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\ – C 1 game, stable game, Jung Young-jae (T) vs ASL Season 12 3rd above (Z)

\ – C 2 games, high defense proud ‘Iron wall’ Kim Min-chul (Z) vs Gorgeously resurrected ‘Tyrant’ now (Z)

** \ – D Joe 1 game, 4th season, 4th season, exceeding the fourth season Kim Myung Woon (z)

\ – D 2 games, the ‘monk’ of the overwhelming volume (P) vs ASL Season 10 (Z)

Africa TV e Sports League ‘ASL 13’ Athletes will be determined to enter the 8th round of the ASL Season 13.

Africa TV comes from 8th and 9th, and the science of Blizzard Entertainment, Africa RTS game, “ASL Season 13 (ASL Season 13),” ASL Season 13) ‘ I said.

In particular, this 16th round of the Legend players who have returned to the ASL stage in a long time.

The 16th round (T), Ziille (Z), and Kim Min-chul (Z), and Z. In the first game, Chung Young-jae and the Cho Il Elei are tailored. The Terran Chung Young-jae, who showed a stable game on the River, is interested in showing any performance against the 13th place of ASL Season 12. In the following competition, the “Walls” Kim Min-cheol, which boasts high defense power, and the ‘Tyrant’, which is a gorgeous “tyrant”, which is a gorgeous “tyrant”. In the 24th round, I am gathering a game of the two players in the two players who showed the essence of the Jerg.

Kim, Myung Woon (Z), Kim Taek (P), Station Wook (P), and the 16th Strengths, which Park, Park Sang-hyun (Z), will begin on 7:00 pm on the next day. The first game, which is called ‘Death’s Joe’, is the first game of the fourth season, and Kim Taek Kim, who has entered the fourth round of four rivers,

In the following competition, the ‘monsters’ provisions and last ASL Season 10 (“Monthly”, which showed the overwhelming volume of Protoss, Both players are expected to spread a fierce build fight as long as the stability of the build fight is the main value.

ASL Season 13 16 Rhain 1 and 2 games are conducted in the “Verior” map that is newly introduced this season. The winner and the loser, the final war, except for the ‘Burf Map’ map, each player will van (BAN) and the four maps that leave the map (BAN), and the winner is 312. D, after all of the D are all over,

ASL win for users who watch the game will also proceed with the ‘ASK ASL’ event that can ask the ASL player prediction events and ASL players. More details on events can be found in Africa TV ASL Official Bureau .

[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S13 Ro.16 Group A (Tastosis)

Meanwhile, ASL Season 13 is the Energy Drink ‘HOT6’ of Lotte Chilsung Beverage. Congress live and VOD can be watched through Africa TV E Sports page .