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Madden 21 on Xbox One can be upgraded to the following generation until following year

By the end of the year, Xbox Series X and PS5 will certainly be in the hands of lots of and in the minds of all. Microsoft, for instance, has actually started to prepare Smart Delivery, which enables particular games acquired on Xbox One to be updated for cost-free to Xbox Series X. The following Madden 21 is one of these games.

Microsoft, for example, has started to plan Smart Shipment, which permits certain games purchased on Xbox One to be upgraded for cost-free to Xbox Series X. Fans that obtain Madden 21 for that reason have until August following year to obtain their hands on an Xbox Series X and upgrade the video game. Madden 21 is launched this summertime for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X and also PS5.

Followers that obtain Madden 21 consequently have up until August following year to obtain their hands on an Xbox Series X and update the game. Madden 21 is released this summertime for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X and also PS5.

Which system will you mount Madden 21 will you mount? Let us know in the comments listed below.

We know some of these games, including Madden 21, for a while now, yet EA games have time for this instance, so their version is called Dual Entitlement. If Madden is your favorite yearly variation and you want to play it on the initial day and also when the Xbox Series X will release, you have some latitude to obtain the following generation console and also utilize your upgrade duplicate.

How to uninstall League of Legends

You are likely to have one or two friends who have not logged down in League of Legends for quite some time. Maybe they were exhausted or no longer obtained that satisfaction of the game. You could also feel that. Sometimes, League of Legends has damaged files and reinstallation is the best course of action. Whatever the reason to get rid of the popular Moba by Riot Games, you will need to know How to uninstall League of Legends.


How to uninstall League of Legends

Unlike, say, Steam, uninstall League of Legends requires a little preliminary work. It is easy, but very slow. It’s about using the Windows control panel. This is what you do:

* Open the start menu.

It is located in the lower left corner. You can also open it with the Windows key.

* While the start menu is open, write Control Panel and will automatically look for it.

Select it from the search results.

* In programs, click Uninstall a program.

* Locate League of Legends, highlight it and then choose Uninstall.

Keep in mind that once you click Uninstall, the process will be carried out automatically without your intervention. All related files will be deleted, except for saved repetitions. They are found in documents> League of Legends> Repetitions.

It should be noted that the uninstall of League of Legends will not uninstall the Riot Games client. So, if you play Valorant or any other Riot Games title, they will still be available to play. You can always return to League of Legends through the Riot Games client and simply reinstall it.

Now that you know How to uninstall League of Legends , it could be time to move on to a new obsession. There are fantastic titles available for Xbox Cloud Gaming that ask for your attention. You may want to catch up with the movies, in which case I look at the 10 best horror movies of Stephen King of Legends.

Fuence of the prominent image: Riot Games

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Gamescom 2022: This games reveals Xbox at the fair

The complying with games can be played at the Xbox stand.

Gamescom 2022 starts in Cologne in two weeks. Visitors can check out the Xbox deal and also stand with picked games. The company revealed what games the Redmonders have in their baggage today.

This year the Xbox stand will certainly be discovered again in Hall 8 as well as offer 36 terminals with a selection of material that will stand for Xbox in the following twelve months.

Games of the Xbox Studios:

Visitors to the Xbox stand will certainly likewise have the chance to check out the brand-new Xbox app on the most up to date Samsung wise television. It is component of an objective to provide every person the chance to play the games they desire.


We are significantly anticipating being back at the fair and also bringing our passionate fans together once more in order to commemorate what is taking place at Xbox, claimed Microsoft.

Site visitors can check out the Xbox stand as well as deal with selected games. In enhancement to the opportunity to try out present and future games, site visitors are offered the possibility to be photographed with video clip game heroes. The Xbox Fanfest is also returning. The event will certainly take area on Wednesday, August 24 from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and also offers chosen followers the possibility to come together at the Xbox stand before the fair is opened to the public ticket holder. Interested events can register right here .
| Tickets with a 50 percent price cut .| Ubisoft takes a trip with Skull & Bones, Roller Champions and also more to the reasonable .

