A variety of new series and films are also introduced on Netflix this week
For a much better summary, we keep the brand-new starts in our subsequent list together with the specific appointments.
On January 31, the Roku Pamela will come into the program: a love story.
In it, Pamela Anderson informs with private videos and journal entries in her own words about her climb to fame, bumpy relationships and the infamous sex tape scandal.

Netflix: The program for the existing week.

On February 1st, the United States series Gunther’s will come millions on Netflix.
The service provider for this: A dog with a trust fund is not even the most curious about the entire story. Gunther’s pet handler also lived a luxury life with a cult-like entourage.
From February 3rd, Stromboli can be discovered in the film area: Persecuted by memories of her unsuccessful marital relationship and a conflict with her child takes part in a self-help retreat. However, the getaway is entirely out of hand.
Princess Power
Be melodramatic
Flower team: Jason Marriage Firm
Legal high
Minute of Eighteen
The Light in Your Eyes
The Wind Blows
Welcome to Waikiki 2
Copenhagen Cowboy: Night discussion with Nicolas Winding Ref
Punk on Earth
Pamela: A love story
A e i o USDA fast alphabet of love
Alfons tremor: The mayhem is back
Emma’s luck
Delighted end
I wants to be your bloom
Kebab Connection
Middle of the world that
Modification of position
Waste your youth
A e i o USDA quick alphabet of love
Alfons trembling: The turmoil is back
Detective Conan: The Perpetrator Canada: Season 1
Month’s millions
Free ridge
Make My Day
True Spirit
Viking Wolf
In Viking Wolf, a youth ends up being a celebration in her brand-new hometown of a grotesque murder and all of a sudden has weird visions and unusual.
The thriller can be seen on Netflix from February 3rd.


The complete program with all restarts in the film and series location for February 2023 can be discovered in a separate article under the link set.
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