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House of the Dragon Episode 2: Did you observe this Easter Egg?

The Prequel series for Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, has actually been readily available for a couple of days currently. In the meanwhile, the 2nd episode of the series has actually already been released, which likewise includes the opening series of the series for the first time. This is really reminiscent of the opening of Game of Thrones itself, yet instead of a card we get the Targaryen household, painted in blood, this time around.

amazing Easter Egg in House of the Dragon

As a few resourceful customers uncovered, the pattern of her symbol can also be located on the locket, which she is provided by Daemon Targaryen in the first episode of the brand-new show. The partnership between Daemon and also Rhaenyra is not precisely simple, and also it will definitely be fascinating to see just how both characters develop during the series. Via this Easter Egg, we at least recognize that the two are most likely quite close in spite of all the difficulties.

If you desire to know which icons are for the other characters of the series, the Twitter account obtained realities has the perfect video clip for you. When the 3rd episode of House of the Dragon is launched in a few days, you will be completely prepared. Incidentally, the initial season must consist of ten episodes.

The different symbols of the characters are likewise revealed in the opening. The last symbol we see in the opening logically belongs to Rhaenyra, which is presently the end of the household tree.

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The Prequel series for Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, has been readily available for a few days now. In the meantime, the 2nd episode of the series has currently been published, which likewise includes the opening series of the series for the first time. If you want to know which signs are for the other characters of the series, the Twitter account got facts has the excellent video for you.

Destiny 2 and the Sunetting

The real trouble is that that Destiny 2 needed a new game, due to the fact that with the release of the growth beyond the light in 2020, the real introductory of Destiny 2, the project around the red battle, from the game into the content resor banished. Sunetting. With the witch queen, the Forsaken project has actually likewise been thrown out of the game.

Several players of the loot shooter Destiny have often and also noisally and also noisally dispersed their aggravation not just with us, but additionally on other sites, on social media and on Reddit. It is concerning the procedure of the Sunetting, of which the programmers of Bungie are a bit too huge advocates if their Destiny professionals asks.

This is exactly how it took place with the Destiny 1 raid glass chamber and also (simply just) Königssturz, or with the Destiny 1 game area Kosmodrom. Let’s stay in the last example, the cosmodrome. In order to be incorporated in Destiny 2 (now getting EUR 18.86), the Destiny 1 game starter experience was taken as well as adapted. Now the cosmodrome is the beginning factor for every brand-new guardian. That is not the trouble.

remove what you paid for?

Most Destiny veterans disgust this process for developers. They paid for content such as the red battle and also foraken and also they want to play them. I can comprehend the rage, even if you always have to emphasize: We do not pay explicitly for content, we spend for a game permit. Destiny does not come from us and also we constantly have to anticipate developers to make decisions that do not preference. Consider the modification of Azeroth with Catastrophe.
Dominus Ghaul and also the audio speaker; Both of them a meme. Because the red fight has actually been gotten rid of, both of them have actually not been in the game because 2020. Resource: bungie
Anyway: Sunsets can still be seen seriously, since they take a little far from the player, as well as something needs to never be the initial choice. What bung’s procedure bothered me significantly more is that the story around Dominus Ghaul as well as additionally that was sliced around Uldren and Mara SOV. Any individual who starts with Destiny 2 will certainly never know that this Cayde is, around whom the reports rank and who often talks to the gamer in strikes (as well as just how Nathan Fillion sounds, just Sayin).
Cayde-6: Gunslinger, Understanding, Kickass, passed away.. Source: Activision
Or this speaker, whose mention always triggers numerous laughs. If you start the game currently, you only obtain partially that Dominus Ghaul has captured the vacationer as well as that the caretakers have actually temporarily shed their light. As well as they may not truly understand that Uldren is the dark past of crow who still needs to battle with his I.

The tale is the crucial to triumph

The main wording of the designers of Bungie: It has constantly been tough to bid farewell to projects when they were relocated to the Destiny content resor to keep the current what has happened in Destiny 2 in the meantime. The seasonal content continues to be available in the existing year of growth as well as will after that be relocated to the Destiny content resorial when a brand-new extension appears.

As component of the seasonal stories, points that are essential for the narrative of a growth are provided for both those that are currently and for those who are still coming. Destiny currently has almost 10 years of stories from the Legend of Light and also Darkness; That doesn’t fit on a beer cover. Also if the bungista does not go on to maintain the seasonal tales in the game, you need to bring the events closer to all guardians, in the game. With a video clip, for example, that handles a couple of details.


