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PS5 without a possibility: In these 5 points, the Xbox Series is remarkable

Microsoft in the new generation of gaming consoles has actually authorized the previous leader Sony as well as also surpassed it in some ways. We show you 5 things below in our image series that makes the Xbox Series X clearly better than the PS5.

Xbox beats PS5: 5 Big advantages of the Series X | S

The competition in between the Xbox Series X | s as well as the PS5 is quite well balanced in many points. The gaming consoles are quick, powerful and also have a wide range of remarkable attributes as well as big collections full of fascinating video games . In the case of 5 facets, however, the challenger Microsoft has the edge contrasted to Sony-we show you the Xbox strengths at the end of this post in our image series.

Microsoft goes after Sony: Storage tank after prejudiced load-gene

In the new generation it looks various between the Xbox Series X | s as well as the PS5: Microsoft is now equal in several aspects and also both the Series s and also the Series X are well obtained by a much broader audience. PlayStation has a couple of aces their sleeves in regards to unique video games and also controller technologies, however the Xbox Series X | s is quickly in the pocket in terms of the complying with 5 factors.

In the last generation, the Xbox One might not reach the water virtually from the beginning of the PS4-the distinctions between the game libraries as well as the price were undue. Furthermore, Microsoft did not make buddies in the area with the Kinect & on the internet compulsion of the console and soon had to make solid program modifications after the totally ruined launch. Playstation had already been extensively hurried at right now and also was enabled to commemorate as the victor of the generation , without the Xbox One being able to really overtake the PS4 in the following years.

Redders -free games on the Xbox Series S: Microsoft matters against a huge negative aspect of the console

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You intend to discover more about all the technical information of the Xbox Series S? Here you have them compared to the Series X: .

Xbox Series S vs. Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s Following Gen-Konsolen in comparison.

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a lot more on the subject.


goes down on the hot stone.

now complies with Microsoft’s response to this.

In a brief statement video clip, the American technology giant supplies information concerning modifications in its development devices for Xbox as well as computer video games. For owners of the Xbox Series S, one of the most amazing is an advancement that gives workshops boosted access to the memory of the gadget.

Microsoft’s small Full HD console is missing in every way. In our examination we slammed the short-measured system memory of the Xbox Series S, in maximized video games, she had the ability to convince us graphically:

In time, nevertheless, complaints from programmers over the small and also at the very same time sluggish video memory of the Xbox Series S, which repetitively turns out to be bottled neck. Digital Factory reported numerous times, to name a few points, during a podcast, in which the often severe graphic differences between Microsoft’s internal Series S-sessions and there are talked about variations of third-party producers.

Xbox Series S in the examination: Following gene feeling with difficult cuts.

The effects of the added memory in practice still have actually to be revealed. Considering that the RAM booked for the os has a significantly reduced transmission capacity than the real video memory, we should moisten our assumptions in the meantime.


The Xbox Series S has ten gigabytes of memory, of which 2 gigabytes are booked for the operating system, the continuing to be eight gigabytes are readily available to the graphics system. With the update of the development tools, Microsoft liquifies this limitation a little as well as releases hundreds of megabytes of additional memory for tasks of graphic nature.

In combination with an improved memory assignment, which Microsoft according to its very own declarations, games in isolated circumstances on the Xbox Series S could run more stable.

a lot more on the subject.

What does the added memory influence?

Various other areas of responsibility: We are most likely to expect Microsoft to minimize the container neck of the as well small video clip fish pond. To prevent stuffers as soon as brand-new appearances are to be invited, yet the readily available eight gigabytes of the video clip pond are currently occupied.

If you have an Xbox Series S: Are you satisfied with the graphics high quality that the little console provides you? .

Ray tracing has until now been an unusual attribute in the Series S versions of Gamings. The modern technology for the appropriate computation of light rays occupies a great deal of memory, the Xbox Series S.

Digital Shop in the past concerned the verdict that the graphics system of the Series S, in spite of its lacerations, is reliable sufficient for sophisticated results compared to the Xbox Series X. Maybe we will see this with a more continuous refresh price.

With the memory boost, we could experience some more titles with Ray tracing on Microsoft’s budget console, but due to the limitations on the transmission capacity, this is mostly unlikely.

