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Steelrising places Bosse in the spotlight while the moment runs till the magazine

We actually had the possibility to take a look at a 20-minute trial from Steelrising in May, as well as were thrilled by how the video game combines the maneuverability of Elden Sounding with Bloodborn’s rapid struggles and also the strengths of Crawlers as a developer. You can read our preview below.

Steelrising will be launched in virtually two months and the Spiders team has moved a few of the boss fights in the limelight that they will find in the French studio’s action-oriented game.

These boss fights, known as titans, are introduced in a new short gameplay trailer and show the complexity of the mechanical military of Louis XVI. From big enemies with weapon to huge enemies with candid weapons, the trailer reveals various kinds of employers and also mini bosses that they will certainly locate on the roads of Paris.

To turn off these employers, Aegis can make use of a variety of weapons as well as also elementary results to numb and disable them. As well as considering that this is among the last trailers before the game was released, Steelrising’s activity remains to look respectable, although Spiders have primarily dealt with large-scale narrative RPGs in the past.


While you are publishing the video game on September 8, 2022 on PS5, Xbox Collection X | S and computer, you can actually pre-order to get to the game of the video game at the end of August.

Elden Ring: What does the arcane attribute do?

In Elden Ring, players will meet eight basic characteristics of the characters that can be increased to higher levels by spending the rune. Arcane is one of them, and these characteristics determine the strengths and weaknesses of the character. While the main influence of Arcane increases detection statistics, there are several other effects that players should know about this attribute.

mystical directly affects the character of the character Opening ,vitality and Holy Protection * Opportunities. An increase in the level of secret magic will give players more likely to get objects, destroying enemies, withstanding sacred damage and resisting deadly damage. In the same way, secret magic is an important metric for various weapons, magic and spells. Players who prefer buildings or those who want to get an advantage over the enemy with the help of dragon spells should focus on an increase in the attribute of secret magic at an early stage.

Elden Ring Stats Explained – How do stats work in Elden Ring Guide

How to increase Arcane level in Elden Ring?

Runes are the key to improving eight main attributes in Elden Ring, and players will just need to collect more runes to increase the level of secret magic of their character. Visit any grade site and scroll down to the “increase level” item to increase any of the eight attributes. An increase in each level of secret magic will allow players to increase the effectiveness of this characteristic.

There are several equipment items that also increase Arcane. For example, the seal of Marika’s scars, the seal of Marika’s pain, Mask Mask, a mask of silver tears, a crown of witches of a brilliant stone, a demon’s head, an albinuric mask and a mask of confidence – this is equipment that increases secret magic. Magic, such as the oracle bubble and the great bubble of the oracle, require that the attribute of secret magic be at the level of 15 and 18, respectively.

Similarly, strong spells, such as Bloodboon, Ekzykes Decay, Bloodflame Talons, Bloodflame Blade, Swarm of Flies and other dragons spells, make special requirements for secret magic for players. Despite the fact that these spells are too strong, players will have to increase the level of secret magic of their character to use them.

Want to know which boss weapons to buy at the beginning of the game? Check out the best weapons of the bosses in Elden Ring in professional game guides.

Elden Ring: Simpler trick makes you elderly to make LP

Your life spots in Elden Ring and you do not have any healing bottles left? With this new trick, this is no longer a problem, because you can fill your bar quickly and easily. Everything you need for, are two headgear that you can find in the game relatively early. However, it is a bug that is problematic in the PVP.

LP Fill again with helmet trick

It’s about it: If you want to replenish your life bar again, without using bottles for it, so it works very easily by quickly changing between two “helmets” – or masks – quickly. Both headgear can be found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia .

That’s how you get the helmets:

Shimmer stone crown of house Olivinus : starts at the grace school classroom . Go straight into the hallway, then left in the next room. Behind the corpse is a secret wall and behind it again a balcony. Jump left over the balustrade and then follows the way. You have to jump up on a rock wall and jump over an abyss. Then you will find the item on a corpse.

Shimmer stone crown of house Karolos : starts at the grace Forum of the debate . Go to the courtyard in the yard, on the left past the fountain and then left again through the archway and until the end of the way.

There, the crown is drupted from a small crystal crab. Beware of the Iron Virgin near the archway! If you cleet sneak, she will not attention to you.

This is how the trick works: If you want to fill up your LP now, you only have to open the equipment inventory and quickly turn back and forth between the two crowns. Each change fills the beam.

More about Elden Ring:

  • Elden Ring: Mysterious stone heads were painted out of the game and that’s a pity

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Fader tissue: That’s why the trick can be problematic

If you play alone for you, you can naturally use the trick to make it a bit easier.

