The Blockchain game platform, which is actively promoting the blockchain game business, focusing on Mir 4 and its own platform WeMix, which was launched last year, said that the blockchain game platform, which builds an economic system that encompasses various games, will be metabus..

Jang Hyun-guk announced on the 23rd of the Korea’s NFT/blockchain game conference held at the Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center on the 23rd. He was in charge of the conference’s keynote lecture, and the theme is ‘Intergen Economy and the Future of Blockchain Game’.

Intergame Economy, which is also the theme of lectures, is based on blockchain technology, and based on the technology, various games can freely trade each other’s goods, items, and characters, and based on this, the integrated economic system that can be used without gamers in a game that wants gamers to want. It means.

Representative Jang said, The future of the blockchain game is the formation of a huge intergate economy where the cryptocurrency used in different games is traded with each other. This is fundamentally different from existing item transactions such as item bay. I think it’s Meta Bus, which is an economic activity that is influenced by other games while playing the game you want.

Methabus and blockchain can be operated without each other. However, the virtual world of methus is required to return in the long run, and now, cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology are attracting attention as the best means to use in methuses. This is the reason why many companies that are preparing for the game, including the game, take the connection with the blockchain.

Jang Hyun-guk said he was convinced that the blockchain game would be the basis of cryptocurrency. The game will give the game the answer to where to use the cryptocurrency, and in the end, I think cryptocurrency will blossom in the game, he said. It will be expanded and more fun, and if more users are introduced, and the number of users will increase, the profits of game companies will increase.

Therefore, Jang’s prospect is that in the future, all games will become a blockchain game that publishes its own coin and NFT. Here is the background that he decided to create a mix that builds an economic system that covers his own game as well as third-party games.

We are currently in 14 games in We Mix, and we plan to board 100 games by the end of this year. It will be a Chinese developer game, such as Gyeolgang Ho M.