The week ends quietly and Rockstar Games judged the perfect timing to communicate around Next Gen ‘versions of his GTA V, whose exit is dangerously closer. Well, it’s in 15 days that these re-published versions will land on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and we were strangely without news. But as everyone knows, everything comes to who can wait and we now know that the title will land with several graphic options, ray-tracing obviously included. Like all the blockbusters of the moment, GTA 5 Next Gen ‘will be playable under three different configurations, one will choose according to the gear that we have at home. There is to start the “fidelity” mode, which offers 4K native, from Ray-Tracing, but a blocked frame-rate at 30fps. Those who swear by the Sacro-Saint 60fps will throw their devoku on the “performance” mode, but will have to settle for a dynamic 4K and no ray-tracing, knowing that on Xbox Series S, the display will be shred in 1080p. Finally, remains the “Performance RT” mode, reserved only for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X for a dynamic 4K display, 60fps and the very present ray-tracing.

  • FIDELY MODE : 4K native, 30fps, no ray-tracing (4K upscaped on Xbox Series S)
  • Performance mode : 4K dynamic, 60fps, ray-tracing disabled. (1080p on Xbox Series S)
  • Performance mode RT (exclusively on PS5 and Xbox Series X): 4K dynamic, 60fps, ray-tracing activated.

GTA 5 and GTA Online: PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Versions Get March Release Date - IGN Now

But that’s not all, other global improvements are planned, such as significantly faster loading times thanks to the famous magical SSD, a density, a variety and more traffic in cities, more vegetation, Better management in the treatment of shadows and lighting, improved water reflections, better anti-aliasing, more realistic explosions with improved and more detailed effects, better management of blur in movements, in short, from Beautiful promises that suggest that these Next Gen versions will be even more successful. From there to think that the level achieved by PC modders will be achieved, we are not sure, but nothing is impossible with Rockstar Games, you know it well.

Another important detail, PS5 players will of course benefit from the features offered by the dualsense, with adaptive triggers and haptic returns that have been applied to collisions, different soil surfaces, explosions, but also the weather conditions. There is also the management of the 3D audio for a better immersion, while GTA Online will benefit from full vehicle bonuses and the introduction of Hao’s Special Works, which is a workshop that offers the best upgrades of vehicles From Los Santos, knowing that new races will also be added through this. And of course, with 160 million GTA V already sold worldwide, Rockstar Games has decided that it will be possible to transfer its progression of history mode and its $ GTA between PS4 / Xbox One and PS5 / Xbox Series X versions | S, knowing that only one migration is possible. Another asterisk that is important: players will not be able to transfer their GTA $ purchased only during the migration of the PS4 to the PS5, or Xbox One to the Xbox Series X | s. That’s it, you know everything.