However, fans report that the bug is exploited in the PVP to get an advantage. This can be seen here in a clip:

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According to Item description, something else should happen: Actually, the effect is not intended and therefore we can assume that he will soon be fixed to ensure fairness for the competitive multiplayer. The crown of the house Karolos should actually only increase the wisdom at the end of stamina, the crown of the house olivinius even the wisdom – at the expense of LP – increase.

Do you use this trick in the future?

Elden Ring: New Update makes boss harder

One of the feared opponents in Elden Ring gets a decent buff donated. The developers had previously weakened him and straightened their mistakes. The suffering of the gaming shank.

Elden Ring Patch 1.03 Notes, NEW Quest Phases, Sorceries BUFF, PvP Nerfs and More!

Elden Ring is more difficult again

With the first big update for Elden Ring, from Software added to the game a quantity of new content : an improved map, new NPCs and quests and fixing some bugs.

When trying to adapt the balancing, but apparently something seemed wrong: the boss starry Radhan was henceforth weaker than before. The once so difficult opponent became a breeze for many .

His attacks had by the update a lower range and his attacks were also a lot weaker than before. Those who wondered the BOSS between March 17 and April 4th had the happiness or bad luck, depending on how masochistic you may defeat him in his weakened form.

In a supplement to the update is now that Radhan is just as strong as before. Some of his attacks are therefore unintentional weakened. (Source: Bandai Namco)

Radhan Buff: What do the fans say?

Online, some players and players are annoyed that Radhan has returned to old strength again. Some write that they were straight on the way to him and had hoped not to need too many attempts.

Others comment on that he was even extremely difficult to defeat with the update. As a tip, someone in the ELDEN-RING-SUBREDDIT gives the note that players ride on horseback and only complain about a NPC. Ghost Achievement Helps here well NOT NOT NEW. (Source: Reddit / The OrganicCircuit)

You want to prepare well on the fight with Radhan? Then you need Runes to race – a lot of runes. The following video shows you how you can farm many of them in no time:

Elden Ring players discover an interesting feature eliminated from the game

In anillo de Elden, players meet a series of unique and impressive enemies. It seems that fromSoftware could have cut plans for those opponents, and data miners have discovered some interesting clues about what could have been. On Twitter, @JESTERPATCHES shared images of the game files that originally believed they pointed to plans for a bostiary. In total, @JESTERPATCHES discovered 64 icons, each with two different versions, one of which is obscured. The data mining originally believed that the obscured versions were intended to indicate if the player had met or not with that particular character. The icons also present art that was not used anywhere else of the game!

While a Bestiary would seem a safe assumption, in a follow-up Tweet, @JESTERPATCHES shared discovered information by Evilcoookie, a Modder at Discord of the game. Evilcoookie shared an apparently cut element called St. Trina’s Crystal Ball, which would have been able to copy something called “fog of dreams” from a sleeping being. @JesterPatches has come to believe that the icons they discovered were destined to represent the fog of sleep inside the crystal ball. Basically, players could collect that dreamy fog of enemies, but it is impossible to say how it would have been used in the real game.

@JESTERPATCHES tweets with some of these icons can be found embedded below.

During the development of the game, it is not unusual that the functions are eliminated before the game launches. Sometimes, the features are cut for time, while sometimes they are cut because they simply did not work in the way the developer had foreseen. Both theories about these icons are convincing, but Anillo de Elden Commercial and critical success seems to show that the game did not need anything else! Clearly, players have found more than enough content to keep them occupied.

Anillo de Elden is now available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

Elden Ring - Torrent had an attack

What are your thoughts about Anillo de Elden? Why do you think these icons were going to be used? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Elden Ring: All Notes to Update 1.03.2

What are all update notes in Elden Ring? The last game of FromSoftware will be continually updated well after its launch in February 2022 with new fixes that add new features, correct bugs and adjust specific elements. This article is designed to document them all, offering easy access to all those who wish to see how the game has changed since its release. In this Elden ring guide We will reveal all update notes **.

Elden Ring: All Update Notes

On this page, we will reveal all update notes for Elden Ring. We will provide the new version number as displayed by the game, the date of publication of the fix and the modifications it has made. Do not hesitate to put this bookmark guide and come back once a new update has been deployed; We will have All update notes Ready to leave. Elden Ring’s last update will always be displayed at the top of the article.