Xbox seeks to boost performance as well as series S graphs with a new update

Although Xbox Series X is the brand-new generation console of Xbox , increasingly more are those who bank on series S, their younger sister not just in dimension, additionally in qualities and performance. Microsoft remains to enhance the performances of both, but a current implementation can bring excellent information for individuals of the S. Version

As The Brink information, the American business has actually released a new Xbox software development kit for companions and also researches that can * improve the efficiency of games in Xbox Series S **. This is due to the fact that they have released hundreds of added megabytes from memory, although you can understand much more in the video listed below:


Designers will certainly have more memory control This brand-new update need to boost system benefits, because it allows creators to have greater control over memory **, which can improve the efficiency of the graphics in minimal memory problems. It is not something that converts right away in the experience of individuals, yet they are excellent news for future developments that are performed as well as for the optimization of the Gamings in Series S.

Although Xbox’s income has actually dropped if we take a look at the fiscal outcomes of the last quarter, in Microsoft they can be happy with the performance not just visuals, however commercial of their new generation consoles. Adding X and Series S series, those of Redmond have the generation that is best marketing from the entire history of the company.

The Xbox Series X cpu announces 8k directly on the chip

This is not the first time that Microsoft has actually indicated his confidence in Xbox resolution on his flea video game. Previously, the firm inscribed words 4K on its Xbox One X cpu.

Microsoft is familiar with show off the power of its game consoles, and also the Xbox Series X is no exemption.

Phil Spencer, head of the firm’s Xbox department, just recently changed his Twitter avatar. Although he no longer rather appears like his face, he offers the therapy chip for the next console in his location. And also he seems to have something to claim from the beginning.

This does not mean that we will see demos connected to Xbox, yet it will still be an intriguing spectacle. Interested people can check out the presentation below.

And be sure to follow this web page to acquire the latest information on the Xbox Series X.

The slightly orange chip has a version number, as well as the words Task Scarlett, which is the original name of the last Xbox game material. It additionally includes the word 8K in the location, indicating that the console is prepared for the next generation of screens.

When it comes to recognizing when we can see what the chip can do, it will certainly not be too long. According to Destructured, AMD, the developers of the Zen 2 architecture used by the Xbox Series X, will run an opening speech of the Consumer Electronic Devices Program in Las vega at 2:00 p.m. On the other hand, consumers ought to have a far better idea of what technology can.

Then Thor is Neidisch: This Xbox Series X is simply outstanding!

As component of an advertising campaign for the brand-new superhero film Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel has actually coordinated with Microsoft. The result is a special Xbox Series X in Mjölnir design.

with the gods: You have to see this Xbox!

On July 6, 2022, Thor: Love and Thunder will begin the following large Marvel smash hit in German cinemas. In maintaining with the very early release, the main Xbox twitter account provided an Xbox Series X in the legendary design of Thors Hammer Mjölnir

To do this, interested users only have to share the tweet as well as follow the Xbox Twitter account. The remainder of the globe is however left out from the competitors. .

There are some amazed custom-made designs, yet It is hardly ever so great to comply. And also particularly American Xbox followers can be pleased, because Microsoft is giving away the special console till July 21, 2022.

cosy controller & rustic consoles

For Microsoft this is not the very first collaboration with a movie studio. At the start of the year there was, for instance, a special Xbox Series S in Sonic design. In this situation, both fluffy controllers , which were based upon hero Sonic and challenger Knuckles, were particularly striking.

Mentioning fluffy, if you have actually missed our article to the most likely ugliest Xbox controller worldwide , then you must transform the quickest-after that, every various other layout will certainly occur to you like a genuine job of art:

But certainly not just the Xbox and the involved controller from modder is decorated in every possible means, The PlayStation is likewise a prominent basis for impressive re-designs.

Among other things, this PlayStation in the look of The Last of United States on Instagram viral:

The console was so well obtained, that the musician needed to show their credibility since some users just could not think that the outstanding piece of modern technology was actual.

As component of an advertising campaign for the brand-new superhero movie Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel has actually teamed up with Microsoft. The rest of the world is unfortunately omitted from the competition. In this instance, the two cosy controllers , which were based on hero Sonic and challenger Knuckles, were especially striking.


