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On the nintendo eshop this week

Downloads from the Nintendo eshop store this week includes the following content:

Mini Motorways -Have you ever been stuck in traffic and did you want to be able to do something to adjust it? In Mini Motorways, city traffic problems are in your hands. Draw and build roads to create a lively metropolis, redraw your city to maintain the fluidity of traffic while carefully managing improvements, such as highways and roundabouts, to meet the increase in demand.

Soundfall – This dungeon exploration game at the frantic pace combines the search for loot sequence with a musical gameplay that will make you hit. You are a guardian of harmony – a musical genius transported in the world of Symphonia by the composers to fight the forces of Discord. Synchronize your actions on music to increase your power with more than 500 pieces of equipment for the personalization of skills and thousands for loot combinations. Advent yourself solo or with up to four players to fight through dynamically generated levels and meetings inspired by music – there are more than 140 songs to choose, offering opportunities for many games.

Best Nintendo ESHOP Deals Live Right Now! Prepare That Backlog! Nintendo Switch ESHOP Sale!
Opus: Echo of Starsong- Full Bloom Edition – Look for elusive asteroids, get involved with a colorful distribution of characters and pierce the mystery of starsongs in this narrative puzzle game. Eda, a girl who can hear mysterious sound waves called starsongs, crosses the path of a young man in search of their source. Together, they venture at the heart of the space to resolve an ancient myth.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees – Master a dynamic movement system to swing, slide and tumble through a hand -painted jungle. In this moving adventure on freedom and survival, you are a lost Gibbon that has embarked on a dangerous journey towards unknown lands. Race to freedom in Liberation mode or play through a story that captures the struggle of living creatures around the world.

Other new features this week in the Nintendo Eshop on Nintendo Switch:

  • Aery – In New Frontier
  • 1942 attack
  • Behind Closed Doors: A Developer’s Tale – May 18
  • Divination – May 18
  • Get-a-Grip Chip and the body bugs
  • Hellgunner – May 13
  • Hyper Echelon – May 13
  • Infinite links
  • Rage Among The Stars
  • Regular Factory: Escape Room – May 18
  • Seven Pirates H
  • Space Lines: A Puzzle Arcade Game
  • Summer Days
  • The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story
  • Vesper: Zero Light Edition

Bizarre Mini Games Collection “Press A for Achievements” announced. “NIPPON MARATHON” developer is coming out of one button head-like omnibus

Developer Onion Soup Interactive announced March 24, Mini Games Omnibus “ Press A for Achievements “. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). According to the STeam store page, this work corresponds to the Japanese language display. Release timing Q3 2022 (7 to September).

“Press A for Achievements” is an omnibus work that contains various mini games. Player clears more than 50 stages games and level up. The purpose is to release a large number of achievements by raising the rank. Some of the results that can be released by acquiring and leveling an experience value, and sometimes there is also a track record that can be discovered by using the head beyond the mini-game framework. The input in the mini game is basically only one button (key).

As a mini game, a cart race, fishing game, archery, etc. exist. In addition, it seems that you want to type, shoot photography, and challenge the triggering drama. Besides, games that pour the fuel into the car, read news, and challenge skiing. On the other hand, with puzzles and 3D mazes, it is said that FPS and RPG are developed with one button.

In addition, this work is also equipped with the function to improve replay. By unlocking the element called MOD STONES, it is possible to change the rules for playing next. In each stage, it seems that ranks such as copper, silver and gold can be obtained for each graded.

Secret results are also hidden in the mini game. If found, functions include other players, and conversely, and conversely, functions such as disruption are provided. Conversely, if you can not find a track record, it seems that you can buy hints from other players. But in this case, care should be taken not to be fooled by incorrect information.

In this work, it is possible to customize your own character. You can unlock the character, and you may have profile items, voice packs, coloring, patterns, and a little smile phrase. These elements can be acquired in the game and a pattern that can be purchased using coins obtained in the game.

