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The Xbox Series S managed to overcome PS5 in Japan

After eight years of occupying the last positions in sales, Xbox finally managed to overcome PlayStation in Japan during the last week. According to data provided by Famitsu, ElSeries S sold more units than the PS5 in the last seven days.

As the Japanese media, the Xbox Series S, points out, and only this model, managed to sell 6,120 consoles between May 9 and 15, 2022. In comparison, combined sales of PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition only managed to move 2,693 units.

This is a fairly unique situation in Japan. Last week, the PS5 family managed to move 49,798 consoles, while the Xbox Series S barely reached 10 thousand . This means that the shortage of units is constantly fluctuating the sales of these two companies. The only one that seems not to suffer is Nintendo, who always reaches first place in this section.

Although in the first instance selling just over six thousand units might seem little, remember that Xbox is not so popular in Japan. Over 20 years, since the launch of the first Microsoft console, only 2.3 million Xbox consoles have been sold in this territory . In comparison, the PS5 currently has 1.5 million in this region, while the switch and its various models exceed 20 million units.

By the beginning of March 2022, the original Xbox managed to sell 472,992 consoles. The Xbox 360 reached 1,616,128 units. On the other hand, the Xbox One barely reached 114,831. Finally, the Xbox Series X | s currently has 142,024 in Japan. Although this is clearly a result of the component and production crisis that is lived worldwide, Microsoft has achieved a good position thanks to the fact that they have managed to put consoles in stores .

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Editor’s note:

XBOX SERIES S is Better than PS5!

It is clear that the great winner of this generation, at least during his early years, will be dictated by the number of consoles that are available in stores. Although the PlayStation 5 had a great start, Xbox has begun to overcome its competitor in various markets, and all thanks to the availability of the Xbox Series S.

20 years later, Xbox exceeds 2 million consoles sold in Japan

It is no secret that, from always, Microsoft has had problems selling the consoles Xbox in Japan, especially if we compare this with the results obtained by Sony or Nintendo . In fact, one of the goals that the company has with the xbox series x | s is just gaining greater presence in the Japanese market, and thanks to a recent report, we already know how it has gone to * xbox * In this Asian territory for the last 20 years.

The magazine Weekly Famitsu has published the sales figures of xbox at Japan , and in total, we are talking that the company has sold 2.3 million consoles in this country. The xbox 360 ACA monaled a large part of this figure with a total of 1.6 million units, although the X | S series has not had such a bad performance since they already exceeded the record of xbox One.

Here the total figures by console:

– Xbox 360 – 1.6 million

– Xbox – 472 thousand

– Xbox Series X | S – 142 thousand

– Xbox One – 114 thousand

The Xbox Series X Has Already Outsold The Xbox One In Japan

Interestingly, this same report also reveals some of the Xbox games that have best sold in Japan , and without more, we leave you with the results below:

Dead or Alive 3 – 271 thousand copies

– Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope – 208 thousand copies

– Tales of Vesperia – 204 thousand copies

– Blue Dragon – 203 thousand copies

– The Last Renant – 154 thousand copies

So as you can see, xbox continues to have difficulties getting into the Japanese market, but at least its new generation of consoles is already having better results than the previous 1. We will see how this figure increases during the life cycle of X | S Series.

Editor’s note: It makes sense that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, Xbox is the least consumed brand in Japan. And is that PlayStation, for example, has always been considered as the Final Fantasy home, while Nintendo is home to Pokémon, both extremely popular franchises in this territory.

Development knowledge Zero An old man trying to reproduce Art Island and “Naoshima” in “Microsoft Flight Simulator” [column]

MOD that reproduces various locations all over the world is also rich “Microsoft Flight Simulator” (hereinafter referred to as “MSFS 2020”).

The other day, the other day, MOD reproduced the island “Naoshima” of the Art in Japan was released free of charge. There are many Japanese people who don’t know “Noroshima” reproduction MOD, actually, the Japanese who lives in New Zealand.

Corona vortex that has a great influence on the movement of people again due to the spread of new species. Such a guise of this is the reason for the MOD development and the process of the process of the MOD development received from the “Nejima” MOD.

GAME * SPARK Reader everyone, Hello. Suddenly, I am currently living in New Zealand. In New Zealand, the border is closed because of Corona for two years, the border is closed, but last, foreigner I can not re-enter in New Zealand with his wife. So I did not go back to Japan and I could not go back to Japan, so I had a feeling of traveling with “MSFS 2020” for a long time. Especially recently I often visit Japan’s landmarks.

# What is the Island?

The story changes, but everyone knows the art islands of the world, “Naoshima”? In the 90’s, illegal dumping of industrial waste was a problem, but after that, over 30 years of Toro Fukubu, which is also the chairman of Benesse, today, today, “Art Island” It is a miracle island of a miracle.

Art works are brought about here and there is an artist and architect works that represent Japan, such as Yayoi Kusama and Sodiumi.

It was flowed in a typhoon last fall, but Yayoi Kusama’s yellow pumpkin is famous.

There are red pumpkin and cute chairs in the ferry terminal.

Such an object is on the coast, and anyway, it is the island of playful and artlessness.

Nejima is the National Geographic “The Cool List”, New York Times’ 52 Go to the Location (52 Plaese to GO), Wired Condenast’s “The Next Generation 7 Wonders (The Next 7 Wonders) Also selected, a building with a 2021 movie “007 / no time-to-die” and a building with a motif of the underground art museum in Naoshima. The more you know, the wonderful island.