A real Microsoft showcase, the Xbox Series X is the last console of the American giant. Between the lack of element inducing unscientific availability and also the uncommon models provided at delusional rates, players are battling to obtain their hands on the Microsoft console. The good news is, the moment might have come to most likely to the Next-Gen because the Xbox Series X is offered at Amazon at its regular cost of EUR 499.99.

The best strategy


  • Microsoft Xbox…






  • Micromania


  • Cdiscount


  • LDLC


  • Marketplace


Its muscular configuration is based on a chip AMD RDNA 2 Propeling its 8 cores up to 3.8 GHZ ( 3.6 GHZ with SMT ) connected with 16 Go of RAM GDDR6 making certain a theoretical computer power directing to 12 teraflops . To spoil nothing, the Xbox Series X takes a big SSD NVME from 1 to , enough to save a great number of games as well as appreciate minimized filling time with sorrow.

Its design, buffooned by lots of players , is not the result of possibility, but has been thought to dispel the Watts removed by this arrangement. Considering that Microsoft is due to the comfort of its gamers , the console takes on what to draw a smile on all faces, like the Audio 3D or the HDR automated .

Discover our Xbox Series X test


[Information] Xbox Series X test: a model console for the other day video games and those of tomorrow

Far from the prices charged by thefraudsters _, the Xbox Series x is currently in supply at . If you have not yet obtained your hands on the last Microsoft console , it may be the occasion, however you have to do promptly because stocks are not unrestricted, especially at its basis of EUR 499.99 .

Discover the offer at Amazon

for the Elite

  • Microsoft Xbox…



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Devoted to players The most demanding, Microsoft has actually renewed its deluxe controller, the controller Xbox Elite 2 Collection , at the very same time as its consoles. Much more effective than ever before, the controller is accurate as well as receptive, while preserving what made its success. Customizable In all directions, it tackles adjustable back pallets , allows you to change the level of sensitivity of the triggers and also even offers the opportunity of changing certain buttons such as the directional pavement.

The Xbox Elite 2 Collection controller is supplied in an attractive transportation situation which likewise acts as lots station , due to the fact that of course, the Elite controller is geared up with a rechargeable battery , rather than the AA batteries that Microsoft appears to be like concerning Xbox 360 .

Obtain well since this controller is not prepared for the Sunday player. Gone for EUR 179.99 , it is currently supplied to 149.99 EUR , a high price which is justified by these high-flying solutions. Widely sufficient to guarantee your supremacy in video games while giving brand-new comfort for a video game controller.

With this

[The excellent plans of the content’] The Play & Load Kit for Xbox Series controller
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Its muscle setup is based on a chip AMD RDNA 2 Propeling its 8 cores up to 3.8 GHZ ( 3.6 GHZ with SMT ) connected with 16 Go of RAM GDDR6 making sure an academic computing power aiming to 12 teraflops . To spoil nothing, the Xbox Series X takes a big SSD NVME from 1 to , sufficient to keep an excellent number of video games and also enjoy reduced packing time with sadness. Certainly, the gamers will be able to discover the brand-new globe of 4K 120 FPS many thanks to the typical HDMI 2.1 .

Given that Microsoft is due to the comfort of its players , the console takes on what to attract a smile on all faces, like the Audio 3D or the HDR automated . Far from the rates billed by thescammers _, the Xbox Series x is currently in stock at .

Purchase Xbox Series X: Rate as well as accessibility in the present overview

Right now the Microsoft console can be bought independently from Saturn and also MediaMarkt in the bundle with Far Cry or Rainbow 6: Removal. Below you will certainly find all info about the deals around the Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X is currently readily available at MediaMarkt as well as Saturn on-line stores You can protect the console through the following web links either individually or in a package. You can simply click on the store logo design and search for the console in the shop if you ought to come throughout a mistake web page via the media market links.

Xbox Series X independently: .

  • Xbox Series X at Saturn for 499.99 euros

Xbox Series X in Bundle

Microsoft currently uses you the opportunity to buy an Xbox Series X. On the main website, the business provides general-overhaul ( refurbished) duplicates of the console-for the reduced price of 469.99 euros . In enhancement, you can order a 2nd controller or other devices on the page.