Additional records on Gamescom 2022, Microsoft, Xbox.

The Xbox Fanfest is also returning. The occasion will certainly occur on Wednesday, August 24 from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and also gives chosen followers the chance to find with each other at the Xbox stand before the fair is opened up to the general public ticket owner. Interested parties can register right here .

All further details on the Xbox profession reasonable look are summarized below .

  • Pentiment (obsidian home entertainment).
  • Age of Realms IV (Relic Amusement & World’s Edge).
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (ASOBO Studio).
  • Sea of Thieves (Rare Games).
  • Based (obsidian home entertainment).

Exterior firms are also presented at the Xbox Games booth. This consists of: .

In enhancement to the chance to check out current as well as forthcoming games, site visitors are given the possibility to be photographed with computer game heroes. This includes Boodmother, the very first final boss from Grounded. A selfie with Vasco, the robotic friend from Starfield, can likewise be made.

  • A Plague Story: Requiem (Asobo Workshop/ Focus Amusement).
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley (Gameloft).
  • Gunfire Reborn (Duoyi Games/ 505 Games).
  • Inculinati (Yaza Games/ Daedalic Enjoyment).
  • Last Situation of Benedict Fox (Story Twist Games/ Rogue Games).
  • Exists of P (Neowiz).
  • Lightyear Frontier (Framework Break).
  • Earth of Lana (Wishfully/ Thunderful).
  • You Suck at Car Parking (Happy Volcano).

More records on Gamescom 2022: .

[Interview] Du Beeum is not just a 3D mafia game

After the success of ‘Monmont’, ‘Social Deition Game’ was in a hurry. The problem is that most of these ‘mafia’ games have been similar. Even when Dubbium informed the public, gamers thought it would be a similar game. The words commonly heard are ‘AAA-class fishmonts’ and ‘3D mafia game’. However, ‘Dubi’ is different from opening the lid. It’s not a little different, but it’s completely different. StarCraft and Warcraft are also the same RTS, but as the game is different, Du Beeum is something different from the works that have been released so far.

■ It is not ‘reckless’, but ‘moving your mind’
** Q. First, I want to ask this. Why is it’mus studio? ‘

= When you hear the studio name, everyone asks. I usually think of it as one of them (laughs). Because they are reckless people, or are you not in the Representative?

The name of the Mosudio is named from Latin. ‘Mutatio Motus’ means ‘moving your mind’. Literally, I wanted to develop such a game, but considering the way we walked, it seems that the reckless people.

Q. In 2019, four people gathered together to start the studio. How did you get together?

= Everybody met in the industry. CEO Hyun and Park Joon-young have been known since they were in society, and when they made a boxing game at Cocosoft, I learned about Jeon Ha-woong. Later, when I developed a boxing star at 4:33, I met Lim Hyun-woo AD, and after I learned, I continued to interact with each other in 2019 to start a mosquito studio.

Q. As a result, the industry is quite unusual. It’s been a person who walked only the boxing game before Dubbi, but I only made a boxing game. Why is this work not a boxing game?

= Everyone thinks we like boxing, but it’s not really that. The first time I was planning the game, the iPhone came out and I showed the control using the swipe in the fruit ninja.

Originally, it started as a light casual game, but as the game was unexpectedly solved, the sequel development needs continued, and I made a boxing game for nearly 10 years after riding the flow. Nowadays, I want to make other games other than boxing.

Q. 4:33 If you are a developer with a name value, is there a reason for starting a studio?

= After the development of the boxing star, I thought of the next project, and I envisioned the current project, Dubi. Perhaps it was about 2018. There was a problem here, and we hoped that Dubum would be made as a PC package game. However, ‘4:33’ was a company that focused on mobile game services, and it was difficult to actually proceed with the project. In the end, opinions gathered to make our own studio.

