Horde and Alliance’s warriors who have finished their coordination of the outland and the ends of the Alliance are finally ready to face the traitor. World of Warcraft Burning Temple Classic Black Temple Raising Agency was applied on the 28th. Now all players can counterattack at the top of the black temple.

This content update of the burning temple classic is also included in the Haizhou Mountain Combat Raewel, which allows the Horde and Alliance to directly experience a grand story that has been achieved in front of the Strong Archimont and Burning Corps.

In this patch, including two attacks, this patch is able to enjoy the three seasons of battle arena between the player, and acquire the camp, In addition, the previous attacking band balance was adjusted and various contents of the burning temple classic were added.

WoW Classic #618 ???? - Fusion Benediction - Hyjal / Black Temple Full T6 Clear - World 9th / NA 2nd

Burning Temple Classic players can be seen in the World of Warcraft Official YouTube Channels and the launch of the guide video and black temples that are prepared to enable the Black Temple Restaurant and High Cattle Mount Mount Battle Rameters and the Haizhou Mountain Combat Rental Raise.

For more information on black temples, see the World of Warcraft website.