros. But now E has lowered the price for whopping 50 euros to 299 euros. The delivery time of the PS5 bundle is according to the provider 14 days after the contract confirmation and premium payment. If you are interested in the PS5 range of E as easy, you can calculate the electricity price on the energy provider based on its annual consumption.

Gran Turismo 7 in the PCG test

Gran Turismo 7 will be published on March 4 in a chic 25th Anniversary Edition with numerous additional content. Source: Amazon

Even if IMPC Games Test of Gran Turismo 7 has not quite enough for the highest rating, Gran Turismo 7 has become a very good and, above all, a very nice game. The new PlayStation Racer becomes the 25-year-old Birthday of the Gran Turismo series of Polyphony Digital Chef and SCE Vice President Kazunori Yamauchi fully meets justice. There is also a noble Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition for this anniversary at Amazon, Media Markt & Co. next to the GT7 Standard Edition. In addition to the game disc, this offers a steelbook case, the soundtrack, 1,100,000 credits in the game and a lot more. Also a download code for the PS4 version of Gran Turismo 7 is included.

Also worth reading: Gran Turismo 7: This GT7 steering wheels for PS4 & PS5 are now cheaper

Gran Turismo 7 incl. Buy pre-order bonus

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  • Gran Turismo 7 PS4 at Saturn

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Gran Turismo 7 in the PCG test video

Is the PS5 even better?

A promising message for all graphics fetishists: In order to optimize the use of raytracing on the PS5 and to enable a “significantly higher speed” during the processing of shaders Sony has registered a new patent. The new system is intended to support asynchronous operations and ray transformation, which could cause RayTracing with PlayStation 5-Games less at the time of the frame rate. More in the news of PC Games hardware.

Available again: PS5 PULSE 3D Wireless Headset

The excellent Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for the PS5 is currently available at Amazon and only costs 92.99 instead of 99.99 euros. Source: Amazon

Mostly Sony’s PS5 PULSE 3D Wireless Headset is sold out or only used or for usury prices. But the PS5 headset is available at Amazon again to the regular price – of course, while stocks last. It’s fast worth it, because currently you get it even a few euros below the EIA, you pay 92.99 euros instead of 99.99 euros incl. Shipping.

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10/10 with us test: Elden Ring has become a masterpiece

Elden Ring appears on 25 February for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S.
Source: Bandai Namco

Elden Ring appeared and the action role-playing game of From Software and George R. R. Martin has cleared the highest rating in the large Elden Ring-Test including Test video. Internally, the review also exceeded the review, with Metacrit, Elden Ring is on average at 97/100. Currently, the attractive Launch Edition at Amazon is sold out, but with Media Markt and Saturn it is still available (while stocks last).
The Elden Ring Launch Edition includes next to the game on disc (on PC only download code in the box) numerous goodies like posters, type cards, stickers, patches, but also digital additional content.

  • Elden Ring Launch Edition at Amazon
  • Elden Ring Launch Edition at Media Market
  • Elden Ring Launch Edition at Saturn

PS5 bundles with controller and game now partially cheaper

Recently, Amazon has listed two new PS5 bundles with controller and game and thus extended the offer for packages with Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. Of course, PS5 dualSense controllers were included in the new colors, so there are a variety of combinations. Since Horizon Forbidden West is already 10% cheaper at Amazon, the bundle offers have now been reduced in the price.

How sees PlayStation VR2

So look from: PlayStation VR2 and the associated Sense Controllers. There is not a release appointment yet. Source: Sony

It was already announced, now we know how it looks: Sony’s latest VR headset called PlayStation VR2. The design of the associated Sense VR controller was also revealed. Its spherical design should reflect the 360 ​​degree look, see the player when they get into the virtual worlds. Infos u.a. For weight, comfort and new ventilation system from PlayStation VR2 you read here. PlayStation VR 2 is still not available at Amazon & Co..

Horizon Forbidden West in PCG test: Great, but not perfect

The Action RPG of Guerrilla Games, successor to Horizon Zero Dawn, has convinced our testers fully, but therefore comes with some quirks. On the have side, e.g. a beautiful graphic, an exciting main quest as well as improved nacusts. Weaknesses Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 and PS5, on the other hand, has in the control, camera guide and the Ki. The complete PCG test of Horizon Forbidden West is available here.

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iPad Pro (2021) M1: 335 Euro discount at Amazon

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LG OLED TV & Samsung QLED TV v. 2021 with discounts up to 2,450 euros

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By Thomas Szedlak

22.03.2022 at 18:25

Elden Ring Update 1.03 Advanced and Fix NPC

With version 1.03 is today for Elden Ring a really extensive update PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S as well as for the PC appeared, which fans are welcomed. In addition to a long list of fixes and improvements, there are also content-related innovations. The quests of some NPCs have been expanded and a character has even been added very new. In addition, it was also screwed on balancing.

New content, bug fixes and balancing – this is in patch 1.03

That’s why it works: How BERICHET will change a lot with the update for Elden Ring. The size of the patch is indicated at 1.4 GB on the PS5. The new version brings us completely new content like an NPC called a “vascular child” and additional quest lines with other NPCs. These include Nepheli Loux and Diallos.

BUG-FIXES: In addition, many bugs were resolved, such as scaling for Arcane weapons and other weapons, which so far did not work or the problem that summoned NPCs in some fights did not cause any damage or players’ inside certain items of endpers received.

Even a mistake in which the end of the game was transported to the end of the game, which was exploited in some speedruns, is fixed. In addition, the performance should have been improved.