# Microsoft Flight Simulator flying straight island…

The trigger was a tough thing. I could not even return to Japan as mentioned above, and I fell in love with such a landscape and flew to the place with “MSFS 2020”. When I was in Japan, I was talking about going to Naoshima and Nioshima, but I could not go, but there is also a memorable that I was left as it was, and it is an exciting departure.

Departed from Okanan Expo, I saw Niroshima right away! ! ! I’m excited! !

After all it is a yellow and red huge pumpkin designed by Yayoi Kusama. Let’s go to see immediately! ! First of all, to Ferry Terminal, a entrance to Naoshima! !

…… There is no building. At the same time, I will go to see the famous yellow pumpky.

… Garn. There is nothing here. Then, what about the beautiful underground art museum and accommodation for the beautiful underground art museum and accommodation designed by Tadao Ando?

The museum that should be buried in the ground is also funny in the ground in a funny shape…. What is this.

I flew in various ways in such a condition, but unfortunately there were no one such thing and it’s always sad…. Of course, as many as known to players, many of the Landmarks of “MSFS 2020” are consisted of automatic generation of buildings by AI. Nevertheless, although there is a good place to do not have a team bank, there was too sad that this Niroshima that represents Japan is likely to be done.

I do not know if Ichichiro Fukuke, who is the chairman of Benesse, and Architect of the World, “MSFS 2020” is doing “MSFS 2020”, but I do not have to be sad if everyone in Naoshima, including the great place.. Above all, this distinctive traple of my expectations can not be allowed….

# That’s why I decided to make Naoshima myself

“MSFS 2020” allows the user to create add-ons, change the views as desired, and adjust the topography. In the famous things, you can deploy aircraft carrier to the sea and take an armor from there, and there are people who make huge organisms like Godzilla. This time, I decided to reach the ad-on-produced ad-on, to return Niroshima to the beautiful landscape you saw that once.

It was a study from one, but the basic flow is

  • 3D modeling buildings and accessories in Blender

  • Retract it to the MSFS 2020 format and generate an object

  • Deployed objects that have become a format of MSFS 2020 in development mode

  • We will establish terrain and plants, and place tetra pods and levees

That’s like. I watched YouTube and I studied.

In addition, the channel recommended for studying even while I saw


  • Flying theston

is. For those who want to make add-ons, please refer to it.

It was puzzled in various ways with the first 3D modeling, but I will make it like I like this.

Some day I was making about 2 months while thinking about something I could go unexpectedly. Suddenly all buildings and terrain that I made so far have disappeared from within the game…. I asked questions with a relatively large number of mania overseas bulletin boards and looked at various sites, but the cause is how much “I do not know” even if it goes.

It has not yet known that it has become unusable to save data on the way. In any case, it can not be rewound, I can not go ahead, but if it was possible to hit a sword with a popular knowledge, it became completely dark.

# Asked for help to Gao

Even so, I would like to contact Gao, which is the way to make it on the Youtube channel, which is also worthwhile, and talked about the history. As a result, we were able to try to create a cause and try to elucidate the cause.

GAO is an administrator of this channel that introduced earlier.

The clear cause was not understood until the end, but “the object being created is no longer read into the game because it is too complex, and the build of one object fails, also reads other objects It seems that there is no longer being.

And as a conclusion, “Let’s re-make it.” It was quite difficult judgment, but I think it was the right choice when I think now.

From now on, creation as a “MSFS 2020” add-on was batoned from Gao, and the development has been developed at horrible accuracy and speed.

# And version 1 is completed!

Unlike me I was making it look at it, Gao is a black band of the Hundred Battle, so the object will be completed like a lie. And, I was not at all (not really at all), and version 1 was completed. Thank you GAO! ! This is completely your outcome! !

Among this add-on, many monuments and buildings in Naoshima have been reproduced, and it is made that you can not help without feeling Gao’s spirit and Nioshima love. Since a large number of accessories and artistic buildings have been broken in the add-on, please enjoy yourself in your travel. We will introduce some of them.

This is a famous Kusama Yayoi pumpkin. As the real thing has been blown away with a typhoon last year, it is currently repairing. It is made firmly until the teka tie texture.

And this is “Benesse Art Museum” of Tadao Ando design. The accommodation and the museum are integrated, and it is a facility that can be experienced to stay in the museum. It is an on-parade of the art that Japan is proud of Japan, such as Yayoi Kusama and Tadao Ando. You can see small monuments even from afar. Since it has been reproduced firmly, we recommend that you look closely in a drone and look closely.

As you approach the Benesse Art Museum, there is such an object near the entrance. There are many other things!

And the public bath boasts, “I LOVE hot water”. In the actual public bath, you can see the elephant’s object while bathing.

It feels like I saw it from a distance from the perspective Ferry Terminal. Objects in front of you can climb and climb in the real thing. It has been reproduced with one ferry at the back and one of the chairs in the square. Let’s enter great spirit! !

Besides this add-on, there are many buildings and objects that can not be introduced here, so please download and enjoy.

In the future, we plan to reproduce more realm and rare Niroshima little by little more than ever updates (though my curtain me is so bad). I’m looking forward to it!

Download from here (you can download from either)



It was an add-on creation that started up, but if I try to step on the order, “I can do it for the first time” and if I get stuck (and if I’m continuing to ask for help), that will People who take over should know that they should come out. Although it is difficult, it is recommended that you create a user content that has a sense of accomplishment, and all readers, not only “MSFS 2020”, and if you are interested, it is recommended that you try.

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