Original message:


  • Xbox Series X + Far Cry 6 at MediaMarkt for 539.99 euros
  • Xbox Series X + Rainbow 6: Extraction at MediaMarkt for 539.99 euros

  • Xbox Series X (overhauled) at Microsoft

The Xbox Series X is difficult to leave free trade, yet with Xbox All Access Microsoft Gamern supplies at the very least one new choice in Germany: You can secure the console in the package with a game-pass-ultimate membership And also just like a cell phone contract for 24 months, repay in installments (32.99 euros each month). The offer is presently readily available at Cyberport-but no longer published at MediaMarkt and also Saturn.

View Xbox All Access at Cyberport

Order ## Xbox Series X: Console bundle not yet offered.

In the past few weeks, the availability of the Xbox Series X has boosted dramatically. Our pointer: quit by the following dealerships. .

That the performance of the Xbox Series X comes right into its very own, you naturally also require the best 4K television. Right here are our Next Gen faves:.

The smaller Xbox Series S without DISC drive as well as with much less computer power is currently offered in width, frequently even with a tiny discount rate:.

  • Xbox Series X controller on for 64.99 euros.
  • Seagate memory development card Xbox Series X | S 1 TB SSD, NVME extension SSD at for 205.00 euros.
  • Xbox Play & Cost kit at Saturn for 22.38 euros (presently marketed out).

Xbox Series X at the dealerships.

  • Xbox Series X at (currently sold out).
  • Xbox Series X at Euronics (currently offered out).
  • Xbox Series X at MediaMarkt (presently offered out).
  • Xbox Series X at Otto (currently marketed out).
  • Xbox Series X at Saturn (presently offered out).
  • Uses for the Xbox Series X (brand-new or used) on eBay.

  • Xbox Series S for 279.99 euros at Amazon.

  • Xbox Series S at cyberport for 289.00 euros.
  • Xbox Series S at Euronics for 299.00 euros.
  • Xbox Series S at MediaMarkt for 289.99 euros.
  • Xbox Series S at Otto for 289.00 euros.
  • Xbox Series S at Saturn for 289.99 euros.
  • Supplies for the Xbox Series S (new, made use of or upgraded) on

If you were already able to protect a Xbox Series X, have you preferred to select the Xbox Series S or do you prefer to wait a while?
Visit us on our Facebook page as well as create us your point of view in the remark location!

TV for the Xbox Series X .

_ Unser Video clip present you to the very best accessories for the Xbox Series X: _.

There are presently no console bundle available for the Xbox Series X. If the first Xbox Series X package is provided, we will of program inform you of this at this factor.

_ Welches video game should you absolutely play this year? Find out in our quiz: _.

Order ## Xbox Series S.

In the previous couple of weeks, the schedule of the Xbox Series X has actually enhanced considerably. Our tip: ** quit by the adhering to suppliers.

In our overview article you will find all further info about the launch, cost and layout of the Xbox Series X.

  • Xbox Series X in all-access subscription at cyberport
  • Xbox Series X in the all-access membership at MediaMarkt (currently sold out).
  • Xbox Series X in all-access membership near Saturn (currently offered out).

Purchase ## Xbox Series X: The ideal accessories for the console.

  • LG OLED55CX9LA (55 inches) on Amazon (presently marketed out).
  • Samsung QLED 4K Q80T (65 inches) on Amazon (presently marketed out).
  • Sony KD-55XH9005 LED TELEVISION (55 inches) at MediaMarkt for 829.00 euros instead of 1,199 euros.

For the actual Following Gen experience with the Xbox Series X you also need the best accessories. You ought to take a closer look at these articles:.

There are presently no console bundle available for the Xbox Series X. This will most likely alter if the console is extensive once more. If the initial Xbox Series X bundle is used, we will obviously educate you of this at this moment.

Order ## Xbox Series X: Online dealers in the introduction.

Xbox devices .

Microsoft can make numerous Xbox Series XB revelations

With the termination of the E3 2020, we are not shocked to see that Microsoft looks for to make its own electronic showcase with Inside Xbox. Microsoft has not yet verified the day of their following inside Xbox and they lately arranged one that focused on the following obsidian title known as Grounded.


