Although it is not necessarily the League of Legends professional better known to the public, almost all members of the community most interested in the European competitive environment await him with desire. The situation is not for less, since BO was signed by Team Vitality last season only with the intention of ensuring the player’s transfer for the next campaign. An unprecedented situation in the great European tournaments that has increased the expectations of fans. As if this were not enough, the player from China also leaves very common signs of his talent in the qualifying games.

A Entails leading to your champion

Located in the eighth place of the absolute ranking of the main League of Legends server in Europe, the last sample of BO’s talent came to us in a qualifying game in which his team was put behind his back to win in just 24 minutes. The triumph certified it with a Entails of which we would not normally echo having an abysmal advantage over its enemies. However, the mere fact of having achieved so many casualties in a game of such a level and the fact that he gets four of his five casualties almost alone while attacking the rivals under his turret has made us change his mind.

Even having completed five objects in such an early minute of the game, we would all think about it before looking for a similar play. However, BO calculations are perfect. Perhaps because of the daring to which it drives to be known with the insured departure, it decides to take the limit to a Heparin with which ‘dive’ to the rival line achieving two casualties that completes chasing serious and making a new incursion under tower to finish With Alkali. Only the last enemy, that matrix that certifies the Entails, is a clear assignment of his teammates in recognition of his good work.

BO will be part of the Team Vitality squad at the beginning of the next LEC 2023. A squad that has never found the results he was looking for in the European League of Legends competition and that is renewed with this interesting bet. Together with Perez, Photon, Neon and Kaiser, he will try to impose himself on the rest of the teams of a competition that promises to offer us one of the most interesting editions in their history from the middle of next January.