I just recently wrote that that the narration of period 17 of Destiny 2 was excellent, also game-mechanically (unfortunately this is not the instance in season 18, however that is one more subject). It is all the a lot more sad when crucial tale advancements simply go away from the game, especially in the type of growth campaigns. A description that Bungie suched as to try when it comes to Sunetting is Destiny’s innovation. The game might not use that several content as well as it is also perplexing when players stumble across old, rarely played content. For me, in great German, it constantly seemed like this: the programmers think I assume I can discover a bit also silly to find the tasks that are necessary for my character.
Crow, unfortunate number of the Destiny universe. Why? Will be described to you in Forsaken… Source: Bungie
However that has less to do with my intelligence or the brains of the Destiny neighborhood, however simply with game design and also playing player. Since for the news of Destiny 2: Lightfall (published on February 28, 2023) the devs emphasize: There will be no much more expansion. After the thing Sunetting has actually currently been quit with season 14 **, the expansions are no much longer taken.

What concerning the expansions that have dropped for?

** Of course, it makes no feeling from the tale, in enhancement to the brand-new introduction in the cosmodrome, the red fight is now again unload. In any instance, it is a wonderful solution that the Destiny DEVs have actually returned to be duplicated.

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In order to be incorporated in Destiny 2 (now acquiring EUR 18.86), the Destiny 1 game starter experience was taken and also adapted. The real trouble is that that Destiny 2 required a new game, due to the fact that with the release of the growth past the light in 2020, the actual introductory of Destiny 2, the project around the red fight, from the game right into the content resor eradicated. I just recently created that that the narration of period 17 of Destiny 2 was terrific, also game-mechanically (however this is not the situation in season 18, yet that is one more subject). But that has much less to do with my intelligence or the brains of the Destiny neighborhood, yet simply with game style and playing player. Since for the news of Destiny 2: Lightfall ** (released on February 28, 2023) the devs highlight: There will be no a lot more extension.

Validated: Mafia 4 is under development

There were a number of indications that the work on such a project has also currently started. Because finally the programmers have actually shared themselves with a message on this topic very gratifying for the followers.

new mafia in advancement


_ I am delighted to formally announce that the growth help the brand-new mafia game has actually started! While the magazine is still a few years away as well as we can not share any kind of further information, we can barely wait, the preferred saga To proceed and to submerse our followers right into brand-new tales. _.


Additionally worth reading: Pc Gaming Week: Leading deals for Screen, RTX 3080, SSD, TV, video games that ought to not be missed out on .

Appropriately, it is currently lastly clear that the followers can anticipate another game of the Mafia series . According to General Supervisor’s declarations, nonetheless, you will most likely need to be person for some time .

As part of a huge meeting on the official website, numerous workers of the Studio Hangar 13 were chatting concerning the background of the Mafia series. General Manager Roman Hladík , Media Director Tomáš Hřebíček as well as Game Director Alex Cox asked the various questions about the starts of the series, one of the most preferred episodes until now. Towards completion of the interview, Hladik then leaves the bomb as well as announced a brand-new mafia .

two decades Mafia: The Mobster series did various from GTA!

It must take a likewise lengthy time for us to see tangible details as well as initial product . Always consoles the assurance that mafia will certainly continue.

Source: Meeting on the official internet site.

By André Linken.
30.08.2022 at 8:30 a.m.

It should take a correspondingly lengthy time for us to see tangible details and first product .

There were several indicators that the job on such a job has actually also currently begun. Due to the fact that lastly the programmers have expressed themselves with a message on this topic really gratifying for the followers.

According to a widely known leaker, Mafia 4 must serve as a prequel for the whole collection as well as focus on the history of Don Salieri.

We clarify the mafia series, Gateway to play as well as GTA-Killer: Why the Ganoven dramatization review an even more than harsh tale below! PCPS4XBO0.

Mafia 4: activity rumors about Don Salieri.

General Manager Roman Hladík , Media Director Tomáš Hřebíček as well as Video Game Supervisor Alex Cox asked the countless concerns concerning the beginnings of the collection, the most preferred episodes so much. Towards the end of the meeting, Hladik after that leaves the bomb as well as introduced a new mafia **.