** Q. It would be a time when I was released in 2018, but it was not so famous.

= At that time we didn’t know anything about it. Rather, it is more likely influenced by ‘Dead Bai Dale Raite’ rather than the Epmons. We wanted to put the concept of changing the rules in real time on Devade’s asymmetric competitive multiplayer, and at the same time, we aimed for a game that was easy to see as you play. Because these two thoughts would be a future trend at the time.

If a fair competitive game stream gives you a sport, we’ve envisioned a game where you can see streaming as if you were watching the entertainment. The plan was to be a game where the rule continued to change, and the rule continued to change, and in the meantime, the game participants would be able to act and act in the game.

■ ‘Dubi’ is not just a mafia game

Q. So let’s talk about ‘Dubium’. Perhaps the most confusing part of the user is that the difference is from social depot games such as existing mafia games and earmonts. Can you explain?

= If the games of the general mafia rules find and kill each other, or to be attacked and died first, Dubi is different from this key rules.

The game of Dubbee is composed of five ‘front tier’, and is dispatched to repair space stations and facilities and recover the abandoned resources in the facility. The problem is that one of them is a traitor buying with another, and the traitor’s purpose is to read and escape the resources to be recovered, not the repair of the facility.

Therefore, the game can proceed without killing or dying. If the traitor is good at mutation, he or she can deceive everyone, keep resources alone, escape, win, and get on contact with other front tiers in earnest, or to induce end-division between other front tiers.

Q. Does the resources supplied in the game make sense outside the game?

= ‘Keystone’ (certain resource), which was escaped from the game, is exchanged for in-game goods and is used for decorating elements or account growth. Because the compensation system is certain, the traitor keeps the resource securing and escaping, and the Frontier will keep the proposition of escape after repairing facilities and securing resources.


Q. Then, if the traitor is discovered too quickly, will the game be ruined?

= Two devices are ready. First of all, the traitor does not know who is unless he is found to assassinate someone or to sabo. And if you attack someone without knowing who you are, you will be a criminal and you will not be able to resurrect one time. If you do not have the right evidence, even if the target is a real traitor, you will be a criminal.

For this reason, Frontier should be cautious in attack even if he suspects someone as a traitor. If you don’t have one, you may be suspected of being a traitor with a big risk.

Secondly, when the traitor is discovered early and dies, some kinds of calls come to the Frontier with the largest number of keystones at that time. ‘Blaman’, who bought the traitor, called and asked, ‘Can you play that role instead?’ Of course you can refuse.

In this case, the most familiar gamers are the most familiar gamers in the game, so the best talent becomes a traitor. No one can slow down. Of course, it may be rejected and four people may head to the ending after repairing the facility, but the merit of reading resources is so large that psychological dilemma is created.

Q. Wait, did you say there is a ‘resurrection’ feature? Can there be a resurrection in social depot games?

All Frontier, including the betrayer, can be revived only once without criminals. We aimed at the emotional change of gamers through this resurrection. If you are killed in the game, you can be killed by a weapon that is randomly placed on the site, or ‘assassination’ that can only be used by traitors.. The traitor is also resurrected if he is not a criminal (who has attacked other people), so he can deliberately stimulate his opponent with a weapon and drive his opponent as a traitor.

However, ‘assassination’ is a little different, and in situations where the system panel is manipulated or repaired, the point of view is forced to become a first person and cannot be confirmed. At this time, if you are assassinated by the traitor, you can not know who killed me after death. Of course, forced assassination, which approaches and turns around the front of the past, is used only in the last situation because you can see who is a traitor.

In fact, in the test, such a perfect assassination or innocent player was confirmed that the play style changed dramatically after the resurrection. In the event of death, most gamers became extremely angry because they lost all the resources collected, and because of the fact that gamers who were somewhat wary were suspicious of all, or even if someone approached, they responded by aiming from the gun.

In addition, if you die during the game, the voice chat will be cut off, which was not expected, but it showed a slightly different effect. Isn’t there a scene where you can exchange radio with each other and suddenly be silent at some point. As the creepy rises, I feel as if I am in the real scene.

