When players think of the power of the next-gen, they probably have the PS5 and Xbox Series X in mind. An important console is left out again and again: the Xbox Series S. This is a shame, because the slimmed down console variant from Microsoft has more on the box than many think.

I Comment from Robert Kohlick.

Xbox Series S: Next gene console at a bargain price

Both Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 have almost been sold out since the release at the end of last year. But one of the next-gen consoles can still be easily bought today, because apparently hardly anyone is interested in them: The Xbox Series s. And that, even though the console in my eyes is the most interesting and promising device of the new generation. But what fascinates me in Microsoft’s “Light version” of the Xbox Series X? **

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The greatest strength of the Xbox Series S is your ** fabulous price-performance ratio. -Gen console at a savings price. At the moment you get them for 280 euros – therefore paid almost half compared to the “big brother” and the competition from Sony.

Sure, the Xbox Series S cannot keep up with the Series X in terms of performance – especially when it comes to graphics power. Nevertheless, Microsoft also relies on an arrow-fast SSD, Raytracing and the support of 120 Hz in the “good and cheap” model. So if you can do without that your games flicker over the television in a native 4K, you can save money with the Xbox Series S.

For casual players who don’t have to play everything directly for the release, the console is even twice interesting. Because thanks to the Xbox Game Pass for 9.99 euros a month you get access to over 100 different games. So you probably have enough to play for for a while. And since the offer in the game passport is updated at regular intervals, you do not run the risk that you will really have played through everything at some point.

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Microsoft’s compact Xbox is really chic!

But in my eyes, the Xbox Series cannot completely convince on the data sheet. The body of the Next-Gen console, which was spotted by many scorned Next-Gen console, really makes something . After all, while the Xbox Series X seems practically practical due to its angular design and fits in almost every living room cabinet in the world, the design of the PlayStation 5 is completely withdrawn in my opinion.

The Xbox Series S is not only significantly smaller than the other two models, but thanks to the large “radiator grille” on the side of the console almost has the look of a stylized speaker – simple, timeless, chic!

But I admit: that’s a matter of taste. There are probably many people who loathe the design of the Xbox Series S. On the other hand, I find it absolutely brilliant!

_Aver available for the Xbox Series S – you can look forward to these games directly at the start: _

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With the Xbox Series S, Microsoft not only offers the cheapest entry into the new generation of consoles, but also has the most beautiful console in my eyes in my eyes. But even though I see the Xbox Series S as the most promising console of the new generation, the PlayStation 5 will end up in my living room. Perhaps the trend will go to the second console at some point – and if so, then it will definitely be the Xbox Series S.