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Do not await the Multiversus neighborhood participating soon: the totally free battling game has various other concerns

Ultimate. The video game director and member of Player First Gamings, Tony Huynh, has replied to the issue of a customer on social networks that inquired about this issue, making sure that, sadly, will certainly not get here soon despite the fact that they had commented that they would certainly work in the. The factor is that the team are more focused on stabilize the game experience , addressing renovations in the netcode as well as a much better performance of the effect boxes of the characters.

Because its open beta arrived this summer season, Multiversus has actually erected as one of the most effective complimentary to play titles of the minute on the various systems in which it is offered (COMPUTER, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and also Xbox Series Collection X | s). His season 1 has included choices and also new characters, such as Morty, however what regarding the participating mode ?

Nonetheless, we may see it in the future since it is something that the programmer recognizes that she is very required, more when the title has gotten to 20 million individuals in less than a month offered to download. We invite you to review in Multiversus evaluation that Jesus Bella carried out for 3DJUGOS if you desire to know what your battle proposal has seemed to us.


They are concentrated on renovations on netcode as well as hitboxes The neighborhood cooperative is a capability that has been asking for a good part of the Warner battle game community, which can play online yet not with one more individual with one more person with an additional person In the very same console versus various other users, something that can be performed in very comparable propositions such as Super Smash Bros.

The dark metroidvania The Last of Benedict Fox leaves much more unsolved enigmas in a new gameplay

Plot Twist has actually not yet shared a clear-cut launch date for The Last of Benedict Fox. We currently know that it will certainly come out at some point in 2023 as well as, as we have actually commented at the beginning of this text, it will certainly be readily available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series and also Xbox Game Pass. In this way, we will continue to be attentive to all the info of the video game to find out concerning brand-new details of his mysterious journey.

In The Last Instance of Benedict Fox we manage a self-proclaimed investigative that comes down to a limbo of decadent memories with a demon friend. Throughout this journeys, he will have to check out the subconscious himself, address challenging puzzles and combat several challengers that will certainly not think twice to strike to put an end to our unusual examination.

If you are a fan of the Metroidvania , you are probably interested to know that PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series as well as Xbox Game Pass prepare to receive the dark proposal of The Last Instance of Benedict Fox. An experience of action and journey that consists of reoccuring aspects of the genre as an explorable (and labyrinthine) map, system and also areas that we can just access with specific abilities, to name a few points.


Well, the developer Story Twist intended to put her video game once more at the factor of view with a quick gameplay that, as you can see in the video clip that heads this news, assesses a few of the vital factors of the adventure. Due to the fact that, past every little thing defined in the previous paragraph, the video game also stands out for a general darkness that takes ideas in the nightmares of Lovecraft .

NBA 2K23: New features for The W on PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X.

2K introduced brand-new video game elements as well as updates for The W in NBA 2K23 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s. Playable variations of the WNBA All-Star Game as well as the Commissioner’s Mug, community challenges and other brand new web content are presented.

The WNBA is growing swiftly and we likewise expand the series of The W setting to supply our followers even more chances to experience the WNBA, claimed Erick Boenisch, VP of NBA Advancement at 2K as well as Visual Concepts. This year The W provides a much more authentic WNBA experience. The players can not only experience tales of women’s basketball, however themselves to which will become new as well as lead the area to brand-new elevations.

The W radiates with countless new highlights:

  • Area objectives: In every season, the community can interact towards six weekly objectives. Each NBA 2K23 gamers gets an incentive if the usual goal is achieved in 4 of the six weeks of the Period.
  • Organization expansion: Any person that gives the optimum level 10 of league understanding in The W opens 2 growth group ports and also can figure out exactly how the league increases. From the choice of the city and the construction of the sector to the layout of the logo and also the jerseys.
  • The W benefits: New content as well as epic rewards, including WNBA jerseys, a logo and also ‘my team’ train cards are waiting exclusively in W online. The gamers can provide their jerseys, brand name new historic equipment and also more in the W and the City *.
  • Game Changer: Anybody that anticipates a great deal of time and also power to achieve the neighborhood goal will certainly be designated Game Changer. Game Changer get special access to benefits such as Team Takeover Increases as well as have the ability to broadcast various other gamers in the W on the internet player increases.
  • Get in touch with Difficulties: While the players collect even more and a lot more calls in the course of the setting, they get challenges. You need to paint specific video games in the schedule, together with brand-new players in call exercises, maintain an eye on the period broad analytical goals and also broaden your game in a brand-new way.
  • All Star & Commissioner’s Mug: For the very first time in the W, players have the opportunity to form the dream team as well as to take component in the All-Star Game and in the Commissioner’s Cup.