Q. Wasn’t the traitor grabbed a gun and killed all others with extreme physicals?

= Systematically possible. However, it is not easy to kill anyone with a gun unless you have a serious damage to the gun and there is no concept of headshot, so you don’t shoot two feet behind your back. In addition, killing one person will naturally become a criminal, which is only suspected.

Even if you kill all the remaining front tier, the game is forced to enter the self-defense sequence if only one frontier remains, and only a short escape time is given. In the end, if you want to get something a little bit, you have to give up and escape the potential rewards that you can get.

Q. Who was the best betrayal of the person in front? (Laughter)

= Lim Hyun-woo AD…

Interestingly, each gay when you play

Test dEscade Academy

In May, I just uncovered two of the levels of the game. I had the ability to do the other ten as well as make fun of the problems encountered by my friend on both that I had done at the time. The chance to discover that the developers have actually maintained their promises well: each area offers a specific experience, in terms of technicians, yet over all environment. There is always an usual thread, different from that of other spaces.

To be successful in playing the video game, I was encountered with an initial problem. Escape Academy is playable in multiplayers, online or locally, however just to two gamers. My group of escape games being comprised of 3 individuals, so we needed to leave one on the floor tile.

To provide a concrete example, I happened to see a web page of a paper on the part of my partner’s screen, when he saw another. The mouse arrow is shown for the various other gamer, but startled in connection to his actual position, preventing from using it to show something. If the two players are experiencing the same experience (kinematics, dialogues, enigma) at their very own pace, the end of the game is common to the two players; So it happened that I might not consult him since my teammate passed it too promptly, while for the discussions, each player sees the text on his side.

A word ultimately on the narration of the game. The personalities are caricatured, the situations very simple… I am very desirable to the narration, but the video game is entirely missing, unlike a Mad 2 Experiment.

During each of the objectives, represented in the kind ofclasses _, the player has a main goal to achieve: to save a recorded ally, hack a computer, tag a wall surface, and so on. To achieve this, a number of intermediate actions must be taken, each identified with puzzles.



Shared satisfaction

They all take care of to transcribe the ambience of the real escape games. The designers for that reason managed to combine the best of both worlds, that of escape games and also video games.

At the time of the review, I had made a little evaluation of video game adaptations of the concept of Escape Games. Allow’s sum up: Adhering to the gigantic success of the Escape Games, the concept was offered in collections of collection ( Open !) And also in video games (Escape Simulator, Mad Experiment as well as currently Escape Academy ), each having its own proposal. Escape Academy, however, has the advantage of having an extremely effective formula.

At very first glimpse, it’s a little bit aggravating, yet it is recognized in play: in multiplayers, also on-line, the display is split as in an escape or it takes Two . If this stops having an area particularly developed to enhance communication in between players, this choice has the advantage of constantly including both individuals, while in Escape Simulator, it has happened to us that everybody is part of The enigma on its side.

This variety and this top quality always have a price: the 12 areas end in regarding 5 hrs, depending on your pace. For a little much less than 17 EUR, it remains totally affordable, particularly in comparison with the rates of real escape games, yet we would have clearly liked it a lot more. 2 packs of 5 brand-new cards are intended, one for this fall, the various other for next spring; They are organized in a seasonal pass offered EUR 12.50. It will be required to see what their quality is, yet we will certainly for that reason eventually have 22 rooms for around thirty euros, which seems completely correct.

each their method

For a little much less than 17 EUR, it stays entirely practical, specifically in contrast with the rates of real escape games, however we would have clearly liked it a lot more. My group of escape games being made up of three individuals, so we had to leave one on the ceramic tile.