Update 1.03.2 – March 23, 2022

  • Correction of a bug that sometimes prevented players from moving forward in the NPPHeli Lux PNJ quest series
  • Correction of a bug that killed the playable character trying to get off from a place near Bestial Sanctum
  • Correction of a bug that prevented ash of War, enduring effect
  • Correction of a bug in multiplayer that allowed players to teleport other people to incorrect card coordinates

Update 1.03 – March 17, 2022

Additional items added

  • Adding a function to save an icon and the name of a NPC on the map when you meet this NPC.
  • Added NPC Jar-Bairn.
  • Added new quest phases for the following NPCs: Diallos / Nepheli Loux / Kenneth Haight / Gatekeeper Gostoc.
  • Added some invocable NPCs in several situations.
  • Increase the number of object models that the player can imitate when using Mimic’s Veil.
  • Adding a night background music for some fields in the field.

Bug corrections

  • Correction of a bug that prevented NPCs invoked to undergo damage in some boss fights.
  • Correcting a bug that sometimes prevented the player getting an object after a fight against a boss.
  • Correction of a bug that prevented the dialogue to speak to NPCs and use custom key configurations.
  • Fixed a bug that froze the player when rolling down.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect scaling of the arcanes for some weapons.

Elden Ring Update 1.03.2 Patch Notes
* In a situation where the player can not get more than 2 pockets of Talisman, a Talisman pouch has been added to the line of the Twin Maiden Husks Shop.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the user from deforming to grace sites from the card at the end of the game.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the player from moving to the following area after battle with the fire giant.
* Correction of a bug that had some weapons had incorrect scaling after reinforcement.
* Correction of a bug that prevented some weapons from using statistics scaling.
* Raccrochage correction on certain occasions.
* Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the limits of the multiplayer area when playing online.
* Correction of a bug that allowed the player to activate the GreatShield Erdtree Weapon Competence without absorbing an attack using a special object combination and incantation.
* Correction of a bug that was the incantation of Fire’s Deadly Sin had a different effect.
* Correction of a bug with ASH OF WAR, DETERMINATION AND ROYAL KNIGHT’S RESOLVE, where the damage buff also will apply to other weapons without this skill.
* Adjustment of the visual effect of the invisible form.
* Deleting the Ragged armor assembly of the game that could be obtained by mistake in the previous patch.
* Correction of a bug that made some hostile NPCs abandoned furlcalling finger remedy.
* Correction of a bug that caused the reading of an incorrect sound effect in certain situations.
* Fixed a bug that prevented visual animation and Hitbox to display correctly on some cards.
* Correction of bugs that caused an incorrect visual and behavior for some enemies.
* Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect statistics parameter for certain armor.
* Text corrections.
* Other improvements in bugging performance and corrections.


  • Increased Smithing Stone drop rate for some enemies.
  • Added Smithing Stone to some game stores at the beginning of the game.
  • Increased the efficiency of the shield.
  • Increased damage of all offensive objects of the cracked pot.
  • Increased damage of the following objects: SPARK AROMATIC / POISON SPRAYMIST.
  • Increased duration of the effect of the following objects: AROMATIC ELDIFIANT / AROMATIC IER.
  • Increased HP Care for Torrent When using the following objects: Rowa Grape / Sweet Grape / Frozen Grape
  • Reduction of FP consumption and increased sorcellelic damage: Glintstone Cometshard / Comet / Night Comet
  • Increase in the following sorcellers damage: severity / stars that collapse / crystal dam
  • Decrease in FP consumption of the following sorcellers: Rain of Stars / Rock Blaster / Gavel of Haima / Founding Rain of Stars / Stars of Ruin / GreatBlade Phalanx / Magic DownFor / Loretta’s GreatBow / Loretta’s Masterry / Carian GreatsWord / Carian Piercer / Shard Spiral
  • Increased speed and scope of Great Glintstone Shark projectiles
  • Decrease in Ash of War and Hoarfrost Stomp damage and incanating time.
  • Increased self-inflicted damage from ASH of War, Bloody Slash while slightly reducing damage and incanating time.
  • Decrease in the competence of weapons, damage from the sword of the night and the flame.
  • Increase in FP consumption and duration of the duration of Ash of War, Barricade Shield.
  • Changing the FP consumption calendar of ASH of War, Prelate’s Charge.
  • Decrease in the damage of the spirit invoked when using the Mimic Tear ASH object and modification of the behavior of the mind.
  • Other changes in balancing enemies and weapons

What do you think of the newest Elden ring part? Share them in the comments below and check out our ** Elden ring guide for more help and tips.

Elden Ring: PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X / S in comparison

Digital Foundry has once taken a breast to the breast once more ELDEN ring and recorded the differences between Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5. In the picture quality, above all, the advantage in the use of VRR on the Xbox Series X / S becomes clear.

During the resolution, both sides do not do much, with the PlayStation 5 with the loading times the nose significantly front and charges 6.76 seconds faster. In some places, the PS5 is even about 11 seconds faster.

