One of the largest proposals from Microsoft for this generation is the Xbox Series S. This console offers a new generation experience at a reduced price, although this means that the technical capabilities are not at the level of what we find in PS5 and Series X. Usually this is not an inconvenience, but it seems that on this occasion Fans of Cyberpunk 2077 are not happy with the way in which CD Projekt Red has treated the Series s.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the update 1.5 of cyberpunk 2077 is now available. Among all its novelties, this also means that a native version of this title has reached the new consoles. In PS5 and Xbox Series X we find several visual options, which provide 4K, 60fps and up to Ray-Tracing. However, This is not the case of SERIES S, where only you can enjoy the CD Projekt network work at 1440p and 30fps . This has caused the wrath of several players.

In social networks, several players have expressed their discontent with the way in which CD Projekt Red has handled the Xbox Series S version. ** Some have pointed out that more graphic options are needed, and others have mentioned that the Ray- Tracing if it can work on this console.

“Default Xbox Series S # graphic mode CYBERPUNK2077 is 30FPS 1440P with dynamic resolution

Damn it, this is not the next generation. “

Cyberpunk 2077 НА XBOX SERIES S СПУСТЯ 1 ГОД/ДЕНЬ РОЖДЕНИЯ Cyberpunk/Cyberpunk в 2021 ГОДУ

“I’m not comparing the resolution with the X series, I’m not asking a dynamic 2K, 3K or 4K with 60 fps or anything like that, it’s just 1080p 60 fps, that’s the standard, even valhalla, far cry, odyssey It works well”.

These comments are added to a similar controversy with dying light 2, which only offered 30fps in the Xbox Series S version. However, it is important to remember that compromising the technical section for cyberpunk 2077 run into less hardware Powerful was what caused the terrible launch of the game by 2020.

On related topics, a demo of cyberpunk 2077 has come to consoles. Similarly, users of PS5 report problems with the update of this game.

Editor’s note:

I can understand the frustration of the players, since the Xbox Series s is able to run games at 60FPS and with Ray-Tracing, although with a series of limitations, but it seems that CD Projekt network wants to focus more on a stable experience than in another thing.