Many users – us too – have reported numerous problems in Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One during this weekend . They started Friday night and gave rise to inconveniences such Xbox Series not being able to access the library, start games bought in digital format, see the list of connected friends and other services. These errors were repeated again during the afternoon and night of Saturday and from Microsoft they have confirmed that Xbox Live services have failed. This morning they have announced that everything works again, although some kind of error is still possible; We tell you how to solve it in seconds .

If something still fails, it’s time to restart the console

Xbox Series Microsoft recommends, in some cXbox Serieses it is possible that an error leaves some type of trail, and although the problem is corrected, some consoles can continue to experience them. If all services are in order, restart the console will be more than enough so that everything will work immediately. From that moment on, if you suffer any problem, pay attention to the following information.

How to know if everything works correctly?

Xbox Series X/S: How to Fix Not Connecting to WiFi Internet & Network Issues Tutorial! (2021)

On some occXbox Seriesions it is possible that we are suffering connection problems that prevent us from seeing the list of friends, using games from our library and even unlocking achievements. Many users tend to think that their Internet connection is being affected by some incidence, although it is not always the cXbox Seriese. Xbox Live It is a complex system in which problems Xbox Seriessociated with a certain service are sometimes arise, so the most recommended Xbox Series soon Xbox Series you not know something strange is to visit the following link; It is a website that shows the status of all services in real time . At the time of publishing this news, we can verify that the errors have been solved and everything works perfectly.