It is no secret that, from always, Microsoft has had problems selling the consoles Xbox in Japan, especially if we compare this with the results obtained by Sony or Nintendo . In fact, one of the goals that the company has with the xbox series x | s is just gaining greater presence in the Japanese market, and thanks to a recent report, we already know how it has gone to * xbox * In this Asian territory for the last 20 years.

The magazine Weekly Famitsu has published the sales figures of xbox at Japan , and in total, we are talking that the company has sold 2.3 million consoles in this country. The xbox 360 ACA monaled a large part of this figure with a total of 1.6 million units, although the X | S series has not had such a bad performance since they already exceeded the record of xbox One.

Here the total figures by console:

– Xbox 360 – 1.6 million

– Xbox – 472 thousand

– Xbox Series X | S – 142 thousand

– Xbox One – 114 thousand

The Xbox Series X Has Already Outsold The Xbox One In Japan

Interestingly, this same report also reveals some of the Xbox games that have best sold in Japan , and without more, we leave you with the results below:

Dead or Alive 3 – 271 thousand copies

– Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope – 208 thousand copies

– Tales of Vesperia – 204 thousand copies

– Blue Dragon – 203 thousand copies

– The Last Renant – 154 thousand copies

So as you can see, xbox continues to have difficulties getting into the Japanese market, but at least its new generation of consoles is already having better results than the previous 1. We will see how this figure increases during the life cycle of X | S Series.

Editor’s note: It makes sense that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, Xbox is the least consumed brand in Japan. And is that PlayStation, for example, has always been considered as the Final Fantasy home, while Nintendo is home to Pokémon, both extremely popular franchises in this territory.