ON ONION SOUP INTERACTIVE for “Press A for Achievents” is a studio consisting of developers’ Andy Madin and Community Manager / Designer Amy Madin. The same studio has been working with the “NIPPON MARATHON” series as past work. The same work is a marathon game with the theme of “Mistake full of misunderstandings seen from foreigners”. I intentionally used a strange Japanese, or a two-footed dog and a sailor-like character and brought an impact to the user in a surreal world view.

In “Press A for Achievents”, such factors are in part, and Japan’s news program wind scene etc. appear. The screen appears on the screen, and there is a telop such as “the smell of the side”, and the gene in Hentecho is likely to be alive. In addition, the parody of the scene where the Secretary of the Secretary of the Bunches announced by the Secretary of Technology appears, and it seems that there is a core Japanese factor.

“Press A for Achievements” is scheduled to be released at Q3 of 2022 for PC at STeam.

God of War, GTA & the Sims: 13 wish games at the PS2

What games would have to be represented on the PS2-Classic when Sony would announce the mini console tomorrow? We asked for your opinion and show you the 13 most good games in the picture range.

God of War - Kratos kills King Midas

PS2 Mini: These games are likely to be missing

Mini consoles are the last scream. After Sony launched his first miniature console on the market in 2018 with the PlayStation Classic, not a few players asked for a particular question: When will the PlayStation 2 Classic or Playstation Mini come – and above all, which PS2 games will be there ?

In the lower picture range we present you a list of 13 games at which Sony should only be oriented to create the perfect compendium for every1. Because who knows that better than their own fans?

And, what do you think? Are the best games there or missing some? Currently unknown is not known if and when Sony will bring out a PlayStation 2 Mini. Wonderful games there would be abundant. Sony would definitely not go wrong with the list of our community.

Launched on the Vertical Screen Specification “Astrocity Mini V” July 28. From April 4th to Horse the Worlds Fastest Experimental Study on Takada Baba Gehsen Mikado

Sega Toys Co., Ltd. announced on March 18th to release “Astrocity Mini V” on July 28th. Price is 10,000,9580 yen (tax included).

“Astrocity Mini V” is the second edition of the Arcade Classic Series following “Astrocity Mini” released in 2020. It is a game machine that reproduces the game chassis astrocity that appeared in the game center in 1993 in a six-quarter size. This time, it is a major feature that the 4.6 inch liquid crystal monitor to be mounted is arranged vertically.

The recording title is the following 22 works, focusing on the 1980-90’s shooting games that adopted the vertical screen. Among these, “out zone” “King of the War” “Dogs! “Dessert Breaker” “Armdopolis Batrider” “Battle Bacleto Unlimited Version” is the first faithful transplant of the Arcade Version. “Out Zone” “Doggy! The first transplantation in Japan.

Moon Cloth
· Zaxxon
· Terracsta
· Cosmopolis Galvan
· Action Fighter
· Tatsujin
· Lestle War
·shark! shark! shark!
· Lightning electricity
· Out zone
· Sonic wings
· King of the master
· Dogune !!
· Dessert Breaker
V.V.V (Vi Five)
· Sengoku Ace
· Shipping Magical Operation
· Gun hard
· Strikers 1945
· Armdopolis Batrider
Battle Bacleto Unlimited Version

This machine can be played with LCD monitors with these recorded titles and joysticks & buttons. In addition, HDMI outputs are also provided, and can be enjoyed by output (720p) to the television. Even at the time of HDMI output, it corresponds to the vertical screen display. Besides this, it is equipped with an easy save function that can save the game instantly with one button. It also corresponds to peripheral devices released for “Astrocity Mini”.

“Astrocity Mini V” will be released on July 28th. Price is 10,000,9580 yen (tax included). In addition, “Sega Toys.COM set”, “Astrocity Mini V Game Center Style Kit” and “Astrocity Mini Control Pad”, etc. are included in this machine, and it is 32780 yen (tax included) There is.

