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FM 2020: Set database

Football Manager 2020: The possibilities and restrictions of the database

If you want to activate many playable leagues in FM 2020, you need patience in return for the week. It is therefore important to know the effects of the database on the performance of the game.

When starting a new score, you have the opportunity to add or remove leagues contained in the game:

  • Important is the difference between playable and only included in the score. Playable leagues are simulated with all games and they can work there themselves. If the league is only included, but not playable, the competitions are not simulated there, but players are available for transfers.

  • This ensures fewer performance losses, but still offers you a large player pool, so that your scouting department always finds enough suggestions.
  • You can constantly change the setting later in the current game. To do this, click the “FM” button in the top right and select “Add/remove leagues”.
  • It should be noted that the number of selected (and especially the playable) leagues has an impact on the calculation speed. This is shown to you with an advertisement in the form of up to five stars.

The Best Way to Set Up Your Save in Football Manager 2020, Tested

If you activate many leagues, the number of players contained in the database can be over 300,000 leagues, which ensures long-term calculations even on a high-end PC (see system requirements). By removing leagues in which you do not want to play, you can accelerate the game.

Diablo III: Xbox Series X 4K


The Community Manager of Diablo has announced that the next season from Diablo 3 will finally publish the 4K patch for the Xbox Series X. Currently the game runs with Xbox Series S graphics settings, ie 1080p. The 4K resolution should come with the new season. > “There are good news… We expect a solution to this problem in the next big patch for D3, which will appear next season, but I just wanted to inform everyone about it. We are sorry that it has taken a bit to solve this problem. ” When the new season should start in Diablo 3, was not said.

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