As a big follower of Escape Games, I can just be satisfied with the current advancement of computer game ideal similar to this.
Everyone has their own advantages: Escape Simulator for the richness of neighborhood developments, Mad Experiment for its effective narrative measurement and Escape Academy, therefore, for the treatment and also creative thinking of their rooms.
If you are looking for the very best experience, it is in the direction of the last that you need to transform.
There are some technical worries, particularly in multiplayers, and I can’t await the video game to be improved with added rooms, but each of the rooms presently readily available is truly worth the detour.
A great experience, therefore, wishing that it is only the start of a long experience.
_ Examination made on PC by Alandring from 2 variations supplied by the author. _.

At the time of the summary, I had actually made a small assessment of video clip game adjustments of the concept of Escape Games. And in video games (Escape Simulator, Mad Experiment and also currently Escape Academy ), each having its very own proposal. The designers therefore took care of to integrate the best of both worlds, that of escape games and video games.

Stray Review – the huge cat landscape

As well as these instances attract interest to the consideration in some subtexts of the game: What does these remarkably dynamic robots do with equipments and also not to humans? Throughout the game, robot pastimes, work and also attributes.

This small robo drone is also on its own, and also one of the collectibles in the game are memories that unlock B-12 delivery. It additionally fits well in your adorable cat knapsack, so that’s it.

Stray is perhaps the initial game of Bluetwelve Studio, but it doesn’t show up. There are some mistakes, and also the end of the game leaves something to be wanted, however this is a stray that you desire to take home with you.

The real problem of an or else excellent game comes with something that can not be chatted about in information: his end. The whole game rotates around her adorable cat protagonist, who traces his buddies in a harmful method, but on the means there much more and much more inquiries occur regarding what is taking place in Stray’s globe and also arouse her interest more as well as more.

The initial thing that will certainly notice you with this journey is how well cat-you is rendered and computer animated. The version of her unnamed Felix pal is just one of the very best pet models I have ever before seen in one game; The details in the refined motions of a cat like on and also exhaling, opening the mouth to reveal your teeth when meowing, the eye movements and waving the tail are all so surprisingly recorded that I would not be shocked if the Developers would hold a depressed cat as well as secured them in a Mocap suit.

It is not a sufficient end and also without the recommendation of a sequel or additional content, Stray’s trip feels excellent, quite unsuccessful.

Talking of puzzles, you are Stray’s main emphasis (apart from adventures, of course). The puzzles-on the whole-are simply the best mix of sensible spaces in assuming and not hard sufficient to shout them with timeless journey games with rage à la.

Nonetheless, Stray is not best. The more the paw trappel proceeds on the concrete, the a lot more there are too several puzzles and also inadequate experience. The strength of the puzzles throughout the game becomes nearly overwhelming in some locations, as well as they might want a little bit even more time to loosen up by viewing a cutscene or changing to a new area instead of blocking their progression through a number of component of the thinking jobs allow.

B-12 is a great companion, yet it likewise demonstrates how well created all the characters they strike in Stray. You will come across a robot worker that whines that his close friend has actually passed out in a bar, you will fulfill a musician robotic that likes to play guitar and also a robot who loves to knit, although robotics are unable, To name the chilly just a couple of. Her communications with all these citizens of the odd globe also stream right into the main story and also its progress, which means that even evident side pursuits are essential in the long run.

After a tragedy, Cat-You leaves his cat good friends back and finds himself in a dystopian city complete of robots. You need to make it back to your pals, but just how? This is the premise for Stray and also what you will spend your 8 to 10 hours of play-try to run away as well as locate the back to your pack.

It is clear that they have actually concentrated on the habits of felines since they hone their claws, work out down near rough promotions, drink water as well as typically live out their wildest cat fantasies. Absolutely nothing else connects them directly with cat life like Stray.

Appearance, you are a cat in a dystopian globe, so Stray would constantly pass away or live with his world structure, which I can report, is excellent. In the slums to gallop through the Kowloon Walled City-like alleys and also fulfill robotics, scampering from enemies in long-forgotten sewage systems and also exploring every edge and also every crack of the handful of different locations in Stray, never ends up being old and also actually makes you want to ride around significantly.


