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How to break the energy field around the chair in Fortnite (part 6 vibin Quest)

Welcome to the sixth part of the Vibin Misiones series, it has spent a little since week five, about one month ago. Seeing that this line of missions has been dealing with relics of the collision event, things only become crazier. Here is How to break the energy field around the chair in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.


Break the chair energy field

The first Vibin search for the sixth part ends up interacting with a small armchair that is then wrapped by a purple energy field. Instead of breaking it at this time, another mission must be completed.

To show that you are worthy of breaking the energy field, the second part of the Vibin Six search makes the player perform some small tasks.

These tasks are (in the order in which you receive them):

  • Travel distance while running (500)
  • Consume forage articles (6)
  • Travel distance while nothing (500)

Once you complete these tasks and use the following ascending link of the device, you will be ready to break the chair energy field.

Travel back to this place where you found the meat for the first time:

From here, all you have to do is hit the energy field with your collection tool to break it and advance the search.

Now all you have to do is lift the chair interacting with it, and the sixth part is complete.

That is all you need to know about ** How to break the energy field around the chair in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Dragon Ball before the seventh part arrives in a week. Things are calming down now, since we are almost in the last month of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

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Search 100 chests – REC 4 players in the Fortnite challenge – tips and tricks

One of the challenges of fortnite this week is to search 100 chests. It is a strange challenge, rewarding 80,000 XP instead of the usual 35,000. It is also a very long and endless quest that seems to sow confusion in people. The reason is indicated “REC 4 players” next to it.

Some people do not read it properly, which means that it takes four players to finish it. We have even seen some youtubers claim to have information on a series of quests that can only be carried out in the squads that come to the game. This, to our knowledge, is not at all true, for a simple reason. You don’t need four players at all to finish this challenge, and you don’t need to play in a squad so that the game has all the chests you are looking for for this challenge.

You can very well finish this challenge in Solos. “Rec: 4 players” does not mean that four players are necessary, it simply means that Epic lets you know that they recommend having four players to do this quickly. If you play in a team, any trunk sought by a member of the team will count, but in Solos, you will have to look for them all yourself. Here, there is no real cause of confusion on this subject, and Epic does not force you to play squads.

Search Chests (0/100) Rec 4 Players - Fortnite Challenge Guide

The chests sought anywhere on the map will count, in solos, duos or squads. Obviously, you have to find a good balance between landing on areas with many chests and not having to fight other players endlessly about them, but we suggest you play your games as you would normally and that will not take you long to finish it..

You can find the rest of the challenges in chapter 2 season 3 week 6 below:

Skin Fortnite Chica, Fun Run Island Code and Feather Cup tournament

Epic Games announced that a new Icon Series suit will appear in the game, which will depict the popular creator of Chick’s community. The Chica’s Icon Series Set set will appear in the item store on May 7, 2022. Entertainment of Chiki and Zero Build Duos Cup Chiki What gives players the opportunity to get equipment earlier.

How to get an outfit of chicks earlier in Fortnite

Players competing in Chiki Cup who begin on May 5, 2022 will be able to unlock the chicks and decoration on their backs earlier. The format will be Zero Build Duos Cup, where the players will have to take first place to earn Outfit Chicks and Star back for for free before they appear in the store store. You can check all the details and official rules for Chica Cup by visiting an epic -related blog.

In the same way, every player who scored at least eight points will receive Chika was a spray here . Chiki’s costume will have five different styles, in addition to the default version. The remaining four styles will include prismatic style of stripes , royal strip of style , style of shades and style of the hunter’s mask . Kirka Aida’s Edge will appear in the item store, and it will edit the alternative style Royale Streak.

How to unlock the Pollito spray in Fortnite

Players will also be able to unlock Pololito spray watching their favorite Fortnite streamers. Each viewer who watches Fortnite on Twitch for one hour from 10:00 east of May 6 to 22:00 east of May 8, 2022 will unlock the spray. You will need to connect your Epic account with Twitch to get a reward.

Chica’s Fun Run Fortnite Island

Epic Games, to celebrate the Chica’s Icon Series set, also represents a cheerful race of Chiki creative island. Enter the following island code to enter Fun Run. 8432-7199-6378 ! Developed by the team of the creators of Kybercreative, players will be able to “soar” through a complex obstacle strip with countless samples and errors.

How to Unlock the Chica Outfit for FREE! - (Fortnite Zero Build Duos Tournament!)

Do you want to know how to fulfill all the steppe quests in the second season? Check out all the milestones in Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 2, in the guidelines for the game for professionals.

Fortnite SeChallengeson 2: Filtered Missions Week 4

Challenges and missions of the week 4 of seChallengeson 2 of fortnite chapter 3 will be available Challenges of Thursday 04/14/2022 at 15 : 00h cest. Challenges it hChallenges been common for quite some time, in Meristation we tell you what is every challenge and mission of fortnite ** of this batch, extracted directly from the game via datamining. We leave you with all this information just below:

Fortnite SeChallengeson 2: Filtered Missions Week 4

Fortnite All Week 4 Season Quests Guide - Chapter 3 Season 2
* Scroll through the air with a propeller (0/100) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengesonal
* Thanks to the bus driver and then ends at the Top 25 (0/2) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengeson
* Visit GChallenges Stations with a Battle Bus (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengesonal
* Gets to stay several seconds in the air after you attack you with a crChallengesh grenade (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengeson
* Eliminates OI forces in the same heading (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengesonal
* Fishing or collects a heat fish (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengeson
* Accepts a contract on a contracts plank within 30 seconds after landing (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengeson
* Inflicts damage to opponents with a collection tool (0/75) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengesonal
* Record ammunition boxes in tortuous tunnels or loving camp (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 PE seChallengeson

All these challenges and missions were added to the Fortnite file system with the patch 20.10 , the second of seChallengeson 2 of Chapter 3. Challenges we have commented above, these challenges and missions will be available Challenges of Thursday April 14, 2022 at 15: 00h cest except for the lChallengest two; Weekly missions are always seven, but in every weekly epic games usually add a couple of extra challenges to replace any of the other seven in cChallengese there is an unforeseen problem.