  • NBA 2K23 for Xbox One-69.99 euros
  • NBA 2K23 for Xbox Series X | S-79.99 euros

* NBA 2K23 Digital Deluxe Edition-84.99 euros
* NBA 2K23 Championship Edition-149.99 euros

NBA 2K23 is arranged to show up on September 9 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | s as well as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Over as well as Computer.

In-depth details on the updates for the W in NBA 2K23 on PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X | S can be located in the current Courtside Record. In the coming weeks, the programmers submerse themselves better and also expose more advancements in NBA 2K23.

The best talents that need to be unlocked first in Timaia

Talents are the best way to get powerful bonuses and improvements in timesia, and you should make efforts to study as many talents as possible. Talents can be any: from active and passive abilities to increasing damage for your attacks. The best talents will be considered in this leadership, which must be monitored in Timesia and open them as soon as possible.

The best talents for early opening in Timaia

Talents can be unlocked using memory fragments. Every time you use a memory fragment to increase your basic characteristic, you get a talent point, and you can use this talent point to unlock a new talent.

Each talent will cost you one point of talent, and you can drop any talent at any time so that you are not tied to any talents, and you can try many combinations.

In total, the game has six talent trees, each of which contains many special talents belonging to their class. You cannot unlock them all because you cannot get so many talent points, so you will have to carefully choose.

The best thing in talents is that you can change them and try different combinations, so you do not focus on those that you mainly equip. There are many talents, but some of them are necessary, and we mentioned them below.

Healing of execution

Regardless of what game you play in, healing will always be one of your most popular talents. In the same way, the healing execution in Timesia is a mandatory talent at any time of the game.

Healing Execution will heal you and return you part of the lost health, depending on the type of enemy you killed. The larger the enemy you killed, the more health you will receive.

You will receive 25 units of health for the destruction of mobs with the help of ordinary knives and axes, 35 units of health for victory over mid-level mobs with the best shields and equipment, and, finally, you can get up to 45 health units for the destruction of mini-bosses.

If the boss has two phases, then you will receive 55 health for the victory over the first phase of the boss. With healing, you will not only restore health, but also your energy, which will allow you to use plague weapons.


Sharp weapons are not so much talent as an increase in damage to your attacks with sabers. Attacks with sabers are your main attacks, and strengthening damage from them is a talent that you should always have at your disposal.

When you use sabers attacks with the talent sharp weapons, he inflicts wounds that you can deplete. Even if you do not use a combo attack, but simply use attacks with sabers with the equipment sharp weapons, you will still apply tons of damage.

The exact deviation

If you go to a tree of deviation talents, you will find a talent for accurate reflection. This talent increases the total damage inflicted when repelling the enemy’s attack. This type of talent is useful at any time of the game, so it is required.

H long slope

During combat situations, when you cannot always make a response with the same force, you will have to evade this attack. In such situations, talent, which mostly makes you invincible, expanding your evasion range and providing some additional cadres of invincibility.

Using this talent, you can dodge even the most inevitable attacks during the battle. If you are just starting the game, it is better to have this talent at hand, since there is no alternative to a full health scale.

First aid

If the return from the dead were talent, then it would be exactly like that. First aid is the last talent in a tree of strategies, and he uses one of your potions to return you after death.

In a heavy combat game, such as Thymesia, this talent will be very useful, because it will give you a second chance to fight the enemy again from the same place, and not restart the game again.

Schlotterbeck: We can have gathered 2 or three today

You can see that Nico Schlotterbeck’s time at SC Freiburg was not also long back by the labels he has for the Freiburg gamers. There are Vincenzo Grifo as well as Christian Günter that perform the complimentary kicks at the sporting activities club-or like Schlotterbeck at DAZN: Freiburg had eight, 9 standards that we have actually completely d1. as well as Günni.

And there is Mark Flekken, the Freiburg keeper, who created the 1-1 with his mishap at the definitely resilient shot of BVB match champion Jamie Bynoe-Gitten. O-Ton Schlotterbeck: Then however the blunder of Flekki comes, we do two points as well as the video game is made a decision.


With 3: 1 Dortmund as well as Schlotterbeck inevitably won the video game in Freiburg-in the old house of the main defender, born in Waiblingen (Baden-Württemberg). Prior to the video game, he admitted, the nationwide player was really excited: The tension was currently wonderful today. You have a little bit of the feeling that you intend to reveal it to individuals, also though you don’t require that in any way.