In addition, we decided to hold the “Astrocity Mini V” world’s fastest experiences according to this announcement. It will be implemented from April 4 to April 10 by Takada Baba Gehsen Micad, which cooperates with board selection and development of this unit. There is no membership fee. At the experience meeting, “Astrocity Mini V” is connected to an arcade chassis and one of the recording titles can be tried to be traced. How is the nearby person to carry a foot?

Strategic Team Battle Haha X Bibby and Set 6 Promotional Video Disclosure

[Data provided: Riot Games]

Riot Games s (TFT) (TFT) will release the sixth set of machinery and devices and disclose new promotional videos and sound sources. New Source Machines and Devices participated by singer Haha and Bib participated in the Machinery and Device New Source will continue to open the opening of Dutch: with addictive hooks and rhythms.

Spartans Lay Siege To Medieval City Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator UEBS
New Promotional Sounds Owned Door was inspired by the double-up mode, which was first introduced with set 6. The double-up mode, which is released on the 17th, is a mode that shares one physical fitness with colleagues, and two players are able to play with each other, or if you have finished playing on your own board, you can help you play with your colleagues.

The characteristics of these double-up mode were replaced with the word you and me and the two, the or the, and the GUI, and the In addition, the addictive and rhythmic and repetitive hooks are characterized by the addictive and rhythm of being referred to once.

New promotional videos are fun to find MIM, MIM, Field Over in the background of Set 6. Fill over is also a background of Riot Games s first animation series Arcane. Following the Mini Champion Jinx, the Mini Champion Eco, Hay mama, who follows Son Heung-min, Ego, a mini champion Biko, a mini champion BYO, who participated in the game, and the mini champion By, etc. not only, It seems to be a pleasant image that can be.

The new contents of set 6 can also be easily grasped through the image. In addition to magic engineering enhancement, mini champion grains, By, Eco and their representative weapons, several elements of set 6, such as double-up mode, such as new modes, such as new mode,

On the other hand, the set 6 applied to the magic engineering enhancement that affects all the elements in the game is a new experience to the player. Set 6 was updated on November 3rd.

This promotional video may look back many times in the fun of finding a hidden meme in the video, said, This will show you a variety of ways to play games in the game. I will maximize fun.

Detailed information on and new sets machines and devices can be found through the Official Homepage.

The Xbox Mini Fridge Is Ready For Its Closeup

Xbox Mini Fridge - World Premiere
The Xbox Mini Fridge is a real point, and also people are so ecstatic for what was originally a joke that they purchased Target s preorder supply nearly instantly. The refrigerator gets here in December, and its producer has actually released an unboxing video showing exactly what to expect.

The video from Ukonic– Microsoft, as it transforms out, does not really make its own fridges– features Ukonic VP John Frazier taking the Xbox Mini Fridge out of its product packaging and flaunting the accessories consisted of. They re marginal, just consisting of air conditioner and also DC adapters in addition to the handbook, yet you ll also want to make certain you focus on the box itself. If you ordered one, you can check a QR code to register the refrigerator for a brief guarantee.

Initially glimpse, in addition to the size difference, you can inform it s a refrigerator as opposed to the console as a result of a little grasp on the left side. Both the disc ejection switch and the power switch from the actual console are useful, albeit to transform on 2 different sets of lights. The real power button gets on the back, as well as there is a thumbs-up on the top to mimick the eco-friendly plastic of the genuine system. Nevertheless, this is also where the air flow is, so you shouldn t pile anything in addition to the Xbox Mini Fridge, such as the actual Xbox as well as additionally a tiny American Lady variation. Well, you can, yet transform them erroneous initially.

The beverage trays inside the fridge are removable, so you can stack taller drinks if you don t desire to limit it to regular-sized containers. The treat trays can additionally be removed, though there is little factor to do so.

Are you also interested in topics related to Xbox Mini Games?

Though the Xbox Mini Fridge is coming in just a month and also more supply will be offered in shops, you may not have an Xbox Collection X yet. Supply scarcities of essential components and also high demand for new-gen gaming consoles have made the system tough to find, and also the problems continue as Halo Infinite swiftly comes close to.

