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Where to find all the golden seeds in Elden Ring

  • Follow the east of the fertile forbidden lands, players can find this golden tree to the right of the road.
  • To the east of the grave of the hero of the giants, you can get another golden seed, defeating the seized wood spirit here.
  • North-east of the foot of the forge of grace, players can find this golden seedling.
  • To the southeast of the internal sanctified snow field or to the west of the catacombs of the sanctified snow field, players can find this golden tree at the foot of the cliff.

Northern mountain peaks of giant seeds

  • North-east of the ruins of an ancient snowy valley, rising above the place of grace, players can find a golden seedling to the right of the ruble golem.

Elden Ring - All Golden Seeds Locations (Flask Upgrades)
* To the west of the Ordina, the liturgical city, players can find this golden tree near the river bank.
* In Elphael, Brace of the Haeligtree, players get this golden seed, defeating the seized wood spirit next to Malenia, Goddess of Rot Site of Grace.

The whole crumbling farm Azula Golden Seeds

  • To the west of the altar of the Dragon Temple, a place of grace, players can find this golden tree next to the observation deck.
  • North-east of the lightning dragon players can find this golden tree next to the blacksmith stone number seven.

To find out more about Elden Ring, be sure to read the section “How to get Banished Knight Armor in Elden Ring” in the game manuals for professionals.

How to get all items collectibles Shushire Cooking in Lost Ark

You can find culinary collection items in each Lost Ark region. The search process or creating each of them can be difficult if you do not know what to do. Fortunately, below we collected all culinary collectibles for the Continent of Shushir. Although many of them require several steps, some need only to buy.

Table of contents

Where to find all culinary collectibles in Shushire in Lost Ark

Frozen butterfly larva

Wolf meat

Old canned wood

Ice spider egg

Fried sapphire saardine

Shushir Snowflake Shaved Ice

Tears of Sirius

Where to find all Culinary Collecting items in Shushire in Lost Ark

Below you will find all culinary collectibles in the book seeker of the Shushir adventure. For a more detailed description of any collectible items listed below, click on their name to go to a special page.

frozen butterfly larva

It is located next to the marker of the Ice Blood Plateau Map. , To the west of the Rock of the gray moon and southwest of the Ice Breath Gorge. He is hidden among the bushes nearby. You can find the exact point on the map above.

All Shushire Cooking Lost Ark
Explore bushes under the tree on the right side of the cliffs. It is important to be rapid because Ice monsters will appear next to the investigation site that will chase you there.

Wolf Meat

Wolf meat can be found in the center of the Hill of Gorky Wind on the Continent Shushir. It is located north of the tomb of the dead and south of the sanctuary of the glacial wall. We celebrated this place on the map above. Explore the area close to the trees.

You can get to this place by taking the nearest waypoint and killing wolves along the way. Do not think that you can escape from them, because they will follow you in place.

Two white wolves appear on the site of your investigation, so you need to explore it as soon as you kill them. If you right-click the wolf meat in your inventory, your character commenims how it rejuvenates it.

old canned food

As shown on the map below, players must go to the southwestern side of the map, next to the outskirts of the port. In this place there are two possible ways. Select the one that goes down and then go to place with a canopy. There you will find NPC selling fish. Inspect the territory next to the barrel with fish.

Right-click the old canned food to add them to your foliary adventure crawler. Your character will eat it and commetes how bad it tastes.

ice spider egg

If you want to find frozen eggs, you must go to the queen’s lair. It can be found south of the camp of logging and to the west of the world boss Tarcila. You can find a frozen egg on Western side of the Logova Spider Queen . The egg is blue and covered with spider silk.

You can find this cooking object at the bottom of the egg. Make sure the path is free, as spiders will follow you until you die.

Fried sapphire saardine

Fried sapphire saardine – one of the most time-consuming collectibles that can be found in Lost Ark. Players must find the Jeffrey Framer. The following section indicates Jeffrey and the time when it is there. Jeffrey sells Sapphire Sardin The only necessary ingredient.

Stray merchant Jeffrey will sell you sapphire Sardin only if you can find it. It will appear at this server time (both in the morning and in the evening):

  • 1:30.
  • 4:30
  • 5:30
  • 7:30
  • 8:30
  • 11:30

Below you will find places in which it appears, which will be random. If you can not find it in one, go to another.

