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Redders -free games on the Xbox Series S: Microsoft matters against a huge negative aspect of the console

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You intend to discover more about all the technical information of the Xbox Series S? Here you have them compared to the Series X: .

Xbox Series S vs. Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s Following Gen-Konsolen in comparison.

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a lot more on the subject.


goes down on the hot stone.

now complies with Microsoft’s response to this.

In a brief statement video clip, the American technology giant supplies information concerning modifications in its development devices for Xbox as well as computer video games. For owners of the Xbox Series S, one of the most amazing is an advancement that gives workshops boosted access to the memory of the gadget.

Microsoft’s small Full HD console is missing in every way. In our examination we slammed the short-measured system memory of the Xbox Series S, in maximized video games, she had the ability to convince us graphically:

In time, nevertheless, complaints from programmers over the small and also at the very same time sluggish video memory of the Xbox Series S, which repetitively turns out to be bottled neck. Digital Factory reported numerous times, to name a few points, during a podcast, in which the often severe graphic differences between Microsoft’s internal Series S-sessions and there are talked about variations of third-party producers.

Xbox Series S in the examination: Following gene feeling with difficult cuts.

The effects of the added memory in practice still have actually to be revealed. Considering that the RAM booked for the os has a significantly reduced transmission capacity than the real video memory, we should moisten our assumptions in the meantime.


The Xbox Series S has ten gigabytes of memory, of which 2 gigabytes are booked for the operating system, the continuing to be eight gigabytes are readily available to the graphics system. With the update of the development tools, Microsoft liquifies this limitation a little as well as releases hundreds of megabytes of additional memory for tasks of graphic nature.

In combination with an improved memory assignment, which Microsoft according to its very own declarations, games in isolated circumstances on the Xbox Series S could run more stable.

a lot more on the subject.

What does the added memory influence?

Various other areas of responsibility: We are most likely to expect Microsoft to minimize the container neck of the as well small video clip fish pond. To prevent stuffers as soon as brand-new appearances are to be invited, yet the readily available eight gigabytes of the video clip pond are currently occupied.

If you have an Xbox Series S: Are you satisfied with the graphics high quality that the little console provides you? .

Ray tracing has until now been an unusual attribute in the Series S versions of Gamings. The modern technology for the appropriate computation of light rays occupies a great deal of memory, the Xbox Series S.

Digital Shop in the past concerned the verdict that the graphics system of the Series S, in spite of its lacerations, is reliable sufficient for sophisticated results compared to the Xbox Series X. Maybe we will see this with a more continuous refresh price.

With the memory boost, we could experience some more titles with Ray tracing on Microsoft’s budget console, but due to the limitations on the transmission capacity, this is mostly unlikely.

Xbox seeks to boost performance as well as series S graphs with a new update

Although Xbox Series X is the brand-new generation console of Xbox , increasingly more are those who bank on series S, their younger sister not just in dimension, additionally in qualities and performance. Microsoft remains to enhance the performances of both, but a current implementation can bring excellent information for individuals of the S. Version

As The Brink information, the American business has actually released a new Xbox software development kit for companions and also researches that can * improve the efficiency of games in Xbox Series S **. This is due to the fact that they have released hundreds of added megabytes from memory, although you can understand much more in the video listed below:


Designers will certainly have more memory control This brand-new update need to boost system benefits, because it allows creators to have greater control over memory **, which can improve the efficiency of the graphics in minimal memory problems. It is not something that converts right away in the experience of individuals, yet they are excellent news for future developments that are performed as well as for the optimization of the Gamings in Series S.

Although Xbox’s income has actually dropped if we take a look at the fiscal outcomes of the last quarter, in Microsoft they can be happy with the performance not just visuals, however commercial of their new generation consoles. Adding X and Series S series, those of Redmond have the generation that is best marketing from the entire history of the company.

Microsoft announces measure to improve the performance of the Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is a fantastic console for the public. At an accessible price of $ 299, many have the opportunity to enjoy everything that this generation has for us. However, with a lower CPU and GPU compared to X series, developers usually have to face various problems by optimizing experiences for this console. Fortunately, A new update makes this process easier.

Recently, a software update for the Xbox Series S development kits was released, which releases more memory for developers to access the Xbox Series S Games and increases performance in certain titles. This was what was said about it:

Hundreds of additional memory megabytes are now available for Xbox Series S. developers, this provides developers more control over memory, which can improve the performance of graphics in limited memory conditions.

Although the X series is able to run at 1440p and up to 120FPS, most titles are available at only 1080p and 60fps. This is mainly because the console has only 10GB of RAM, of which only 8GB can be used, so that the other 2GB are used by the operating system. Fortunately, The additional memory of the update will increase the visual capacity of future titles.

On related topics, these are the new Xbox Game Pass games. Similarly, there is a pirate clone of God of War in the Microsoft Store.

Editor’s note:

As a user of the Xbox Series S, I have to say that the console is capable of much more than one could think. Although clearly much falls to developers, this hardware piece is capable of running new generation game, with Ray-Training and more, in great way.

GTA 5 SAVE Transfer for PS4 on PS5 and Xbox One on Xbox Series X

GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S is almost there and Rockstar Games offers players the opportunity to transfer their progress to the latest versions of the game.

This means that your Story progress in Gran Theft Auto 5 can be transferred to the latest consoles, so you do not have to start the mammoth open-world game again from scratch. But how do you proceed when transferring your GTA 5-story progress and you can switch between consoles of the current generation and recent generation consoles?

Well, Rockstar has described everything in detail Memory transfer from GTA 5 from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One on Xbox Series X | S and how to transfer your dozens of progress and final hours to the “advanced and improved” version of the game be able. It is not clear if things such as statistics are transferred in the game or progress of trophies and successes. However, we will keep this guide up to date with the latest information.

GTA 5 Memory transfer for PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One on Xbox Series X | S

To a GTA 5 Memory transfer from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One on Xbox Series X | S you will need Charge your memory data in the Rockstar Games Social Club high . The following steps from there are as follows for a transfer of GTA 5 memory levels from PS4 to PS5 and a transfer of GTA 5 memory states from Xbox One to Xbox Series X | S:

  • Enter Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 or Xbox One


  • Go to the game tab
  • Here you will see the option to upload your saved file

There are some reservations at this upgrade. Once uploaded memory data remain downloadable only for 90 days. This memory transfer can also be performed simultaneously only with a score per platform, and the memory data can only be transmitted once.

In addition, you can not transfer your memory data back to PS4 or Xbox ONE. Once you have moved to PS5 or Xbox Series X | S, stay there until you delete them or continue there where they have stopped. These stored transfers are live now.

So you have it. How to transfer the transfer of GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and you can still start today! Further information about GTA 5 can be found under so earn money in GTA Online, which will appear as an independent publication on March 15th. This memory transfer process is also transferred to GTA online if you want to get in MP.

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