Apart from that, Stray is a game that exceeded my expectations. For followers of games like a torment Story Virtue, Stray will be a welcome (and also much more sophisticated) addition to the journey problem category. The catventure does a lot right, and if you prepare to complete on your own with the truth that you will possibly not be satisfied with the missing out on end, after that you will certainly probably enjoy your ideal cat life in Stray.

There are additionally sections in which you have to avoid adversaries and have to fight them. There is an actual feeling that the difficulty of the game increases in these locations, as well as although these celebrations have not captured me excessive, they are still in a game that signals the charming, relaxed, as one of its main destinations, is still misplaced, and also this is bound to catch gamers who come for a relaxing break.

Stray is probably the first game of Bluetwelve Studio, but it does not reveal up. There are some pitfalls, and the end of the game leaves something to be preferred, however this is a stray that you want to take home with you.

The whole game rotates around her cute cat protagonist, who traces his friends in a harmful means, yet on the method there more and a lot more questions develop regarding what is happening in Stray’s globe as well as arouse her rate of interest a lot more and also more. Apart from that, Stray is a game that surpassed my expectations. For followers of video games like a pester Tale Virtue, Stray will be a welcome (and extra advanced) enhancement to the journey challenge style.

Being a cat, certainly, implies car park via the location as well as rolling about in things. Toast color containers, scratch on roller shutters until they store as well as release the open home window behind it-these actions look silly, yet are actually a fantastic guide for later puzzles.

Games much better control: gamepads, Xbox adaptive controller, steering wheels as well as joysticks

The current Xbox controller has actually been the standard for the PC for years, currently the Xbox Series X Wireless Controller, previously the Xbox One Wireless Controller. Both can be linked to a computer either through USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. If an existing Bluetooth alternative refers to the incompatible, you will discover an appropriate USB stick or are seeking the Wireless Adater for Windows, which is currently no longer playing a huge role in retail.


Some proceed to vouch by the mouse as well as keyboard, except for classic method video games or role-playing video games, where you have actually made a lot of key-board switches, the far a lot of games at the newest after a certain familiarization by controller can be regulated as well or also much better. For games with trip deposits, a joystick is once again a good control unit, as well as of training course a steering wheel for competing games. We contribute an added page to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which particularly allows individuals who have problems with control by means of a normal gamepad due to physical restrictions to be able to regulate games better or in the very first area.

Table of Contents

1st web page 1 game control: gamepads
1. 1.1 gamepads.
2. Web page 2 game control: Xbox adaptive controller.
1. 2.1 xbox adaptive controller.
3rd web page 3 game control: steering wheels.
1. 3.1 guiding wheels.
4. Page 4 game control: Joysticks, Hotas and Yoke systems.
1. 4.1 Joysticks, Hotas and also Yoke systems.
5. Page 5bildergalerie For Gaming far better control: gamepads, guiding joysticks as well as wheels.

Page 4 game control: Joysticks, Hotas and also Yoke systems.

Page 3 game control: guiding wheels.

Next web page Next web page Next page.

Page 5bildergalerie for video games much better control: gamepads, guiding joysticks as well as wheels.

Page 2 game control: Xbox adaptive controller.

To the gallery to the homepage.

In comparison to the PlayStation controller, both analog sticks are not positioned in the middle of the Xbox style. Rather, the D-PAD (Control Cross) is located where the left analogue stick sits at the Playstation controller. The left analogue stick can again be located on top left, where the Cross is positioned on the Playstation controller.

By the means, the Xbox Series X Wireless Controller is offered in numerous colors as well as special designs, and Microsoft likewise has the choice to get a controller with specific shade combinations for the individual components. However, there are currently shipment problems on the Xbox Series X Wireless Controller, to ensure that it is currently not offered.

Normally you obtain it in stores in different shades as well as styles from around 40 to 45 euros. However which controllers are there for the PC? The adhering to table clarifies you by means of the gamepads for the computer, whereby we intend to provide only an option of 20 pieces as a result of the greater than 200 on rate comparison web sites for the computer, which are most prevalent in stores:.