Sapphire Sardin must be attributed to the cook of Elena so that it becomes fried sapphire sardine. You can find worm in the northern part of the frozen sea next to the cemetery of ships, and there is a track point that will save you time.

It will cost 1400 silver as a whole, but it is definitely one of the cheapest cooking items in the game.

Shushir Snowflake Shaved Ice

You can get a snowflake Shaved Ice, talking to several NPCs in Lost Ark. The ingredients will cost a lot of silver, as you will also need good luck and chance. You must first talk to Isabel.

Barmen Isabel can be found on the eastern side of Ragennce village in Casino Golden Anglerfish. You will need gigantic pieces of ice from Isabel to make a snowflake. It is best to purchase 100 pcs. 150 silver each. After you buy 100 pieces, you need to find a cook to Elena.

To make an ice chips from snowflakes, you must give giant slices of ice cook Helen. You can find the worm of Elena in the northern part of the frozen sea next to the cemetery of ships. You can use the nearby Triport to save time.

Create ice fragments for 400 silver each. You can also get pieces of chopped ice, which you need only five pieces. You can make an ice shake “Snowflake” for 1700 silver When you have enough slices of sliced ice.

Having done all this, simply right-click an item in your inventory To complete the preparation of collectible items.

Tears of Sirius

Among the most expensive collectibles in Lost Ark are Sirius Tears. Completion of this culinary collecting item will cost you a lot of money, so we recommend that you do it only if you have a lot of money to burn. First you have to find Barmen Isabel.

Barmen Isabel can be found in Casino Golden Sea Damn on the east side G. Riegsen village . On the Ingredients tab, you can find “Sirius Tears” next to the “Giant Slices of Ice”. The cost of buying this subject is 1,000,000 silver, which is more expensive than most items in the game.

Buy it and right-click to drink. After you finish a culinary collective object, it will be added to your foliates of the adventurers.

For more information on Lost Ark, check out All rewards for seeds Mococo in Lost Ark and Location of all world bosses in Lost Ark * in professional guides on the game. *

Pokemon Go: Welcome to Alola with Gen-7

We wish all the coaches among you a happy alola season, because it started on March 1, 2022 and takes as seasons so in themselves, for three months to 1 June 2022. Together with the start of the Alola season, Pokémon Go people have begun the event Welcome to Alola , and thus all kinds of new Pokémon from Generation 7 brought into play.

Namely, the Starter Bauz (with the evolutions Arboretoss and Silvarro), Flamiau (with the evolutions of Miezunder and Fuegro) and Robball (with the evolutions of Marikeck and Primara) as well as Pepeck, Trompeck and Tukanon, Mangunior and Mangus Picture, and finally Wuffels and Kapu -Riki. As you can get the new Pokémon and what to do for the tropical collector challenge, you will find out below in the guide below.

Pokémon GO’s BEST Season Yet + Catching FIRST GEN 7 LEGENDARY!

Welcome to Alola with Gen-7-Pokémon

The Event Welcome to Alola brings tropical warmth to our thoughts and lasts until March 9, 2022 at 20:00.

  • In the wild, you can meet build, Flamiau, Robball, Pepeck and Mangunior – Mangunior can even be caught as a Shiny!
  • In the raids, you will also find in Tier 1 Wuffels, which can also be caught as Shiny. In Tier 5, the encounter with Kapu-Riki awaits you. If you want to know which Pokémon currently found in March 2022 still in the RAIDs , then look at our overview.
  • Pepeck and Mangunior can also get over special field research. These are field research “1 kilometer”.

Tropical collector challenge

The completion of the tropical collector challenge rewards you with 7,000 XP, 15 hyperballs as well as progress at the top collector medal. But you have to catch all the new Alola-Pokémon, so:

  • Bauz \ – Do you find in the wilderness
  • Flamiau \ – Do you find in the wild
  • Robball \ – Do you find in the wild
  • Peppeck \ – Do you find in the wilderness and about researches (see above)
  • Mangunior \ – Do you find in the wilderness and about researches (see above)
  • Mangus vector \ – You will be obtained through the development of Manguinor.

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