Schlotterbeck: Freiburg was better up until 1-1

What Schlotterbeck also talked: Dortmund has actually had a tough time for a very long time. Freiburg asked us whatever and also you need to state honestly: they were better till 1-1. In the game of his team, the 22-year-old still sees a great deal of space for enhancement. We conceded a goal today, yet we could additionally have collected two or 3. He not just takes himself as well as his defense colleagues, yet the collective in the commitment: We need to protect far better as a group. If we recognize that, we are a great group because we have an offensive ruthless quality.

In the afternoon, Schlotterbeck spoke to BVB expert Matthias Sammer: He gave me a few commending words as well as stated that he constantly played badly when he returned. I just should not do it that method. With a smile, he added: However no pressure at all, yet as typical and afterwards we rock things as well as the good news is we did that.

Incidentally, Schlotterbeck did not meet every one of his ex-colleagues with consistency, as the nice labels suggest: When he saw and also looked quite tough on the sidelines in the 67th min Ritsu Doan, followed a few seconds as well as noisally verbal fight for a couple of secs his surging ex-coach Christian Streich. So it was an extremely active go back to Freiburg, at the end of which Schlotterbeck said: It was a good video game.

You can see that Nico Schlotterbeck’s time at SC Freiburg was not too long earlier by the nicknames he has for the Freiburg gamers. There are Vincenzo Grifo and also Christian Günter who perform the totally free kicks at the sporting activities club-or like Schlotterbeck at DAZN: Freiburg had eight, nine standards that we have totally d1. What Schlotterbeck likewise talked: Dortmund has actually had a hard time for a long time.

[Interview] Du Beeum is not just a 3D mafia game

After the success of ‘Monmont’, ‘Social Deition Game’ was in a hurry. The problem is that most of these ‘mafia’ games have been similar. Even when Dubbium informed the public, gamers thought it would be a similar game. The words commonly heard are ‘AAA-class fishmonts’ and ‘3D mafia game’. However, ‘Dubi’ is different from opening the lid. It’s not a little different, but it’s completely different. StarCraft and Warcraft are also the same RTS, but as the game is different, Du Beeum is something different from the works that have been released so far.

■ It is not ‘reckless’, but ‘moving your mind’
** Q. First, I want to ask this. Why is it’mus studio? ‘

= When you hear the studio name, everyone asks. I usually think of it as one of them (laughs). Because they are reckless people, or are you not in the Representative?

The name of the Mosudio is named from Latin. ‘Mutatio Motus’ means ‘moving your mind’. Literally, I wanted to develop such a game, but considering the way we walked, it seems that the reckless people.

Q. In 2019, four people gathered together to start the studio. How did you get together?

= Everybody met in the industry. CEO Hyun and Park Joon-young have been known since they were in society, and when they made a boxing game at Cocosoft, I learned about Jeon Ha-woong. Later, when I developed a boxing star at 4:33, I met Lim Hyun-woo AD, and after I learned, I continued to interact with each other in 2019 to start a mosquito studio.

Q. As a result, the industry is quite unusual. It’s been a person who walked only the boxing game before Dubbi, but I only made a boxing game. Why is this work not a boxing game?

= Everyone thinks we like boxing, but it’s not really that. The first time I was planning the game, the iPhone came out and I showed the control using the swipe in the fruit ninja.

Originally, it started as a light casual game, but as the game was unexpectedly solved, the sequel development needs continued, and I made a boxing game for nearly 10 years after riding the flow. Nowadays, I want to make other games other than boxing.

Q. 4:33 If you are a developer with a name value, is there a reason for starting a studio?

= After the development of the boxing star, I thought of the next project, and I envisioned the current project, Dubi. Perhaps it was about 2018. There was a problem here, and we hoped that Dubum would be made as a PC package game. However, ‘4:33’ was a company that focused on mobile game services, and it was difficult to actually proceed with the project. In the end, opinions gathered to make our own studio.

** Q. It would be a time when I was released in 2018, but it was not so famous.

= At that time we didn’t know anything about it. Rather, it is more likely influenced by ‘Dead Bai Dale Raite’ rather than the Epmons. We wanted to put the concept of changing the rules in real time on Devade’s asymmetric competitive multiplayer, and at the same time, we aimed for a game that was easy to see as you play. Because these two thoughts would be a future trend at the time.