Finest Xbox Exclusive Games: 20 Picks For Xbox One And Also Xbox Collection X|S.

See Extra.

Golf with your friends Review A good playing moment and offbeat

Set up a mini golf on Team17 and the Blacklight Interactive Multiplayer Golf game, Golf with Your Friends, is very different from moving from one class to another in your local mini-putt. The design of the scene allows both things that are possible on your middle mini golf course as well as far-off and original things that vary the gameplay. Although it is certainly possible to have mobile platforms and large sets on the best mini golf courses, get a kraken would be expensive in space and engineering, but the black holes and explosives on others scenes are completely out of the question. The design of the scene makes me want more courses and according to the appearance of the scene selection screen, there are still one to come.

Team17 and Blacklight Interactive offer more than 10 unique golf courses in Golf with Your Friends. A course makes you dive into a volcano and another makes you lob your bullet of candies and chocolate. Each card is very well designed and each of them offers unique challenges. The cards included are Forest, Haunted, Oasis, Space Station, Museum, Pirate Cove, Volcano, Ancient, Twilight, Candy Land, Worms and a recorded route similar to The Escapist series that Team17 has also published. The unique design with the Worms level (another IP Team17) showed me the conceptions of potential cards that could be added in the future beyond a simple ESCAPIST level. Really, I would like to see all kinds of people collaborate with this game to bring other crazy courses to the game. With the course of the spatial station, I thought that it would be to see a halo course that could Have elements of bending of reality similar to black holes in most courses. The remains of dinosaurs of the museum reminded me of a potential animal crossing course: New Horizons where you explore the island, leading to a course at the museum. Ancient shows Egyptian-inspired scenes, evoking the dreams of an Assassin s Creed course. Although my hopes are not too high for the extension of the Pinball FX level, it is nice that the design of the stage is so unlimited that such things are possible.

Golf courses with your friends are designed in such a way that it would not be possible to recreate in a real environment. Some of the dangers of the course include guns that pull your golf ball to a completely separate area to Pirate Cove and your bullet literally need a jet pack in some of the Worms stages. Haunted includes ghosts like a danger of scene and they will drop your ball into oblivion if you put it on their way. Although these intriguing scenic designs sometimes make it difficult to know what hole I m going, Team17 and Interactive Blacklight explained that. For a limited time on every step of each course, you can use a free camera to navigate the course from an air perspective. This will also allow you to know which hole you must aim by displaying a flag icon. Although I think this icon should not disappear without using the free camera, it is a crucial element for the most complex stages and it is a functionality that seems to be practically unused by the other online so far. Although I have seen some glitches, most of my mistakes were my fault, except on the Worms course that is total chaos and destruction that will be familiar with Worms fans.

Another key feature of golf with your friend is a power gauge that will be familiar to all those who played a golf game so far from Mario Golf to Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. Sometimes, when I play mini golf, I have trouble measuring my strength so that these types of meters make the experience even better than the real deal. The power gauge is particularly important in the hockey game mode, where hockey enthusiasts exchange the golf ball against a hockey washer, changing physics and accelerating things. The basketball game exchanges the hole against a basketball basket, forcing you to skip your ball in a perfect ark or bounce on the panel for a closer call. With the ability to customize each mode of play, the possibilities are endless for golf fans with your friends. With 11 courses and unlimited possibilities in several modes of play, I will devote a lot of hours to this game of mini golf.

Golf with your Friends is a great mini golf game that brings a friendly competition on mini golf courses. While you can dive countless hours in solo experiments on several game modes, the online game is where the game really shines. QuickPlay will put you in a game very quickly thanks to a decent matchmaking, but you can locate specific connections using the server browser. I found that I got windy of several lobbies that I joined but it s because people joined their friends and I can see why. After a few games online, I had the chance to meet good laughs that simply could not find a course. Some people do solo and others want to get online immediately, but I highly recommend playing every level in advance just not to look like a beginner putter.