Quality mode:

  • PlayStation 5 – 3840 × 2160 (4K)
  • Xbox Series X – 3840 × 2160 (4K)
  • Xbox Series S – 2560 × 1440 (1440p)

Elden Ring: PS5 vs Xbox Series X | S Performance Review

Performance mode:

  • PS5 – 2688 × 1512 to 3840 × 2160 (Dynamic 4K)
  • Xbox Series X – 2688 × 1512 to 3840 × 2160 (Dynamic 4K)
  • Xbox Series S – 1792 × 1008 (1400p)

Loading time

  • Playstation 5 – 4.34 S // 6.27 S
  • Xbox Series X – 11.13 S // 17.24 S
  • Xbox Series S – 11.18 S // 17.34 S

You can watch the complete analysis here:

Fiesling places 3 players alone in Elden Ring, she deceives her back

Considering That the Dark Souls series, the multiplayer is a preferred under the long-grown SoulSborne community. Therefore, a number of fans now commemorate the clip of a gamer, who might obtain an entire team in the PVP of Elden Ring thanks to a typical trick.

The multiplayer of Elden Ring supplies both cage, in addition to PVP. Specifically the latter stands greatly contrasted to other video games.

  • Due to the fact that there are no various settings, no appropriate game search or ranking lists. On the whole, PVP functions as well as in Dark Souls.
  • You can think of the world of various other players as well as must transform off the host.
  • In doing so, you take the shape of a red phantom.
  • The host, nevertheless, can additionally call Koop players to help themselves. In the most awful case, the incident players should show up alone for a whole group.

Additionally in the instance of reddit individuals BobbyBuckets_69. Yet the gamer has used an unpleasant trick that is well understood under PVP lovers.

Since he remained in the subneasment, Bobby made a decision for an easy style of play:

The genuine fight did not even last 15 seconds. So the enemy really felt:

Now the hour of the assassin had come. He hurried below the light beam to the players, capitalized on the battle ashabilitation of his double wholesale and disassembled the entirely overflowing team in a snap.

The players react: In the comments, players celebrate just how Bobby led his sufferers behind light. Likewise, request for the ring with which he made his red Phantomaura vanish.

In such maneuvers, it can not examine the case damage in Elyden Ring to ensure that absolutely nothing goes incorrect with a jump.

Players applaud “long lasting” PVP, however some find the clip “terrifying”.

By the way, there is to purchase the twin bumper NPC at the chalk of elegance, for 1,000 runes. Another alternative lets you appear like a co-op gamer.

Have you already tried PVP in Elden Ring? Or does you belong to those who such as to do without it as well as focus on solo or co-op sessions?

They describe similar tales in which they themselves were targets of such attacks or also started such actions.

  • Instead of doing it offensively as well as straight against his opponents, he concealed a hard-to-recognize area and simply waited.
  • He likewise used a ring for camouflage, that made the red shape of the burglar go away. Therefore, he looked like a host or an NPC.
  • After that he remained on a wooden beam for 15 minutes, a few meters over a lift.

The gamer undoubtedly knew specifically where his group wanted long. So he made it comfortable in the dark as well as simply waited till his objective was unaware in the elevator, gone along with by his two co-op players.

Otherwise, a number of the players are interested in the PVP of Elden Ring. Some have care due to the fact that of the degree of difficulty. SolarClipz writes: “PvP sounds like enjoyable in this game, but the video game is so damn huge and also I take my time for it, so I have no time to try out”.

There are fairly some players who are fairly hindered by the PVP. For equally as a fresher, the game is hard adequate anyway, so you do not have to obtain PVP specialists with numerous hours experience in Dark Souls in their own world so they batter one in the ground.

Countless other area participants replace, nevertheless, that the PVP modes of former fromSoftware games have persistent followers anyway. Several years after release you will certainly still find an active PVP community in Dark Souls – if the servers do not have to be taken offline for hacking problems.

Also fascinating: Many thanks to Lost Ark and also Elden Ring Twitch has a new most significant network – however is that alright?

** Because the Dark Souls series, the multiplayer is a favored under the long-grown SoulSborne community. Several fans now commemorate the clip of a gamer, that could get a whole group in the PVP of Elden Ring thanks to an usual trick. Otherwise, many of the players are interested in the PVP of Elden Ring. SolarClipz writes: “PvP seems like fun in this video game, yet the video game is so damn huge and I take my time for it, so I have no time to try out”.

Elden Ring: 10 Optional Bosses You SHOULDN'T MISS

Have you already attempted PVP in Elden Ring?

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