A single player connected worldwide beyond the scandalous historic minimum that occurred last Wednesday, May 4, just 2 months after the launch of the game , the truth is that the figures to the Length of the week have actually been, at the very least, extremely fretting. As we can see from the Heavy steam Charts website, Babylon’s Autumn has actually stayed all week without being able to put themselves above the 100 concurrent gamers.

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Unfortunately, The circumstance has only worsened , with a consistent loss in the number of gamers that has stayed throughout the month of April. We have lived the most severe situation this week, with the game getting to the dramatic figure of a single player connected worldwide .

The scenario with Babylon’s Autumn is just dramatic. The Platinumgames participating action game and also Square Enix currently premiered badly with just 650 concurrent players in its launch in Heavy steam, figures far eliminate Hack and Slash ** of Bayonetta’s parents.