Web page 1 game design: gamepads.

Notes: In the Suitable column you will find the information on which systems the controller ** is additionally compatible with the PC. The acronyms imply the following: XBX = Xbox Series X as well as Collection S; XBO = Xbox One and One S; PS3 or PS4 = PlayStation 3 or 4. If unsure, notify you of the producer whether more current compatibility has been included.


There are several other controllers for the PC, the bulk of which stick to the Xbox design template when setting up the analog stick. But there are likewise controllers in which the sticks are positioned like the Playstation controller. In both instances, the text of the buttons can either adhere to the Xbox scheme (A, B, y and x) or to orientate on your own on the PlayStation signs.

Our special is regarding gamepads, joystick and also guiding wheels for PC video games. Considering that virtually every bigger video game is enhanced mainly on console viability, control via controller is typically the best option. Some proceed to promise by the computer mouse and key-board, except for timeless approach games or role-playing video games, where you have actually made a whole lot of key-board buttons, the much a lot of video games at the newest after a certain familiarization by controller can be controlled as well or also much better. For games with trip deposits, a joystick is once more a great control unit, and also of course a guiding wheel for racing games. We give away an added page to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which especially allows people who have troubles with control using a typical gamepad due to physical limitations to be able to manage games better or in the first location.

Talking gun FPS HIGH ON LIFE will be released on October 25. The lively partner and the universe adventure, the original and director of Rick and Morti work

SQUANCH GAMES announced on June 28 that it will release High on Life on October 25 local time. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It also supports Xbox Game Pass.

HIGH ON LIFE is an FPS game that uses a speaking gun. The player adventures the universe as a bounce hunter with a lively buddy. Among them, the fight against aliens and the encounter with various loots and unique characters await. The story is said to be deployed as a comedian venture.

The biggest feature of this work is the speaking gun. It is said that there are several types of guns, each with characteristic performance. In the fight against alien gangs, Garmantuous, you will need to use different guns according to the situation and the size of the enemy. In addition, they share their thoughts and perspectives with players in the important phase of the story. Based on that, the decision of the player to make may lead to the end of the story.

The location includes jungle paradise, cities built on asteroids, and hub stations in the universe. Players can return to the location, rescue and collect people, as well as a surprise event with story elements. In addition, players can purchase upgrades and various aliens technology in the in-game resources. It seems that there are also facilities that are called warp-based, re-filling bounty hunters suits and special ammunition.

This work is the SQUANCH GAMES. This studio was jointly established by Justin Roiland, the original and director of the science fiction comedy anime Rick and Morti. We have developed games that make use of unique sensibilities, and in the past, we released games such as TROVER SAVES THE UNIVERSE. The work has won the status of very popular, which is popular for 92 % in Steam user reviews. HIGH ON LIFE, a science fiction comedy adventure, is likely to be a work with ROILAND’s sense.

High on Life will be released on October 25, local time for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Billing with Xbox Series X and also PS5: For me there is a clear winner

The PS5 and also Xbox Series X meet in numerous ways at eye degree. Virtually 2 years since the launch, I discovered a clear favorite because the previous period.

A comment by Gregor Elsholz

Xbox Series X vs. PS5: Who goes to the front?

Like all worthwhile dramas of this kind, the competition has currently had some spins. Really hopes were both dissatisfied and surpassed – yet when I take a look at the previous season, the duel winner is much clearer than I expected in the past.

My Xbox Series X has actually collected more play time than the PS5. As a matter of fact, I use the Xbox for nearly all games, that showed up on both platforms and also have actually likewise spent a few necessary mins in Forza Horizon 5 and also other games that are only offered through Xbox descending compatibility.

For concerning a year now I have been able to observe among one of the most entertaining rivalries in human history in my living room, in HDR and 4K. The PS5 and Xbox Series X ranks following to my tv like two plastic cases for my time as well as interest, which I can naturally just offer among them at the same time due to natural restrictions (just two eyes & two hands).