Online, you can choose between several color options to customize your ball, but like other online mini-golf titles, you can unlock things such as a Flashy and Colorful Trail that follows your ball when you have it Send fairing from one class to another (sometimes literally). My choice of customization was a violet golf ball with a sombrero and a red candy track. This gave me strong vibrations of Cinco de Mayo and the playful nature of customization options reminded me of the beginnings of Rocket League. The online gameplay is very similar to the mobile game known as Golf Battle, only the multiplayer did not include Rush mode from what I could find and certainly would benefit. I noticed that Golf with Your Friends is part of the Game Pass subscription range on Xbox One and it is available for subscribers from the first day, some against which I competed online. Local multiplayer is ideal for challengeing your local friends, but be able to challenge any friend who has Game Pass a lot easier for filling a hall.

Golf with Your Friends is easy to take charge but hard to master, like all the best board games. As a person who is struggling to find putters big enough for me on mini golf courses and has a tenacious injury, golf with your friends is an excellent alternative to reality. With the focus on online multiplayer and the title being available from the first day on Game Pass, it s a great way for Team17 and Interactive BlackLight to gather more people during these difficult times. If you and your friends are subscribers to the Game Pass and you are looking for a relaxing game to become competitive, it s an easy download. While the soundtrack offers a unique and quiet track for each course, I found myself to listen to podcasts and YouTube videos instead, but music reminds minecraft tunes. The sound design also lacks the impact of things that explode the same sound for each putt, whatever the strength. The impact of each shot is similar to MINI PUTUT 2 of Addicting Games released in 2004. The design of the scene compensates for all that lacks in the sound design, but these are means for developers to improve the experience in the future.

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Play Mouse Test SteelSeries Prime Mini

HiMirror Mini Premium X Review 2021

A good game mouse is one of those things that you do not realize the importance until it is too late. I barely thought about the mice I used when I was younger. But let me tell you, come on this site? Do these equipment reviews? A truly revealing experience. In simple terms, once you travel in first class, it is impossible to return to economy class. SteelSeries Mini Prime is an excellent example of this discreet quality in action. What seems to be quite simple equipment is essential when you add it to your inventory.

For starters, most mice are not delivered with hard-coded sensitivity presets. The mini premium does it very well, a small quality of life upgrade that I did not do well until it is in my hands. Now it seems quite crazy that a game mouse does not do that. Especially when the alternative consists of downloading and installing a custom software suite. Certainly, the SteelSeries software is not as intrusive as some systems I worked with. But honestly, the less you can run these programs, the better. The presets range from the speed of lightning to maybe something is wrong with the mouse? Maybe the parameters of your mouse must be a little more granular. It s just nice to have this option at all.

Touch side, the mini premium is just as sophisticated. Each click is great, while the scroll wheel is not bad either. Click feeling is another of these strange areas where you do not realize that there is a quality scale in the first place. Clicking is a click, is not it? What difference could it do? It s a little thing, that s for sure. A little more resistance, a little more definition. A slight edge of satisfaction during operation. As small as the difference, you certainly feel it. Especially when passing this new mouse to your old, for example. It s not quite first class to the economy, but it s pretty close.

Although I am rather satisfied with the construction of the mini premium, the weight and the materials make me think. A light mouse is essential if you intend to use it all day, but it raises sustainability issues. Questions I can not answer for a brief review period. What is the life of something so much in the long run? And if something was going to be the first point of failure? Fortunately, simple design means fewer pieces to break. I had problems with the handles and textures that fell in the past, so I m tired of such things now. There is nothing on the mini premium that may come off with time, which I appreciate. On the other hand, the cord that connects it to the PC is flexible and durable fabric. At least outside, there is nothing that makes me think about the life of this mouse.

Simple construction is excellent, for the most part. I am delighted that the mini premium lasts years, but it is not as complete as it could be. There are five entries in total on the device. This represents tons of options, depending on the games you play. Even two additional buttons could make a crucial difference for a mmo, for example. It is also a wired mouse, which means you never play with batteries or charges. But it also means that you constantly use a cord of more between you and your PC. Rather than a disadvantage, it is more a personal preference to consider.