If a fair competitive game stream gives you a sport, we’ve envisioned a game where you can see streaming as if you were watching the entertainment. The plan was to be a game where the rule continued to change, and the rule continued to change, and in the meantime, the game participants would be able to act and act in the game.

■ ‘Dubi’ is not just a mafia game

Q. So let’s talk about ‘Dubium’. Perhaps the most confusing part of the user is that the difference is from social depot games such as existing mafia games and earmonts. Can you explain?

= If the games of the general mafia rules find and kill each other, or to be attacked and died first, Dubi is different from this key rules.

The game of Dubbee is composed of five ‘front tier’, and is dispatched to repair space stations and facilities and recover the abandoned resources in the facility. The problem is that one of them is a traitor buying with another, and the traitor’s purpose is to read and escape the resources to be recovered, not the repair of the facility.

Therefore, the game can proceed without killing or dying. If the traitor is good at mutation, he or she can deceive everyone, keep resources alone, escape, win, and get on contact with other front tiers in earnest, or to induce end-division between other front tiers.

Q. Does the resources supplied in the game make sense outside the game?

= ‘Keystone’ (certain resource), which was escaped from the game, is exchanged for in-game goods and is used for decorating elements or account growth. Because the compensation system is certain, the traitor keeps the resource securing and escaping, and the Frontier will keep the proposition of escape after repairing facilities and securing resources.


Q. Then, if the traitor is discovered too quickly, will the game be ruined?

= Two devices are ready. First of all, the traitor does not know who is unless he is found to assassinate someone or to sabo. And if you attack someone without knowing who you are, you will be a criminal and you will not be able to resurrect one time. If you do not have the right evidence, even if the target is a real traitor, you will be a criminal.

For this reason, Frontier should be cautious in attack even if he suspects someone as a traitor. If you don’t have one, you may be suspected of being a traitor with a big risk.

Secondly, when the traitor is discovered early and dies, some kinds of calls come to the Frontier with the largest number of keystones at that time. ‘Blaman’, who bought the traitor, called and asked, ‘Can you play that role instead?’ Of course you can refuse.

In this case, the most familiar gamers are the most familiar gamers in the game, so the best talent becomes a traitor. No one can slow down. Of course, it may be rejected and four people may head to the ending after repairing the facility, but the merit of reading resources is so large that psychological dilemma is created.

Q. Wait, did you say there is a ‘resurrection’ feature? Can there be a resurrection in social depot games?

All Frontier, including the betrayer, can be revived only once without criminals. We aimed at the emotional change of gamers through this resurrection. If you are killed in the game, you can be killed by a weapon that is randomly placed on the site, or ‘assassination’ that can only be used by traitors.. The traitor is also resurrected if he is not a criminal (who has attacked other people), so he can deliberately stimulate his opponent with a weapon and drive his opponent as a traitor.

However, ‘assassination’ is a little different, and in situations where the system panel is manipulated or repaired, the point of view is forced to become a first person and cannot be confirmed. At this time, if you are assassinated by the traitor, you can not know who killed me after death. Of course, forced assassination, which approaches and turns around the front of the past, is used only in the last situation because you can see who is a traitor.

In fact, in the test, such a perfect assassination or innocent player was confirmed that the play style changed dramatically after the resurrection. In the event of death, most gamers became extremely angry because they lost all the resources collected, and because of the fact that gamers who were somewhat wary were suspicious of all, or even if someone approached, they responded by aiming from the gun.

In addition, if you die during the game, the voice chat will be cut off, which was not expected, but it showed a slightly different effect. Isn’t there a scene where you can exchange radio with each other and suddenly be silent at some point. As the creepy rises, I feel as if I am in the real scene.

Q. Wasn’t the traitor grabbed a gun and killed all others with extreme physicals?

= Systematically possible. However, it is not easy to kill anyone with a gun unless you have a serious damage to the gun and there is no concept of headshot, so you don’t shoot two feet behind your back. In addition, killing one person will naturally become a criminal, which is only suspected.

Even if you kill all the remaining front tier, the game is forced to enter the self-defense sequence if only one frontier remains, and only a short escape time is given. In the end, if you want to get something a little bit, you have to give up and escape the potential rewards that you can get.

Q. Who was the best betrayal of the person in front? (Laughter)

= Lim Hyun-woo AD…

Interestingly, each gay when you play

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