I use the PS5, on the other hand, for the Sony special games , which interest me and which I can’t play anywhere else-what has actually been limited to me because the release to Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Deathloop as well as Horizon Forbidden West, With a brief detour to Astro’s Playroom.

_ In this 7 aspects, Xbox depends on the front with PlayStation: _

Microsoft does the little points right

The distinctions in between the PS5 and also the Xbox Series X are generally only small information. Both are incredibly effective tools that have a lot to provide under the hood .

This consists of the main menu with the versatile history as well as the easier to browse tiled look as well as the largely worry-free Smart Distribution system and the Dolby Vision option . Together with some instead interesting day-one launches in the Video game Pass, the Xbox Series X has actually therefore created silently and privately right into my standard console, while the PS5 is only activated for sure games.

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PlayStation 5: Video game deal up until now not convincing

With God of Battle: Ragnarök, Wonder’s Spider-Man 2 and PSVR2 , I have naturally already planned a couple of hours with each other with my PS5. Up until after that, Sony’s console still has to concern terms with her unusual role as a new challenger.

The PS5 is as a result by no suggests a second-class console, but the stimulate has simply not really jumped over for me. Because the console in the aforementioned issues of the Xbox is presently afterwards, the games are all the more important-and the PS5-exclusive offer has actually thus far been too thin for me , specifically since neither the Demon’s Soul Remake nor Returnal hit. Because I already bet the games offered there on the PS4, also the PS Plus Collection can not bind me to the PS5.

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The differences in between the PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X are generally only tiny information. Both are very effective gadgets that have a whole lot to supply under the hood . The PS5 is consequently by no means a second-class console, however the spark has just not actually jumped over for me. Because the console in the abovementioned issues of the Xbox is presently afterwards, the games are all the more important-and the PS5-exclusive deal has actually so much been also slim for me , particularly because neither the Satanic force’s Heart Remake neither Returnal hit. Even the PS And Also Collection can not bind me to the PS5 since I already gambled the games available there on the PS4.

Wemade Jang Hyun -guks representative blockchain future is Intergame Economy

The Blockchain game platform, which is actively promoting the blockchain game business, focusing on Mir 4 and its own platform WeMix, which was launched last year, said that the blockchain game platform, which builds an economic system that encompasses various games, will be metabus..

Jang Hyun-guk announced on the 23rd of the Korea’s NFT/blockchain game conference held at the Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center on the 23rd. He was in charge of the conference’s keynote lecture, and the theme is ‘Intergen Economy and the Future of Blockchain Game’.

Intergame Economy, which is also the theme of lectures, is based on blockchain technology, and based on the technology, various games can freely trade each other’s goods, items, and characters, and based on this, the integrated economic system that can be used without gamers in a game that wants gamers to want. It means.

Representative Jang said, The future of the blockchain game is the formation of a huge intergate economy where the cryptocurrency used in different games is traded with each other. This is fundamentally different from existing item transactions such as item bay. I think it’s Meta Bus, which is an economic activity that is influenced by other games while playing the game you want.

Methabus and blockchain can be operated without each other. However, the virtual world of methus is required to return in the long run, and now, cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology are attracting attention as the best means to use in methuses. This is the reason why many companies that are preparing for the game, including the game, take the connection with the blockchain.

Jang Hyun-guk said he was convinced that the blockchain game would be the basis of cryptocurrency. The game will give the game the answer to where to use the cryptocurrency, and in the end, I think cryptocurrency will blossom in the game, he said. It will be expanded and more fun, and if more users are introduced, and the number of users will increase, the profits of game companies will increase.

Therefore, Jang’s prospect is that in the future, all games will become a blockchain game that publishes its own coin and NFT. Here is the background that he decided to create a mix that builds an economic system that covers his own game as well as third-party games.

We are currently in 14 games in We Mix, and we plan to board 100 games by the end of this year. It will be a Chinese developer game, such as Gyeolgang Ho M.

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