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Manchester United: Confidant by Paul Pogba chatted upcoming farewell

Coach Meddy, Pull Trainer of Paul Pogba, has revealed that the Midfielstar Manchester United is expected to leave in the coming summer.

Pogba will be “no player from Manchester United at the end of June,” said Coach Meddy in an interview with il Bianconero. “I think it’s the right time to look for something new. Maybe Manchester wants to re-align and the most pleasant solution is probably a separation.”

Pogbas Treaty at United runs at the end of June, the world champion would then have free transfer. The 28-year-old Frenchman is always associated with Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid or a return to Juventus Turin, from where he switched to Manchester for 105 million euros in 2016.

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10 Times Paul Pogba Show His Class at United
Although United have been a good team specifically since the return of Cristiano Ronaldo, stressed Coach Meddy, but said, “The problem is that the results are missing. A top player does not waste his time with smaller competitions, instead he wants to be the big one Play trophies. “

Manchester United: Ronaldo Sauer on rangnique

Cristiano Ronaldo apparently plans from anger about Interim Trainer Ralf Rangnick more than ever his farewell to Manchester United in the summer. This reports the sun.

The 37-year-old had therefore met Jorge Mende with his agent after being booted against City for the Manchester derby against City last weekend. Officially, hip problems was the reason for Ronaldos absence at the 1: 4 debacle at the city’s city rivals.

According to the report, the report should have tried in vain to reassure the applied Ronaldo. Previously, it had already been reported that Ronaldo had reacted “stunned” and “angry” on his non-nomination. Ronaldo did not pursue the game in the Etihad stage, but should be traveled to Portugal instead.

Rangnick wanted to prove fresh forces for the top game, on the other hand, Ronaldo was not at 100 percent in the opinion of the team hearts. “I have to believe my medical department,” said Rangnick. “Our doctor came to me on Friday morning before training and said that Cristiano could not train because of problems with his hip bubble, and the same on Saturday.”

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Ronaldo had returned to Manchester United last summer of Juventus Turin. His contract at the Red Devils is still running until 2023.

Manchester United: Anthony Martial for Seville

Anthony Martial by Manchester United is ready to refrain from a part of his salary to make his designed lending perfectly for FC Seville. According to information from million euros and Goal , the Andalusians are therefore confident to announce the deal before closing the transfer window. Conversations between Seville and the counselor of the Frenchman went well on the weekend.

Now it is only necessary to achieve an agreement with United. The Red Devils had initially insisted that Seville completely assumes the martial content, which is estimated in England to 15 million euros a year. But the Andalusians wanted to pay only half of the references and not, as demanded by Manchester, put a rental fee of six million euros on the table.

????BREAKING ! Anthony Martial Arrives in Sevilla to complete his Loan Move from Man United to Sevilla

Martial now opposes his potential new club by taking peoples in the salary. The exact distribution of salary between the two clubs must still be negotiated by Manchester and Seville in the upcoming conversations.

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In December, Martial internally announced at United that he wants to leave the club as he gets to a few application opportunities. According to coach Ralf Rangnick, Martial then denied the journey to the away game at Aston Villa, but in the last parents he was back in the Manchester squad and was even used against West Ham on the weekend.

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