When asked Timdog what Microsoft had prepared for the coming months, he replied on Twitter: “2-3 next months. In Xbox, a direct for June, something in May. Many rumors circulate, Xbox has a heap of things to inform, including Lockhart. “Although we do not recognize what to anticipate from the more affordable version of Xbox Series X, we eagerly anticipate more info from Microsoft on their next brand-new generation console.

If the Xbox Series X has 2 variations, will you get the least expensive or one of the most excellent graphically? Let us know in the remarks below!

According to a main recognized to Microsoft named Timdog, two different discoveries are prepared for the Xbox Series X. A digital occasion will certainly have one of the revelations in May and a potentially substantial Xbox inside in June. Microsoft will apparently reveal the Lockhart model of the Xbox Series X, long cheaper and less expensive, throughout among these revelations. June Inside Xbox will be the electronic showcase of Microsoft which will replace the presentation E3 2020. The Xbox Game Pass must be readily available for all models of the Xbox Series X, with the Game Pass Ultimate including Xbox Live at a membership price of $ 10 monthly.

“Although we do not know what to anticipate from the cheaper design of Xbox Series X, we look ahead to more info from Microsoft on their next new generation console.

Microsoft will obviously expose the Lockhart model of the Xbox Series X, long cheaper and less expensive, during one of these discoveries. The Xbox Game Pass need to be available for all models of the Xbox Series X, with the Video game Pass Ultimate including Xbox Live at a subscription price of $ 10 per month.

Xbox Game Pass: Streaming box Keystone need to remain to show up

Already at the start of the month the rumor made the round that Xbox works with a stick that looks like Google Stadia. Windows Central has actually currently learnt that the tool proceeded to exist, however Microsoft made a decision to take a little different means.

In its life span, 50 million copies were marketed by the Xbox One, that makes it clear that the consoles are progressively shedding importance, supplied that the Redmonder’s plans climb.

Microsoft regularly emphasizes that gaming consoles remain an important component of the Xbox division. Yet at the very same time, the company intends to have the ability to reach billions with the continuous growth of the Xbox Game Pass and the cloud solutions.

A different hardware can aid with the change to the streaming age. Microsoft deals with an independent Xbox Cloud Gaming gadget that makes extra expensive hardware superfluous. It does not look like the box will come onto the market in the near future.

Microsoft confirms streaming gadget

As confirmed in the past year, the firm services a video game streaming gadget with the code word “Keystone”, which “can be attached to any type of television or monitor without a console being essential”

However, Microsoft chose not to proceed to follow the current variation of the Keystone tool. Instead, the Redmonder would certainly like to “use findings as well as concentrate the efforts on a brand-new approach”. This ought to give Microsoft the chance to “give the Xbox Cloud Gaming” much more gamers throughout the world. “.

A spokesman for Microsoft confirmed Windows Central’s record as complies with. “Our vision for Xbox Cloud Gaming is steadfast. Our objective is to make it possible for individuals to play the games they desire, on the devices they desire wherever they want. “

Nonetheless, such a device must come to be increasingly outdated, because increasingly more TVs have the possibility of allowing the streaming of content via a basic application. This could, , just recently , be established at some point in the next twelve months.

Как запустить xcloud game pass с телефона | Как играть в xcloud game pass с телефона
According to Windows Central , “Keystone” has remained in development for several years and also Microsoft proceeds to service the conclusion of the variety of features of the item.

Additional reports on the topic:

Additional records on Microsoft.

Microsoft functions on an independent Xbox Cloud Gaming tool that makes more costly equipment unneeded. “Our vision for Xbox Cloud Gaming is unwavering. This should provide Microsoft the opportunity to “provide the Xbox Cloud Gaming” more players all over the globe. “.

| Game Pass: Former Xbox manager is fretted about the results
| Game Pass, PS And Also and Carbon monoxide: share in the game market according to the analyst only at 4 percent

The Xbox Game Pass now has 25 million participants. Care, such as the prepared purchase of Activision Blizzard for $ 68 billion, ought to reinforce the reward again, while Sony currently sees no feeling in a game ticket with new releases. Such an approach would minimize the high quality .

The Xbox Game Pass currently has 25 million members.

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