Very popular in 2022, the world, or term (the Portuguese version), is a daily word guessing game.
Every day, players need to decipher a word, which is quite fun, but it can also be a challenge.
Believe it if you want, there is a version of League of Legends thematic game, Lodge, in which players need to guess a champion through tips, and which champion is the author of a specific phrase, which champion belongs to a skill and
Which character is a splash art.
In the text below, you will find Lodge’s answers daily.

Loldle-27 January 2023

Classic, the champion

In classic mode, the player types the name of a champion and from it receives tips to get the character of the day.
The tips involve the genre, position, species, resource, type of range, region and year of champions.
Today’s response is the male-like Mordekaiser champion, who plays as a top, is a Prevention, we use Nexus’s shield with melee attacks (Melee), released in 2010.


Another mode of Lodge is the sentence.


In it, you need to guess which champion says the phrase indicated by the game.
Today’s phrase is Nightfall, which belongs to champion Diana.


Lodge’s third mode is where the game shows the icon of a skill and the player needs to guess which champion it belongs.
Today’s ability is Berserker Rage of Champion Olaf.


In the penultimate category players need to guess which champion is being described through emojis.
Today’s champion, represented by ET emojis, trumpet, soup, wind and surprised face is bard.

Splash art

In the last mode of Lodge, he shows a small image that is part of the art of some skin or original art and the decipher player to which she belongs.
Today’s Splash Art is from Skin Twitch City of Crime.