Balancing: Also on balancing was regulated in many points. For example, the FP consumption for different magic attacks was lowered and the damage increased. For this, among other things, the damage of the arms talents of the sweeter of the night and the flame was reduced. This also applies to the damage of the ghost aim imitator tears. This should also behave differently.

At the beginning of the game, we should also come to blacksmiths. These are not only more frequent, but were also added to the assortment of some dealers. Even shields should now be more effective. However, these are just a few of the numerous changes.

Elden Ring - ALL MAJOR CHANGES IN-GAME! (1.03 Update)

Patch Notes for Elden Ring Update 1.03

Here you can see all the patch notes in the overview, the dual stools listed:

Additional elements:

  • Added a function to record to icon and the name of NPC on the Map Whhen You Encounter That NPC.
  • Added NPC Jar-Bairn.
  • Added New Quest Phases for the Following NPCs: Diallos / Nepheli Loux / Kenneth Haight / Gatekeeper Gostoc.
  • Added Some Summonable NPCs in multiple situations.
  • Increased the Number of Patterns of Objects Player Can Imitate Whhen Using Mimic’s Veil.
  • Added Night Background Music for Some Open Field Area.


  • Fixed A Bug That Prevented Summoned NPCs from Taking Damage in Some Boss Battles.
  • Fixed A Bug That Sometime Prevented The Player from Obtaining Item After Boss Battle.
  • Fixed A Bug That Causes Dialogue To Be Skipped When Talking to NPCS and Using Custom Key Configuration.

  • Fixed A Bug That Causes The Player to Freeze When Riding.
  • Fixed A Bug That Causes Arcane to Scale Incorrectly for Some Weapons.
  • In Situation WHERE The Player Cannot Obtain More Than 2 Talisman Pouches, Added Talisman Pouch to Twin Maiden Husks Shop Line Up.
  • Fixed A Bug That Prevented The User from Warping to Sites of Grace From The Map at the End of the Game.
  • Fixed A Bug That Prevented The Player From Moving To The Next Area After The Battle With The Fire Giant.
  • Fixed A Bug Which Causes Some Weapons to Have Incorrect Scaling After Strictthening.
  • Fixed A Bug Which Causes Some Weapons to NOT USE STAT Scaling.
  • Fixed slope-ups in Certain Occasions.
  • Fixed A Bug Which Incorrectly Displays Multiplayer Area Boundary How to play online.
  • Fixed A Bug That Allows Player to Activate Erdtree Greatshield’s Weapon Skill Without Absorbing at Attack Using a Special Combination of Item and Incantage.
  • Fixed A Bug Which Causes Fire’s Deadly Sin Incantation to Have Different Effect.
  • Fixed A Bug With The Ash Of War, Determination and Royal Knight’s Resolve, Where The Damage Buff wants Apply to Other Weapons Without That Skill.
  • Adjusted the Visual Effect of Unseen Form Spell.
  • Deleted The Ragged Armor Set From the Game Which What Mistabenly Obtainable in Previous Patch.
  • Fixed A Bug That Causes Some Hostile NPCs to Drop FURLCALLING FINGER REMEDY.
  • Fixed A Bug That Causes Incorrect Sound Effect to Play in Some Situations.
  • Fixed A Bug Which Causes Visual Animation and HitBoxes to Not Be Displayed Correctly on Some Maps.
  • Fixed Bugs Which Causes Incorrect Visual and behavior for Some Enemies.
  • Fixed A Bug That Causes Incorrect Stat Parameter for Some Armor.
  • Text fixes.
  • Other Performance Improvement and Bug Fixes.


  • Increased the drop rate of Smithing Stone for some enemies.
  • Added Smithing Stone to some early game shop line up.
  • Increased shield’s effectiveness.
  • Increased the damage for all offensive cracked pot items.
  • Increased the damage for the following items: Spark Aromatic/Poison Spraymist.
  • Increased the effect duration for the following items: Uplifting Aromatic/ Ironjar Aromatic.
  • Increased HP healing for Torrent when using the following items: Rowa Raisin/ Sweet Raisin/ Frozen Raisin
  • Reduced FP consumption and increased the damage of the following sorceries: Glintstone Cometshard/ Comet/ Night Comet
  • Increased the damage of the following sorceries: Gravity Well/ Collapsing Stars/ Crystal Barrage
  • Decreased FP consumption of the following sorceries: Star Shower/ Rock Blaster/ Gavel of Haima/ Founding Rain of Stars/ Stars of Ruin/Greatblade Phalanx/Magic Downpour/ Loretta’s Greatbow/ Loretta’s Mastery/ Carian Greatsword/ Carian Piercer/ Shard Spiral
  • Raised projectile speed and range of Great Glintstone Shard
  • Decreased Ash of War, Hoarfrost Stomp’s damage and increase cast time.
  • Increased Ash of War, Bloody Slash’s self-inflict damage while slightly lowering the damage and increasing the cast time.
  • Decreased weapon skill, Sword of Night and Flame’s damage.
  • Increased FP consumption and lower duration of Ash of War, Barricade Shield.
  • Changed FP consumption timing of Ash of War, Prelate’s Charge.
  • Decreased the damage of spirit summoned when using the item Mimic Tear Ash and changed the spirit’s behavior pattern.
  • Other enemy and weapon balance changes

Bei den Anpassungen im Balancing muss sich noch zeigen, wie diese in der Community ankommen und ob sie für ein ausgeglicheneres Spielerlebnis sorgen werden. In jedem Fall dürfen wir gespannt sein, wie stark das Update das Spielerlebnis verändert.

Was haltet ihr von den Anpassungen, beziehungsweise welche Änderungen haltet ihr für notwendig und sinnvoll, welche geben euch zu denken? Verratet es uns in den Kommentaren.

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