In Meristation you will have guides of each and every one of these challenges Challenges soon Challenges they are active in the game. Meanwhile, we remind you that you can visit our complete Fortnite Battle Royale guide to know all the secrets of the game, Challenges how to get the Skin Doctor Strange, what a weapon is the best, or how to complete all the missions.

Fortnite – Chapter 2 Map – All Named Locations

Fortnite is filled with named locations. They are filled with pillar buildings, chests to find and weapons and ammunition to gather while you try to survive a massive battle in a narrowing storm circle. You will often need to visit specific names to finish challenges or for events at stake.

Fortnite – Chapter 2 Season 1 – All named map locations

You will find below the locations named on the new Fornite Chapter 2 Map of Season 2:

  • Steep cliffs
  • Pleasant park
  • Sweat sands
  • Frenzy Farm
  • Salty Springs
  • Holly Hedges
  • Crying wood
  • Lazy lake
  • Retail line
  • Misty Meadows

Five new areas have also been added to the map at the beginning of Season 2 in Chapter 2.

  • Agency
  • The rigging
  • Cave
  • The yacht
  • The shark

All Named Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2

For the moment, we do not know if these new zones count as named locations with respect to challenges. The new locations are filled with very interesting booty because you can get key cards to attack the chests, kill bosses for new mythical weapons and face the henchmen patrolling them, making them much more dangerous than other areas from the menu.

Reverse2K ends the fortnite

The professional fornite player and Streamer Malachi, Reverse2k ‘Greiner announced his decision not to play the game more than competition, although this will not be the end for him and fornite.

Reverse2k Top 50 Greatest Clips of ALL TIME
“[I’ll] Keep it short and simple,” says Reverse2k in A Twitter Post. “I’m done with getting Fortnite competitively. I still love the game, still wants to participate in competitions, but I had the community and the game somehow full. “

Then he continues why he has decided to end the fornite competition game, and notes that he is full of not being respected by others in the community. “[I do not care] When people hate me,” he says, “but the constant disregard of my name and my style of play was just too much. I was sorry to “prove” that I am a top player, and every second tournament to find new players. “

Reverse2k recently had a pretty hard deal with Fortnite. In February, the player announced that he was a free agent and after some rather rocky seasons he wanted to play for the “terrible” community “” stop “to play.

Now it looks like Reverse2k has finally redeemed this promise. He will not quite stop playing Fortnite, but it’s the end of his competitive career – at least for the time being.

FNCS seFortnite Championon 8 of fortnite qualifying 2 dates schedules and how to get twitch drops

Q qualifying 2 of FNCS , Fortnite Champion Series of seFortnite Championon 8 of battle pFortnite Champions of fortnite chapter 2 takes place from October 22-25, 2021. Free prizes thanks to DROPS of twitch for seeing certain channels when you issue this event live. Just below we tell you what to do to win these rewards:

Q qualifying phFortnite Champione 2 of FNCS FINNITE CHAPTER 2 – SeFortnite Championon 8: Dates and schedules

The dates and schedules of the FNCS qualifying phFortnite Champione 2 of FNCS 8 of Fortnite Chapter 2 are the following:

22/10/21 : 19: 00h cest at 22: 00h cest.
23/10/21 : from 15: 00h cest at 18: 00h cest.
23/10/21 : 19: 00h cest at 22: 00h cest.
24/10/21 : 19: 00h cest at 22: 00h cest.

Fortnite SeFortnite Championon 8: How to see the FNCS qualifying 2 live

To see the qualifying 2 FncS of seFortnite Championon 8 of Fortnite chapter 2 live and live is twitch . All shows will be retransmitted live in all languages, and you can see them at Another option is to consult the list of twitch direct with activated drops and enter any of them.

How to get rewards watching fortnite fncs with twitch drops

Seeing at leFortnite Championt 15 minutes of any FNC twitch s direct who have the activated drops to the dates and time indicated we can achieve the following rewards:

Rewards of FNCS Twitch Drops of SeFortnite Championon 8:

???? Emoticon FNCS 2: 8
???? ️ Load scanner cubic combat
???? Graffiti FNCS spirit
???? Accessory Backpacker number 1 with a new purple style fortnite fortniteseFortnite Championon8

Fortnite Champion Series C2S7 - Finals - Day 1 - NAE + NAW

  • Rubén Martínez (@ruvenmb) October 16, 2021

Emoticon FNCS 2: 8
Cubic combat loading screen
Graffiti Spirit of the FNCS
Backpacker accessory number one (and all your additional styles, including a new purple color)

Keep also in mind that, in order to claim the rewards, we must have connected our Twitch account with our Epic Games account. For this, we go to this section on the web. In addition, we will have to go to the Twitch inventory page to claim the rewards; The next time we start session in Fortnite we will obtain them.

Calendar of the FNCS of the Fortnite seFortnite Championon 8 Chapter 2

The dates and schedules of the rest of the FNCS tournament of Fortnite Chapter 2 – SeFortnite Championon 8 are the following:

Semifinals : October 27.
Final: October 29.

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