The FIFA football world association has opened a temporary transfer window for foreign players and coaches in clubs in Russia and Ukraine. The Council decided on Monday that the contracts with Ukrainian clubs are exposed to the end of the season and players in Russian clubs can expose their contracts one-sided to 30 June.

The suspension of a contract means “that players and coaches apply as contractless until June 30, 2022 and therefore freeze it without any consequences to sign a contract with another club,” said the FIFA. At the same time it was determined that this change period is valid until 7 April. A foreign club may only require a maximum of two players who fall under this derogation.

With the decision, FIFA responded to the situation of foreign players after the invasion of Russia in Ukraine. “The FIFA reaffirms its condemnation of the continued violence of Russia in Ukraine and calls for a rapid attitude of hostilities and the return to peace,” said the World Association.

Russia Outraged By The FIFA & UEFA's Heavy Sanctions

The FIFA and the European Football Union had previously excluded all Russian teams of international competitions. In Ukraine the football operation is resting since the beginning of the war