Mouse purchases always start simply, but it never remains. You will soon be flooded with brands, shapes, sizes, arrangements for RGB buttons and overlays. The mini premium is not as complex or worrying as its competitors. The entrances are simple and the construction is stripped. But there is a stripped quality, like finely polished metal, which runs under the hood. I do not know if this mouse is perfect, but it could be perfect for you. Assuming you do not have the taste for excess, you may want to consider the Premium Mini SteelSeries as your next game mouse.

The best retro consoles

Whether you are a nostalgic video game, as if you want to live what other generations lived on days, today there are a lot of retro consoles in the market with which you can enjoy those games that, in His day, marked a time.

We are going to make you a small list with those consoles that, today, you can find in the market.

PlayStation Mini

No doubt PlayStation, it was a huge jump in the world of videogames. In addition to changing the game support, to a CD format, to the detriment of the cartridges of the time, had fairly advanced graphics and a most modern command. Its retro version Mini, today, has a catalog of 20 games, some of those who were the best on their day.

You can get it here:

Neo Geo Mini

With the NEO Geo Mini, you can mount your own recreational machine room at your home. Thanks to this console, you can emulate the best games that marked a milestone in recreation as Metal Slug, Cadillac Dinosours, Ghost & Goblins … All this, on a small portable machine that recreates what in its day the recreation was, Besides being able to play with command.

You can see it on Amazon here:

Nintendo Classic Mini

ALL 30 GAMES for Nintendo Classic Mini
The Nintendo Classic Mini was one of the first that joined the fashion of retro mini consoles and that also provides a catalog of the world s most classic the world of video games. The best games of the NES, again on the television of your house, with all the charm of the Nintendo seal.

Get the Nintendo Classic Mini here:

Megadrive Mini

Nintendo s great rival in his day, Sega, also has his own machine, the MegaDrive Mini. All the essence of the Sega classic games, which also has two controls to be able to play with friends.

And for you, what is the best retro console that currently exists? Do you have any? Do not forget to leave your comments.

Xbox Mini Fridge Extreme Scalper bid ensures massive review

Only yesterday we reported on the Xbox Mini Fridge, the malicious meme from Microsoft, the gamified refrigerator and thus the ultimate connection of video games and food intake. Ideal for saving the way to the kitchen, if you are looking for an ice-cooled energy drink – so at least the idea when you get very deep in the cliché box.

Eben the idea should also be scalper, because they have bought the Xbox Mini Fridge just a few minutes after launch to impressive quantities. As in the last year, Sony s consoles and Microsoft s consoles and Microsoft have gone some specimens at normal customers. But eBay shows that the scalper were again very hardworking.

The fight for the fridge: Scalper storm and review bombing

The Xbox Mini Fridge went to the start at Target and many other retailers, in this country, for example, he was available at Gamestop. The emphasis is on was because the small fridge was already sold out within a few minutes. Debt are not the Xbox fans, but above all greedy scalper.

Already now the Mini Fridge is to be found at horrendous prices on Ebay and who counts one and one, knows who should be responsible for it. Fans are not enthusiastic about the action and make their frustration with negative reviews air. At Target, the cooling compact unit currently has only a two-star rating for over 400 ratings. As you probably guessed, they are not all dissatisfied buyers. Already at the PS5 was observed due to poor availability similar negative reviews.

The marketing boss at Xbox and primary contact for the refrigerator, Aaron Greenberg, is not surprised about the crowd. He warned interested buyers already in advance, but also has soothing words for all those who are empty at the first cargo. As he writes on Twitter, the Mini Fridge is not limited to a limited product. Another cargo should go on sale at the beginning of next year.

The fridge can accommodate up to twelve beverage cans as well as two compartments for snacks. If you ever want to make ready for the second round in the spring: Here you will find all information about the Xbox Mini Fridge. Are you interested in a specimens despite or just because of the raindrangs?

Source: Target / Aaron Greenberg on Twitter

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